US defense chief strives for huge military expenditure to fight against China and Russia, but there is one obstacle that is difficult to solve

 US defense chief strives for huge military expenditure to fight against China and Russia, but there is one obstacle that is difficult to solve

We are experiencing rapid changes in technology, which may fundamentally change the nature of war, esper said in a hearing before the house military committee, according to the website of the star spangled banner on February 26. Our adversaries systematically develop and deploy advanced systems strategically, thereby weakening the conventional warfare advantage maintained by the US military.

However, according to the report, the US Congress and the trump administration may have differences on the US military budget. The U.S. military wants to spend billions on southern border security to curb illegal immigration, drug trafficking and human trafficking. The Pentagon plans to spend $3.8 billion to build more border walls, an important campaign promise for trump. The Pentagons move sparked unanimous anger among Democrats and rare criticism from Republicans as the government tried to circumvent congressional control of federal spending in an election year.

Democratic congressman Adam Smith, chairman of the house military committee, said the money was diverted from other defense resources. Its a big problem, he said. It sends the message that the Pentagon has a lot of money. This undermines the Congressional process.

Trump is increasingly relying on the U.S. Department of defense to fulfill the governments commitment to expand security measures along the southern border, as most of the governments efforts to build a physical border wall have stalled in the Democratic controlled house of Representatives, the report said.

The Pentagon is seeking congressional approval of a $705.4 billion budget for fiscal year 2021, which begins October 1. However, this budget requirement is 0.1% higher than that of the current fiscal year, which is far from the requirement of the Department of Veterans Affairs to increase the budget by 10.2% for the next fiscal year. Since Trump came to power, the national defense budget has experienced many years of turbulence before entering a stable period.

The Pentagons proposed budget cant keep up with inflation, esper said. Given this level of funding that doesnt grow, weve made a lot of difficult decisions to ensure that we have enough funding for our top priorities..

Photo: US defense chief esper. (DOD website)

According to the report, the U.S. Department of defense is expected to spend money on the construction of the latest U.S. military space force, as well as artificial intelligence, 5g communications, hypersonic weapons, unmanned automation weapons and an increase in military pay of 3%. The Department of defense will also continue to invest in modernizing the U.S. nuclear arsenal. The Departments budget also includes the largest ever $106.6 billion in R & D and testing, an increase of $2.1 billion over the fiscal year 2020.

AI technology is changing our society, affecting the way we do business, interact socially and wage war to a greater extent than any other new technology, esper said. Our competitors also recognize the transformative potential of AI, and are investing heavily in the development of AI technology, while modernizing the military. Maintaining a competitive edge in the field of artificial intelligence is critical to our national security.

Esper said the Pentagon remains committed to effectively strengthening the U.S. Navy Fleet, but the future fleet will be very different from todays, including unmanned combat ships.

In the future, the military will focus on fewer large surface platforms, more and smaller surface combat forces, ships with fewer or more staffing options, and sufficient submarine strength, he said in a statement. Just as the U.S. Air Force and army are embracing more long-range UAVs and manned / unmanned ground vehicles, the U.S. Navy must also begin to embrace and deploy new ships that do not require personnel or only a small number of personnel.

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