Jiang Hua, nurse and son, work every day, isolate themselves, knock on the door and get kicked out

 Jiang Hua, nurse and son, work every day, isolate themselves, knock on the door and get kicked out

Jiang Hua said that every day after his son returned home, he asked the whole family to return to the room to avoid, just like strangers are not allowed to enter. Because he is professional, he will be more cautious. For example, before returning home from work, he will contact me first with social software, which means that I will avoid first, and then he will hide in the room, and will not have any positive conversation and contact with me.

Because he has told us that there is an extreme shortage of medical staff, and the work should be one to ten, so many times after the morning shift, he will take on the night shift. When he comes home, he is in a coma and continues to work in the hospital the next day. I used to talk about it, but now in this situation, even if he doesnt go to the hospital for rework, he wont go out of the house.

Asked if his sons mood has been affected, Jiang Hua said, from the common sense, I dont think he will be in a good mood. He is a person and a young man, and he will be in a bad mood, but Im glad that others are more optimistic, so I believe he can cope with it.

Bryan turns his room into a forbidden area, cleans and cleans it all by himself, and does not allow his family to step into the room half a step. Under the same eaves, but one door apart, father and son are so close, but so far away. Once Jiang Hua couldnt bear it, he broke his sons ban and was kicked out of the door.

Jiang Hua said, I thought it was necessary at first. Once I knocked on his door and opened the door to talk to him about his family life. I didnt even talk to him. After a few words, I followed him to ask if I was really not afraid, and then drove me out. It can be imagined that when the son of medical care, psychological pressure is not light.

Jiang Hua didnt want to increase the burden of his sons health care, so he cut down on going out of the street, declined parties and did a good job in epidemic prevention. I think everyone needs to take responsibility, even if I cant help, at least dont make trouble, he said It is hoped that the families of the front-line medical staff will be able to give them understanding and support like Jianghua. Everyone should protect themselves and their families well and pray for the epidemic to pass as soon as possible.