Russian media said that Russia will build two helicopter carriers to enhance its regional influence

 Russian media said that Russia will build two helicopter carriers to enhance its regional influence

According to the report, the technical mission statement of the helicopter carrier has been issued by the Russian Navy headquarters and approved by Sergei sauigu, Russian Defense Minister.

Usvyatov pointed out that we have heard of it for a long time. In the strategy of improving the capability of Russian fleet, sauigu hopes for a general-purpose helicopter carrier. The Russian navy is eagerly looking forward to the contract - the amphibious assault ship will become a new force in Russias sea. It is necessary to know that there are only a few attack ships in the Russian fleet that can sail far and land amphibiously.

According to the report, only a few frigates have been built and delivered to the Russian navy in recent years, and all the other first-class warships (large warships) were launched in the Soviet era. Despite the upgrading, these warships should still be removed from the stage of history. Sauigu is very clear: we must build new ships with advanced capabilities. Ocean going is not the most habitual environment for the Russian army, so ensuring maritime safety is the primary task and goal.

Photo: a new generation of amphibious landing ship model of the Russian army released at the exhibition. (official website of Russian Ministry of Defense)

The expert pointed out: the amphibious attack ship has a very high autonomous capability and can complete the most urgent task for the Russian Ministry of defense. Amphibious attack ship has a useful place in Russian Pacific Fleet, and can be used actively when Russian Northern Fleet develops the Arctic. Given the situation in the Middle East, Russian forces will need them more in the Black Sea. The two helicopter carriers are just small trials. The Russian army needs a large number of such warships.

According to the preliminary plan of the Russian Ministry of defense, the first ship will be delivered by 2027, i.e. within the current national weapons and equipment plan. The second is likely to be delivered by 2030. At present, its tactical and technical performance is strictly confidential, so the above basic parameters are based on the size of shipyard workshops and docks and anonymous information.

According to the report, the amphibious attack ship to be built by Russia is likely to be similar to the advanced amphibious attack ship of other countries, such as the northwest wind scale of France. But Russia is clearly not going to copy - there are expected to be significant differences that will determine the performance of different operations and uses.

Syria is still one of the hot spots in the Middle East, where Russia is based, usvyatov said. Each amphibious assault ship can carry a squadron of military helicopters at all levels and two Marine Corps battalions equipped with armored vehicles. For ships of this class, the easiest task is to eliminate pirate gangs operating off the coast of Somalia. Complex tasks include a series of actions to protect, occupy or destroy facilities.

According to the report, the potential of the new ship is not only reflected in the operation. Amphibious attack ship can carry out reconnaissance or scientific research and investigation. Helicopters with sonar buoys can not only provide complete situation information to submarines in the waters, but also can be used to investigate the continental shelf and deep ocean.

The Russian Defense Ministry clearly knows that Russia must have a strong navy, usvyatov concluded. Amphibious assault ships will significantly enhance Russias ability in the surrounding ocean, which means that Russias influence in the adjacent areas will also increase.

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