The epidemic spread, Hong Kong Super mansion Qiu Shuzhen, Fu Mingxia and others were involved in the storm

 The epidemic spread, Hong Kong Super mansion Qiu Shuzhen, Fu Mingxia and others were involved in the storm

According to reports, the rich woman went to many places after her illness, including the horse club that Guo Fucheng and his wife often go to, Fulinmen, Liu luangxiongs favorite rich mans dining hall, the yacht club that Zhang Baizhi often plays with her son, and other high-end places, multiple luxury houses, and even the family wedding ceremony for 20 people And shes been in contact with the best..

It is understood that Zhou Qiaoer is a civil engineer. She is now a director of many companies and owns horses. She is a horse owner, so she often goes to the horse club before the illness.

After the exposure of Zhou Qiaoers diagnosis, according to her whereabouts before diagnosis, a number of local super mansions have been included in the list of buildings where people under compulsory quarantine are living.

On February 27, Hong Kong media found that there were people in many half mountain super mansions who were subject to compulsory quarantine.

It includes the AIDU building in the middle of the mountain. The building is composed of three 44 story buildings, each of which is a ladder and two groups. It was built in 1952 and has the title of noble building.

Fu Mingxia, a well-known name in the list of famous people living in the third seat of love city, lives on the site with her husband Liang Jinsong and her three children.

Zhuang Xueshan, son of Hong Kong clock King Zhuang Jingan, also lives in the building.

Zhuang Jingan has a daughter named Zhuang Yueming. She is Li Jiachengs dead wife. In other words, Zhuang Xueshan is Li Jiachengs younger brother-in-law.

Gu Zhirong, the first wife of Guo Bingxiang, the former chairman of the late Sun Hung Kai real estate, spent 90 million yuan last year to buy a luxury house, but it turned into a epidemic mansion in one year.

Gu Zhirong is the infant daughter of Gu Linqing, a wealthy businessman in Shanghai. She once worked as a senior professional in HSBC Bank. In 1982, she married Guo Bingxiang with the introduction of her parents. But at that time, only his later wife Li Tianying was in the heart of Guo Bingxiang. Finally, Guo Bingxiang left home half a year after her marriage and stayed with Li Tianying.

In addition to the AIDU building, one and three of the banshandi garden are also on the list.

The celebrity owners are su Shuhuis son, director of Aobo, and Guo Shaoming, chairman of Sasa.

Qiu Shuzhens husband, Shen Jiawei, owns several houses in the diligende Pavilion, which is also listed on the list. Fortunately, the Shen Jiawei family did not live there.

However, if something happens to the tenant, it will also affect Shen Jiaweis house.