87 Jewish organizations across the United States sent open letters to our Embassy in support of the epidemic of the Chinese War

 87 Jewish organizations across the United States sent open letters to our Embassy in support of the epidemic of the Chinese War

Tang Xianying, reporter of Guangming Daily in Washington

Photo taken by Tang Xianying at the scene of the open letter submitted by American Jewish organizations / bright picture

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia is suffering from the current suffering of the new crown pneumonia, David Bernstein, chairman of the Jewish Public Affairs Committee, said at the ceremony. This open letter is to express our solidarity with the Chinese people and Chinese Americans. At this tense and difficult time, we jointly sign this letter to express our sincere support and condolences to the Chinese Americans and the Chinese people, it said The open letter also said: the Chinese and the Jews have a lot in common, and we always embrace our ideals and show our open mind. At this moment, we will uphold this ideal even more and try to make it benefit you.

After the ceremony, the chief of Jewish organizations in the United States received a joint interview with the media. In response to the question raised by Guangming Daily on how to evaluate Chinas economic resilience, chairman David Bernstein firmly said: I think the foundation of Chinas economy lies in the Chinese people. The Chinese people are resilient and creative. Therefore, in my concept, I have no doubt that even if China suffers from this short-term pain, the Chinese people will revive and let the economy rebound rapidly. We will see that the Chinese people, based on their own cultural energy, have achieved better economic performance than at present.

In the interview, David Bernstein showed admiration for the rapid response of the Chinese people to the epidemic. He pointed out in a Western proverb: when life gives you a lemon, use it to make sweet lemon juice. He encouraged the Chinese people to deal with setbacks with a positive attitude. We want to tell our Chinese friends that we will support you in all aspects and stand with you, he solemnly said on behalf of Jewish Americans

David Bernstein said that this is a very important moment for the Chinese people and Chinese Americans. We want the Chinese people to feel our love, friendship and unity. The crisis is also an opportunity for Jewish groups to take advantage of this opportunity to deepen our historical ties with the Chinese people.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. David Bernstein said that the Chinese nation and the Jewish nation have deep historical origins. During the Second World War, when Jewish refugees in Europe were in danger of being slaughtered by Nazis, Shanghai became their safe haven. This is our real connection, the Jewish community will never forget, he said emotionally. We hope we can make you feel safe when you are in crisis..