Shanghai donated 500000 masks to Qingbei, Daegu, 400000 for kn95

 Shanghai donated 500000 masks to Qingbei, Daegu, 400000 for kn95

On February 27, Cui Yongshan (right), Consul General of South Korea in Shanghai, took a group photo with people from the Foreign Affairs Office of the Shanghai Municipal Peoples Government in the background of masks. Photo by Yonhap / Korean Consulate General in Shanghai

Relevant staff of Shanghai Municipal Peoples government said that for the sake of friendship between China and South Korea, Shanghai municipal government decided to urgently provide protective equipment to Daegu City, gyeongshang North Road and other areas of South Korea. Cui Yongshan, South Koreas Consul General in Shanghai, said the Shanghai municipal government still extended a helping hand in the same difficult situation and expressed deep gratitude for this.

In addition, the Chinese Embassy in South Korea donated more than 25000 medical masks to Daegu on the same day. The lorry carrying the love mask is also hung with the famous sentence of no one is far away from home, no one is foreign and the striking banner of Daegu refueling! South Korea refueling!.

256 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in South Korea, 2022 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by the Ministry of disease management of Korea, according to the report of the Ministry of disease management, 27 cases from 16 hours to 28 days 9. There were 256 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in South Korea. 2022 cases were diagnosed and 13 deaths were accumulated.

The first 117 cases of confirmed cases in South Korea, Japan and China, 115 of them from Daegu

Forenoon, novel coronavirus pneumonia, reported on February 27th that the central Korean epidemic prevention strategy was reported on the same day. According to the same report, as of 27 p.m. local time, 4 hours later, South Korea had added 171 cases of new crown pneumonia in half a day (9 a.m. compared with that day), and 1766 cases were confirmed. Compared with 4 p.m. the previous day, 505 newly confirmed cases were found within 24 hours. This means that the number of 24-hour diagnoses in South Korea exceeds that in China for the first time (433 cases).