Reporters night visit to intensive care unit of Jinyintan hospital

 Reporters night visit to intensive care unit of Jinyintan hospital

Photo by Zheng xuefeiteng

Novel coronavirus pneumonia hospital is the first hospital to receive new crown pneumonia patients, and is also one of the most severe and critically ill hospitals. On the evening of February 25, our reporter entered the ICU ward of Jinyintan hospital for an interview.

You have to rush forward in a dangerous situation

A novel coronavirus pneumonia, more than 80 years old, was admitted to the hospital at 10 pm. ICU was put into bed after operation. Liang Shun, the nurse who just took over the shift, is doing examination and nursing for him. Give oxygen inhalation to see if the airway is unobstructed, suction sputum to clear airway secretions Despite wearing heavy protective clothing and double-layer gloves, he is still accurate in every step of operation.

A patient with tracheotomy? OK, Ill take charge. An hour ago, Liang Shun received a call from the group leader on duty and immediately set out from the hotel arranged by the hospital. Tracheotomy is more infectious, which is a more dangerous situation. We cant let nurses from other hospitals rush ahead, Liang Shun said

5 L / min oxygen is given to the incision of the air tube to establish a vein channel for emergency treatment... In the ward, Liang Shun, who is fully armed, holds a walkie talkie to communicate with the doctor on duty. He carefully recorded and fed back the patients symptoms, regularly turned over and sucked sputum for the patient until 4 a.m. the next day.

Liang shungang, 21, is the youngest nurse in the ICU Department on the 7th floor of the south of Jinyintan hospital and the youngest in the whole hospital. He told reporters that when he first joined the work two years ago, every time he came to the hospital, he would take a deep breath before entering the door, and then he kept holding his breath and ran to the work room, because this is an infectious disease hospital. At this moment, in the most dangerous working environment, he is as calm as a veteran of the battlefield.

Patients in ICU are not allowed to be accompanied by relatives, so they need more psychological comfort. Liang Shun said that a patient in his 50s, who was unable to speak because of inserting a windpipe, wrote family on the paper. When he saw it, he immediately helped contact the family of the patient. When he left the ICU, the patient kept thanking him.

Remind yourself to be the 110 of the ward

On this day, Qu Zhaohui, head nurse of ICU, went round the room with the professor of the medical team as usual, treated the patients together with the shift nurses, and chatted with the sober patients for psychological care Im busy until after 8 p.m. When the reporter arrived at the ICU, he did not see her. Novel coronavirus pneumonia, but ICUs medical staff are happy to see this. The head nurse finally doesnt have to stay up all night. She has not had a day off from the new crown pneumonia patient in the hospital.

For two months, Qu Zhaohui had meals and slept in the Department. He had no more than five hours rest every day and stayed up for several nights. I want to take the children of the Department and remind myself to be the 110 of the ward. At the other end of the phone, Qu Zhaohui defines himself in such a clear and sunny voice. Qu Zhaohui has just been a head nurse for two years, but nurses rely on her in life and work. The head nurse has a sense of security.

A month ago, the medical national team came to support, and material support also kept up. There is a little good news every day. Some patients can speak, some can open their eyes. Even a few days later, some patients are transferred to the general ward and discharged from the hospital. This kind of happy feeling cant compare with anything else. Qu Zhaohui said.

Two patients were intubated and extubated for two consecutive days. This is a wechat circle of friends updated by Qu Zhaohui on February 24. There is also a picture of her chatting with the nurses in the Department: I have been working for two months in a row. If you are too tired and want to rest, please tell me. the partners in the Department said, the epidemic is not over, we will not retreat.

Behind rehabilitation is the devotion of medical staff

At about one oclock in the evening, the telephone rang again at the nurse station. Please send the patients file quickly. Life is at stake. Zhang Wei, the doctor on duty, spoke in a hurry.

ICU night shift group of 10 people, 7 nurses, 3 doctors. Among them, nurses are responsible for sanitation and disinfection, specimen statistics, execution of doctors orders, etc., and they also need to observe the needs of the ward at any time; doctors study and judge in real time according to the patients situation, and adjust the diagnosis and treatment plan.

The doctor on duty should stay until 8:30 in the morning. During the interval of drinking water back to the clean area, the reporter and the doctor on duty Zhang Wei had a chat. The most difficult time has passed. Just pass. Zhang Wei, in his early 40s, hasnt been home since he was busy on the first day of the first month. I miss my wife and children very much, he said

Nurse Wen Yuan said that once the patient was in critical condition, and Doctor Zhang rushed into the ward before he had time to do a full set of protection. Zhang Wei said: when I was a child, I ran 3000 meters very fast and had a good foundation. People like me who are all poisons are invincible should rush ahead.

Loose to oneself, but harsh to others. During the interview in ICU, Zhang Wei urged several times: its too dangerous for your reporter to stay in ICU. Hurry up and go back to the clean area. We are not at ease.

Behind the recovery of every serious patient is the devotion of medical staff. Jinyintan hospital has discharged nearly 1200 people, and the cure rate has steadily increased.

Near 12 oclock that night, the reporter saw an elderly patient wearing green checkered clothes, he made a victory gesture with a smile. When he first came, Wang was very ill. He was panting when he spoke. The nurse in charge of the care said that his condition had improved recently and he could be joking.

After 3 a.m., the next nurses are getting ready to enter the ward. The rain is still urgent, the lights are bright, they cant see their faces clearly, only heard a chorus of come on Wuhan.