Research: do not rule out the possibility of new coronavirus infecting humans through turtles

 Research: do not rule out the possibility of new coronavirus infecting humans through turtles

Research: do not rule out the possibility that the virus infects humans through tortoises

The researchers compared the spike protein (s) between the new coronavirus and the SARS virus, the SARS like coronavirus found in animal samples and other coronaviruses, and pointed out that the interaction between the structural protein located on the virus shell and the ACE2 receptor used by the new coronavirus to invade cells is the key factor determining the host range of the coronavirus.

According to the paper, the analysis of the crystal of CNV spike protein by low-temperature electron microscope is helpful to verify the binding point of the protein with human or other host cells.

The paper points out that turtles as hosts can carry many kinds of viruses, such as rainbow frog virus (RV), nindovirus (NV), papillomavirus (PV), turtle iridovirus (stiv), turtle systemic septic globular virus (stsssv), turtle parvovirus (TOPV) and Chinese turtle haemorrhagic syndrome virus (tshsv). In addition, turtles are more common on the animal market than the banned pangolins.

The researchers believe that it is impossible to exclude the possibility that the virus infects turtles and humans after evolution.

List: pangolin, mink and snake are proposed as intermediate hosts successively

Novel coronavirus was reported in Nandu. In February 3rd, the Shi Zhengli research team of the Wuhan Institute of viral diseases, China Academy of Sciences published the research paper published in the world famous scientific journal Nature. It is pointed out that bat is probably the natural host of the new coronavirus.

The team compared novel coronavirus genomes with some of Chinas early detection of coronavirus, and found that the virus was consistent with a RaTG13 gene sequence of 96.2% Chinese chrysanthemum bat samples from Yunnan.

At 11 a.m. on February 7, Xiao Lihua, a professor of South China Agricultural University, introduced that his team analyzed more than 1000 macro genomic data of a variety of wild animals at a press conference held by Guangdong Provincial Laboratory of modern agricultural science and technology of Lingnan and South China Agricultural University. We found that pangolin has u03b2 - coronavirus sequence, and then analyzed its sequence, and found that it is related to The human outbreaks are highly similar in their phylogeny.

On the afternoon of February 15, the joint defense and joint control mechanism of the State Council held a press conference in Beijing. Wu Yuanbin, director of the Department of social development and science and technology of the Ministry of science and technology, said that at present, relevant scientific research teams are being organized to demonstrate the transmission path of the new coronavirus from pangolin to human being. Research shows that the epidemic is related to wildlife trade.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control expert group issued by the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association in February 23rd issued a document that pointed out whether pangolin, mink and snake are intermediate hosts.