More than 4900 medical staff of traditional Chinese medicine have come to Hubei Province to help them

 More than 4900 medical staff of traditional Chinese medicine have come to Hubei Province to help them

Since its establishment, leishenshan hospital has treated more than 1000 patients. The fourth group of national TCM medical team took over the integrated TCM and Western medicine area of the hospital. The medical team consists of medical staff from Shanghai, Guangdong and Jilin respectively.

Shanghai medical team of traditional Chinese Medicine

Take multiple measures to relieve the pain

We use the clinical treatment of the combination of Chinese and Western medicine. According to the sixth edition of the diagnosis and treatment plan for the conventional diagnosis and treatment of Western medicine, while adding the external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, including traditional Chinese medicine decoction, acupuncture, application and functional methods and other traditional medical means. Li Bin said.

It is understood that in the negative pressure isolation ward, because of wearing protective clothing and gloves, traditional acupuncture is not easy to locate and there are safety risks. Doctors temporarily adjusted the traditional acupuncture to adopt more safe acupuncture methods such as tube acupuncture and pressing acupuncture.

For patients with mild illness and convalescence, the medical team also brought a set of six character formula of Chinese medicine. It was first recorded by Tao Hongjing. We used to use it to treat COPD. The novel coronavirus pneumonia patients are prone to lung function damage and fibrosis, and teach them to practice the method, which can not only relieve the anxiety and depression brought by illness or isolation ward, but also benefit the later rehabilitation. Wang Zhenwei said.

In Wang Zhenweis view novel coronavirus pneumonia has been set for the new crown pneumonia treatment. Heat, dampness, blocking, silting and emptiness are the main factors, which vary from person to person.

Guangdong medical team of traditional Chinese Medicine

Classification and strategy of strengthening the body and saving the lung

In leishenshan hospital, which is under the charge of Guangdong traditional Chinese medicine medical team, 48 patients were admitted in 2 hours, including 12 severe cases and 2 critical cases.

An 82 year old female patient, who had been treated for more than 20 days, had no improvement in symptoms - not only fever and cough, but also severe insomnia. After receiving the patient, the team members immediately consult with him, prescribe traditional Chinese medicine soup and acupuncture. That night, the sleep and mental state of the patients improved significantly.

Most patients are older and suffer from other diseases, so they will have a variety of uncomfortable signs. In order to avoid other organ damage caused by the virus, we should not only focus on the lungs, but also consider the overall situation for treatment. Zou Xu, leader of Guangdong medical team of traditional Chinese medicine and director of the Department of critical medicine of Guangdong Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, said that the medical team is now treating according to the new diagnosis and treatment plan, with the general direction of strengthening and saving the lung.

At present, there are two kinds of TCM diagnosis and treatment plans of the medical team: for the patients with serious disease, supplement vital energy with TCM granules, decoction pieces, acupuncture and other ways to stimulate the body potential of the patients from the inside to fight against the virus; for the patients with light disease, the plan of TCM Decoction Pieces plus Baduanjin will be used to make them exercise properly. For example, teaching Baduanjin to keep fit not only enhances its physical quality, but also relieves its psychological pressure.

Although the team members are all from the traditional Chinese medicine system, they all have the ability to cooperate with Western and Chinese medicine. At present, 48 patients are under the comprehensive treatment of Chinese and Western medicine. They have their own advantages and are not contradictory. Zou Xu said that he will further give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and work with the hospital to optimize the implementation of diagnosis and treatment programs.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a vice president of Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital, has been appointed by the Chinese Academy of medicine since January 29th. The second Chinese medical teams in Hubei have taken over the isolation ward of the new Chinese crown hospital in Hubei Province, which is a combination of the Chinese and Western medicine hospitals in Hubei. This was also the only designated medical treatment institution taken over by the power of traditional Chinese medicine system at that time. They have accumulated a lot of experience in critical care, and we have established a remote consultation mechanism. Zou Xu said.

Jilin traditional Chinese medicine medical team

The effect of team tackling problems is beginning to show

On February 19, Jilin traditional Chinese medicine medical team officially took over the C8 ward of leishenshan hospital. The first batch of 18 patients were admitted, and everyone generally accepted the diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been launched before the medical team has rushed to Wuhan, Wang Jian, vice president of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Affiliated Hospital, said.

On January 21, a team led by Wang Tan and Wang Jian, director of the Department of lung diseases, Affiliated Hospital of Changchun University of traditional Chinese medicine, applied to Jilin Provincial Department of science and technology to tackle key issues. During the period in Jilin, the TCM team diagnosed and treated 50 confirmed cases in Changchun and surrounding urban areas through remote consultation, with remarkable effect.

According to the standards of traditional Chinese medicine, the clinical symptoms of the vast majority of patients have gradually decreased. Wang Jian said that after taking over the ward for two days, the treatment based on syndrome differentiation and the effect of diagnosis and treatment had initially appeared. Jilin medical team of traditional Chinese medicine has designed up to 58 kinds of purpose questionnaires to investigate each patient in charge of traditional Chinese medicine, and constantly update and improve the treatment plan according to the different clinical manifestations of different patients.

Jilin traditional Chinese medicine medical team also brought a special equipment vehicle mobile intelligent emergency Chinese pharmacy. After you get the prescription, you can take 6 boxes of 18 drugs in 3 to 5 minutes. Wang Jian told reporters that the medicine box inside the vehicle contains more than 300 granules extracted from traditional Chinese medicine. Pharmacists can quickly find the required traditional Chinese medicine according to the prescription, and then complete the dispensing on the operation platform. Automatic dose conversion, automatic drug sealing, medical staff only need boiled water to take patients, no need to boil, so as to improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment, can strive for more valuable time!