24 hours of hospital cleaners under the war epidemic: they are used to being on call

 24 hours of hospital cleaners under the war epidemic: they are used to being on call

Wang Baozhu, the uncle of nearly 60 years old, is a general cleaning group leader of AVIC property, a subsidiary of China Merchants Jiyu. Basically, novel coronavirus pneumonia is responsible for cleaning and disinfection in the outlying areas of Longgang District Peoples hospital. 13 of them are emergency disinfection and new crown pneumonia medical waste collection and treatment after all the epidemic.

As the outbreak alarm goes on, the medical staff, logistics staff and property management staff in the hospital are all like fighting in the front line, including the cleaners. Lao Wang started his work on a phone call in the middle of the night.

u25b2 Lao Wang put on his isolation suit and prepared for work.


The hospital customer service center called to wake up Lao Wang, who had only been sleeping for a short time. A novel coronavirus pneumonia was first rescued in operation room No. 5, and suspected new crown pneumonia was needed.

Since the war epidemic began, Lao Wang has been used to being on call.

He got up from bed and hurried to the hospital. He used the fastest speed to modulate the spray disinfectant, put on protective clothing, and went into the operation room. In the middle of the night, the hospital was very quiet, and the medical staff who had just finished the operation had been evacuated, all of a sudden, leaving only the hissing sound sprayed by the sprayer and the heavy breathing sound behind Lao Wang behind the mask.

Its over two oclock. Its disinfected. Although its in Shenzhen, South China, its still chilly in the middle of the night. However, the old Wang, who was wrapped in the protective clothing, was already wet, and his goggles were also full of moisture, and his vision was blurred.

Lao Wang took off his protective clothing, took a shower in the designated clean area of the hospital, put on clean clothes and went home quickly. For fear of disturbing his family, he slept with his clothes on the sofa. At this time, the hour hand is about 3:00.

u25b2 Lao Wang went home in the middle of the night and slept on the sofa in the living room for more than two hours.


Although he only slept for more than two hours, its time for Lao Wang to get up and go to work. After washing, Lao Wang had a bowl of porridge and two steamed buns with salted vegetables. My wife loves him so much that she adds two eggs to make up for him.


Just after dawn, Lao Wang went out.

u25b2 before dawn, Lao Wang rushed to the hospital to work.


Arrive at the hospital, take a temperature test, and enter. The busy work began.

Old Wang is carrying materials.


Patrol the cleaning work of the peripheral area of the whole hospital, and arrange everyones work for one day.

The peripheral area of Longgang District Peoples Hospital covers an area of more than 30000 square meters, including pre hospital department, fever clinic and other medical technology and administrative departments, roads, parking lots, etc., with heavy workload and high requirements. Besides, there are often vomitus and garbage discarded by patients that need to be cleaned up, so it is necessary to repeatedly patrol and deal with problems at any time, so as to maintain a safe medical environment Environment.

After wearing protective clothing, go to fever clinic to collect medical waste.

The new crown medical waste must be labeled for separate storage and transportation.

Dealing with novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most dangerous job in the city. Lao Wang lives a life of playing hide and seek with viruses every day. He said that other cleaners are too old to do this job.


After the treatment of new crown medical waste, Lao Wang once again prepared disinfectant and sprayed it on key areas and departments of the hospital, including fever clinic, observation room, emergency room, blood drawing room and laboratory.

u25b2 disinfect in the hospital area.

During the busy period, emergency notice was received, and suspected cases appeared in a department. Without saying anything, Lao Wang rushed to the hospital for emergency disinfection. Anxious, tense, but not careless.

u25b2 disinfect at the reception place.

This is the morning. Lao Wang has changed his protective clothing for many times to carry out emergency disinfection. Such a sudden situation, up to 6 times a day! As long as the suspected or confirmed patients are found in the diagnosis screening, the diagnosis site should be disinfected immediately; if the confirmed patients are transferred, the ward should also be disinfected immediately.

Protective clothing is disposable. It must be replaced and discarded after operation. It takes more than ten minutes to wear and take off protective clothing once. During the period when the protective materials are in short supply, Lao Wang can only wear the isolation suit with lower protection level for operation; for some time, the isolation suit was tense, so Lao Wang wore raincoat and carefully carried out dangerous work such as disinfection.

u25b2 wear isolation clothes for emergency disinfection.

It takes more than ten minutes to wear protective clothing once.


Its finally lunchtime.

In order to prevent the office area from being polluted, Lao Wang and his colleagues, who frequently went in and out of the high-risk area, squatted down in an empty corner outside and began to have lunch. They cant go to the canteen to cook. The property will send someone to deliver.

Sit on the curb and have lunch.

While eating, I received an urgent notice. Lao Wang hurriedly took a few bites, immediately put on a full set of protective clothing, rushed to the observation room of fever clinic, and once again launched emergency disinfection.

u25b2 explain to the patient in the observation room.


At noon, the high tension and extreme fatigue hit at the same time, Wang Baozhu could not bring up the spirit any more, so he had to take a little time to sleep on the chair in the workshop.

Take a nap in the afternoon.

After a simple nap, Wang Baozhu began to work in full swing. He first made a comprehensive inspection of the public areas around the hospital area, and then disinfected the infection department, emergency department, observation room, blood drawing room, laboratory, 19 elevators and dirt channels in the hospital for the second time.

Wear raincoat for disinfection.


Taking advantage of the lack of people and cars in the hospital after work, Lao Wang and his colleagues took the time to spray and disinfect the peripheral area of the hospital in all aspects. At the end of the day, it was dark. Tired old Wang took off his overalls and gloves. He took a breath of pain as soon as the glove pulled off. It turns out that working with gloves for a long time, sweat, disinfectant and countless times of hand washing disinfection in a day make the hands red, swollen and festering.

u25b2 disinfection of peripheral areas.

Red, swollen and festering hands.


Wang Baozhu comes home from work, eats a hot meal with his wife, listens to his childrens warm advice, and feels that all the efforts are worth it.


Tired for a day, Wang Baozhu plans to rest, but receives an emergency notice again, and rushes to the hospital to start the emergency disinfection task.

Wang Baozhu said that since the epidemic prevention and control, who hasnt worked like this? Compared with those medical staff, this is not so hard!

Shenzhen evening news reporter Chu Hong correspondent Zhang pingwen / photo