Hubei: no epidemic villages allow farmers to work in their own fields

 Hubei: no epidemic villages allow farmers to work in their own fields

Focusing on the five elements of people, vehicles, technology, materials and money, we will ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic and orderly promote agricultural production in spring

Member units of municipal (prefecture), county (city, district) headquarters and provincial headquarters:

On novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control and economic and social development, Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC pointed out that even if the most serious epidemic situation in Hubei and the epidemic province is serious, it is necessary to organize farmers to carry out agricultural production according to the actual situation. This year, the agricultural production in spring of our province is very special. In order to ensure the prevention and control of epidemic situation and coordinate the production of spring ploughing, we hereby notify as follows:

1u3001 Strictly and orderly organize labor employment in agricultural production

In case of epidemic villages, the county headquarters shall conduct risk assessment and organize farmers with protective measures to carry out agricultural production on the premise of ensuring prevention and control and non-proliferation.

2. Under the premise of temperature monitoring and necessary protection, towns without epidemic situation work across villages in an orderly manner.

3. Migrant workers who really need to go out to work in the province shall strictly implement the provisions of e-fang-zhi-fa [2020] No. 87 document. Based on the unified health code of the province, people, fixed points and transportation shall be determined by the county, and point-to-point flow from the current residence to the employing unit accurately.

4. Provide coordination services for 95 a-card and 62 b-card slaughtering and processing enterprises, and 216 feed processing enterprises that have applied for resumption of work. By March 10, the capacity of the above enterprises will be restored to more than 80%.

2u3001 Smooth the transportation green channel of agricultural products and means of agricultural production

5. Strictly implement the off-line three passes access measures. Urge all localities to implement the provisions of the notice on ensuring the supply of agricultural products and focusing on the current agricultural production (e Fang Zhi Fa [2020] No. 65). If it is necessary to transport in the county, the village shall issue a pass certificate; if it is necessary to transport in the city (Prefecture), the township headquarters shall issue a pass; if it is necessary to transport in the province, the headquarters at or above the county level shall issue a pass.

6. Open online access approval platform. The transportation of agricultural products and means of agricultural production shall be included in the guarantee scope of traffic approval on the special shift line of the provincial headquarters. The application shall be made online with the password of the verification code, and the provincial passage shall be made with the electronic pass (including the two-dimensional code).

7. If it is really necessary to provide cross provincial transportation coordination services, the city and county headquarters shall report the transportation needs, and the provincial headquarters shall take charge of the transportation support special shift and do a good job of coordination.

8. Give priority to the allocation and transportation of urgent agricultural products and means of agricultural production. We will strengthen supervision services and give priority to the urgent transportation needs of young poultry, aquatic fry, pond fish, overstocked fresh eggs and spring vaccine. In particular, for those who need to transfer the vaccine from outside the province, they should coordinate and guarantee in time.

3u3001 Innovative agricultural technology guidance and service

9. Carry out offline technical guidance in a targeted way. Under the premise of good protection, non epidemic villages and towns shall organize agricultural experts and technicians to check the soil moisture, growth, diseases and insect pests in the field, and set up field classes for on-site guidance.

10. Innovate methods to carry out online technical services. Organize experts from central China Agricultural University, oil Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other institutes to focus on xialiangxia oilfield management, especially the monitoring and control of wheat stripe rust, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum of rape, timely live broadcasting of early rice ratooning rice, rush sowing of fast-growing leaves and vegetables, late transplanting of Eggplant and fruit seedbed control, heat preservation of melon and beans, tea garden management, prevention and control of livestock and poultry diseases, spring release of aquatic products Nine special topics, such as shrimp rice symbiosis, and three aspects of information, such as agricultural meteorological forecast, agricultural means of production, spring ploughing production loans, recorded short video courses. On the tiktok channel of Hubei TV station, the war epidemic prevention spring ploughing farming class was opened. Tiktok and jitter were used to open up topics and topics. Experts online were invited to lecture on Hubeis three rural shaking classes.

11. Give full play to the demonstration and driving role of new agricultural production and operation entities and the professional service capacity of social service organizations, accelerate the application of new varieties, new technologies, new models and new fertilizer drugs through multiple channels and platforms, and organize and carry out unified control and rule.

12. Organize epidemic prevention personnel to provide online and offline technical guidance and services, and timely carry out spring prevention, African swine fever prevention and control, and highly pathogenic avian influenza prevention and control. Strengthen the monitoring and prediction of the pest situation of the moth and locust.

4u3001 Accurate purchase, transportation and storage of seeds and agricultural means of production

13. Do a good job in seed procurement, transportation and storage. By March 10, 1.1 million kg of conventional early rice seeds were purchased and transported, reaching 4.4 million kg. About 20 million kg of middle rice seeds were purchased and transported before April 10, reaching 45 million kg. The total amount of vegetable seeds in the whole province has reached about 800000 kg. According to the sowing date of different categories, the seeds of leafy vegetables, green beans, eggplant fruits and melons should be adjusted and supplied in time according to the local conditions, so as to maintain the balance of regional and time supply and demand of vegetable seeds.

14. Do a good job in pesticide procurement, transportation and storage. Before March 20, 1890 tons of drugs for controlling wheat stripe rust, scab and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum were purchased and transported, reaching 4230 tons, 408 tons of other pesticides were purchased and transported, reaching 1360 tons.

15. Do a good job in chemical fertilizer procurement, transportation and storage. By March 20, 560000 tons of chemical fertilizer were purchased and transported, reaching about 1.2 million tons, including 55000 tons of nitrogen fertilizer, 18000 tons of phosphorus fertilizer, 30000 tons of potassium fertilizer and 457000 tons of compound fertilizer. Provincial Supply and marketing cooperatives should play the role of main channel and main support.

16. Before March 15, 6 million plates of early rice seedling trays were purchased and transported, reaching 18 million plates; before March 31, 300000 sets of machinery for whole operation and 15000 sets of early rice transplanters were maintained and allocated. At the end of April, 65000 wheat and rape harvesting machines were maintained and deployed before sickle opening.

5u3001 Strengthening agricultural production credit financing service

17. Combine online and offline to meet the credit demand of agricultural production. The online lending platform was opened, and the credit approval and capital transaction settlement were completed in advance through online services. The cumulative three rural loans issued by the end of May were higher than the same period last year. In the middle and late March, the rural business outlets of rural commercial banks, Agricultural Development Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, postal savings bank, Bank of Hubei and other host banks were basically restored.

18. Provide insurance claim settlement services. For the seedling enterprises that missed the grafting opportunity due to epidemic prevention and control, and the large-scale planters affected by the late spring cold disaster, the relevant insurance institutions should speed up the progress of claims settlement and reduce the disaster losses of large-scale seedling enterprises and large-scale planters.

19. Make good use of financial funds. The provincial finance has issued the central agricultural transfer payment fund of 6.53 billion yuan in 2020 in advance. It is necessary to urge the cities and counties to allocate the central and provincial financial funds for supporting agriculture and benefiting agriculture to the production and operation entities and leading enterprises as soon as possible, and relevant subsidies to farmers in a timely manner. On the basis of the central Epidemic Prevention Fund of 281 million yuan allocated in the early stage, 80 million yuan of provincial Epidemic Prevention Fund was allocated in advance to support local epidemic prevention in spring. We will improve the efficiency of allocating and using financial funds. The provincial government will subsidize 20 million yuan of fresh egg cold storage freight and electricity. The agricultural, rural and financial departments will make a list of projects. The capital plan will directly reach the cold storage enterprises to prevent agricultural emergency funds from settling in the municipal and county governments.

20. Actively strive for national policy support. In accordance with the spirit of the executive meeting of the State Council, the poultry farm households with large losses in key areas shall be given policy support such as extending the loan repayment period, relaxing loan guarantee, etc.; the scope of subsidy for loan discount of pig farm households shall be adjusted from more than 5000 annually to more than 500 annually. The departments of finance, agriculture and rural areas at all levels should strengthen policy publicity and implementation. We will strive for the support of the national development and Reform Commission, include more slaughtering and processing plants, feed factories and other agricultural related enterprises in the list of key guarantees for the commencement and resumption of work of the national development and Reform Commission, and support pig production, major water conservancy construction and rural residential environment improvement in our province.

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia is in the key period of prevention and control and spring plowing and farming. The key to novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control in rural areas and the agricultural production in spring is to grasp the facts and grasp the details carefully, and earnestly carry out all the work. To ensure the prevention and control of epidemic situation, we should not be paralyzed, tired of war, fluke or slack; to coordinate spring ploughing production, we should not wait, wait, delay or take risks. We should strengthen technical guidance, strengthen planning guidance, pay attention to early guarantee, and pay attention to key guarantee. Around the five elements of people, cars, technology, materials, and money, we should sink our hearts, dive down, solve problems one by one, and implement them one by one.

A novel coronavirus infection in Hubei province is responsible for the prevention and control of pneumonia.

February 27, 2020