Ministry of Education: the key to the employment of graduates is to expand employment channels

 Ministry of Education: the key to the employment of graduates is to expand employment channels

Ministry of Education: the key to the employment of college graduates this year is to expand employment channels (source: video synthesis)

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a vice minister of education, Weng Tiehui, held in a forenoon press conference of the State Councils joint defense and joint control mechanism on the morning of 28. In order to do a good job in the employment of college graduates this year, it is the key to expand the employment channels. There should be posts and channels, which is the basis.

Weng Tiehui introduced that the education system will expand employment channels with relevant departments in the following five aspects:

First, facing the national strategy. Although the novel coronavirus pneumonia has caused a relatively big impact on the job market, the development of new kinetic energy and the upgrading of traditional kinetic energy actually contain a large number of job opportunities. We will actively encourage graduates to work in major national projects, projects and fields.

Third, guide grassroots employment. The grass-roots level is not only a university where young people grow up and become talented, but also a main position to attract graduates for employment. The education department will continue to implement the special post plan for rural teachers, and cooperate with relevant departments to continue to organize and implement such grass-roots employment projects as college student village officials, three supports and one support, and the western plan. At the same time, we will work with relevant departments to introduce preferential policies to encourage small and medium-sized micro enterprises to attract college students for employment.

Fourth, we should encourage people to join the army. In cooperation with the Ministry of national defense mobilization of the Central Military Commission, more fresh graduates will be recruited through measures such as optimizing the allocation of indicators and conducting physical examination in advance.

Fifth, enrich new forms of employment. At present, the new forms of employment in China are developing rapidly, such as service reservation, technology development, content payment and other new forms of employment. We will encourage graduates to work and start businesses in such productive and living service industries, as well as education, medical care, pension and other fields urgently needed by the peoples livelihood.

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