An employee died of sudden myocardial infarction during isolation in Zhejiang Province

 An employee died of sudden myocardial infarction during isolation in Zhejiang Province

According to reports, a company in Fenghua arranged isolation facilities to isolate recalled employees from other places in order to promote the resumption of work as soon as possible. Yuan is the logistics staff of the companys canteen. After receiving the notice of returning to the company on February 2, 2020, he returned to the company by air on February 8, and then the company arranged him to be isolated in the companys staff isolation area for work. Yuan was sent to Fenghua District Peoples Hospital from 120 for treatment on February 11, and died of cerebral infarction at 14:00 on February 12.

After the incident, the human resources department of the enterprise inquired with Fenghua District human resources and social security bureau about whether it met the conditions for work-related injury identification. The district human resources and Social Security Bureau responded quickly, took the green channel for dealing with work-related injury during the epidemic, sent staff to contact the enterprise and Yuans family members to learn about the situation, went to the scene to make investigation records, made the decision on work-related injury identification on February 20, and delivered it to Enterprise.

Fenghua District human resources and Social Security Bureau said that the reason why the work-related injury was identified was that, firstly, the employee yuan was recalled by the company, and the company paid yuan during the isolation period; secondly, yuan was in the isolation area inside the company; thirdly, the time of the accident was daytime. Therefore, when something happens, yuan can be regarded as working time, which is in line with the provisions and scope of work-related injury identification.

According to the standard of compensation for work-related injuries, Yuans family members can get more than 840000 yuan of one-time death allowance, while yuans family members without income source can enjoy the monthly pension for supporting relatives according to the regulations, and the relevant expenses will be paid by the social security fund.