The man was sentenced to eight months for spitting at the police without wearing a mask

 The man was sentenced to eight months for spitting at the police without wearing a mask

The first case involving epidemic nuisance in Dandong district was pronounced in court

On February 25, the peoples Court of Kuandian Manchu Autonomous County opened a public hearing to hear the first case of public nuisance during the period of epidemic prevention and control in Dandong District, and sentenced the defendant Liu to eight months imprisonment.

After the trial, the court found that at about 16:00 on February 4, the defendant Liu yuhou went to a supermarket to buy cigarettes. Because he didnt wear a mask during the epidemic prevention and control period, he was stopped by the supermarket staff and told that he didnt wear a mask and was forbidden to enter. Liu yuhou quarreled with the staff and abused the staff. After the police arrived at the scene, Liu refused to cooperate with the investigation, and pushed the police, pulling off a police mask and spitting at it. The police then took compulsory measures against it.

Kuandian County Peoples Procuratorate initiated a public prosecution against Liu, accusing the defendant Liu of obstructing State functionaries from performing their official duties in accordance with the law by means of violence and threat, which constitutes a crime of obstructing official duties. Kuandian County Court held that the charges of the public prosecution should be supported. During the period of national prevention and control of the epidemic, the defendant Liu yuhou should be severely punished according to law for violence hindering the public security police from performing their official duties; the defendant Liu yuhou signed a letter of confession and punishment in the public prosecution, pleaded guilty and repented, and given a lighter punishment as appropriate. The court rendered the above judgment.

Since the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work was carried out, the Kuandian county court has been fighting against epidemic prevention and control, and has intensified its efforts to crack down on the epidemic cases. It has strictly followed the law to try to control the illegal and criminal cases which are harmful to the epidemic prevention and control. It fully demonstrates the firm determination to crack down on the epidemic related crimes and forms a powerful deterrent to criminals, in order to maintain social order and safeguard the health and safety of the masses. To provide a strong guarantee of the rule of law.

Qingyuan procuratorate arrested a case of epidemic fraud

On February 20, the peoples Procuratorate of Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County in Liaoning Province approved the arrest of Zheng Mou, a criminal suspect who used the fictitious facts of epidemic situation to defraud others property, on suspicion of fraud.

It is reported that the case is a clue handed over by the public security organ of Xilin Gol League of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Gao, a resident of the area, contacted Zheng, a woman of Qing origin, through wechat in early February to buy a mask, but was blackmailed by the other party after two transfers, resulting in a loss of more than 30000 yuan. After a lot of work, Qingyuan County Public Security Bureau arrested the suspect Zheng Mou in Xinlitun village, Qingyuan town on February 16. The suspect Zheng confessed to the fact that he had no mask supply ability but fabricated facts to cheat others property during the epidemic prevention and control.

After the Qingyuan County procuratorate learned about the case, it immediately sent post prosecutors to form a case handling team to intervene in the investigation in advance, and made timely suggestions on the direction of evidence collection and fixed evidence. February 19, Qingyuan County Public Security Bureau to Zheng Mou suspected of fraud to the procuratorate for approval of arrest. While undertaking the duty task of epidemic prevention and control card points in unclosed communities in the county, the procuratorates worked overtime to review the case, and promptly completed the legal procedures such as file review, evidence verification, and legal document production on the basis of preliminary work. On February 20, Qingyuan County Procuratorate made a decision to approve the arrest of the suspect Zheng Mou for the crime of fraud.

Changtu police cracked the case of cross province telecom network fraud involving epidemic

On February 19, the criminal investigation team of Changtu County Public Security Bureau, Liaoning Province, spent four days to crack down on a telecommunication network fraud case involving cross provincial trafficking in masks, and went to Guangzhou to arrest Xie Mou, the criminal suspect of fraud in the name of selling masks.

After the outbreak, zhoumou, a villager in Qijiazi Town, Changtu County, forwarded the urgent need to buy masks through QQ group and wechat friend circle, and left his phone number and wechat signal in the released information. At 9:00 on February 14, Zhou received a strange call. The other party said that he had a large number of disposable medical masks in his hand, each of which cost 2.7 yuan. Zhou and the other party agreed on the purchase intention by phone, and added each other as wechat friends. After Zhou transferred 10000 yuan of payment for the masks to the other party, the other party immediately blackmailed Zhous wechat, and Zhou realized that he had been cheated.

At 9:00 on February 15, the police station of Qijiazi Town, Changtu County Public Security Bureau received a call from Zhou and reported the case to the criminal investigation team of Changtu County Public Security Bureau. After knowing the case, chief Huo Changyan thought that the case involved epidemic situation and the social impact was extremely bad. The criminal suspect may have cheated many people. If the case is not solved in time, more people will be cheated. He immediately organized the criminal investigation team to be competent The police set up a task force to investigate the case with the cooperation of the network security brigade of Changtu County Public Security Bureau. After investigation, analysis and study of the case, the real identity of the criminal suspect is Xie (male, born in Xintian County, Hunan Province), and Xie also uses the same criminal means to commit fraud in many other provinces and cities, and his hiding place is in Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province.

On February 19, Zhang Tianyu, pan Kuanqiao and Cao Yifan, the special police, rushed to Guangzhou to arrest Xie. Finally, Xie was arrested in an apartment in Baiyun District, Guangzhou. Xie confessed to the fact of his crime, and the case is under further handling.

More than 1.7 million women were arrested for fraud in Chaoyang

Li Mou, a woman in Chaoyang, Liaoning Province, lied that she could buy disposable medical masks and N95 masks at a low price, and asked Song Mou, the victim, to pay more than 1.7 million yuan. Unexpectedly, the victim was arrested by the police the next day after reporting to the police. On February 20, Xiangyang Branch of Chaoyang Public Security Bureau successfully arrested Li Mou, the criminal suspect, in Shenyang City under the guidance and cooperation of food and drug investigation, network security and other departments of Chaoyang Public Security Bureau. At present, Li has been detained by Chaoyang police.

It is reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Xiangyang Public Security Bureau has insisted on cracking down on epidemic cases strictly and quickly according to law, invited procuratorial organs to intervene in advance, strictly controlled the quality of the cases, and ensured that the peoples property will not be damaged. On February 19, the victim, Song Mou, reported to Xiangyang public security bureau that he had been cheated to buy masks through wechat. After receiving the report, the Bureau immediately set up a special team to investigate, investigate and collect evidence. On February 20, the bureau successfully locked the suspect Li, and determined that the suspect Li had settled down in Shenyang. Later, Li was arrested in a hotel in Shenyang in the afternoon.

Police told reporters that the suspect Li is from Shuangta District, Chaoyang City. In early February, Li contacted song on wechat and lied that he could buy disposable surgical masks at a super low price of 1.3 yuan and N95 masks at a price of 7.5 yuan. After that, Li bought 1000 N95 masks and 785 disposable surgical masks at a high price and delivered them to song, the victim. Song believed in Lis ability after receiving the goods, and successively paid more than 1.7 million yuan to Li to buy various masks. After the payment, the victim song did not receive any masks.

Song found that he was cheated and asked to return the payment, but Li continued to delay with a false screenshot of the delivery document. The police of Xiangyang Public Security Bureau, after checking with the suspect Li Mous false ordering unit, found Li Mous fictitious facts, and for the purpose of illegal possession, defrauded the victims trust through a small amount of high price purchase and low price sale. The amount involved in the case was especially huge, and his behavior was suspected of fraud.

At present, the suspect Li has been detained by Xiangyang police, and the case is under further processing.

Call on the masses to buy epidemic prevention and control supplies, should go to the regular businesses, encounter being cheated, to call 110 alarm call in time.