Wuhan guarantees the employment of front-line medical families: providing overseas jobs for three years

 Wuhan guarantees the employment of front-line medical families: providing overseas jobs for three years

It is reported that since the pay homage to angels in white and protect the employment of their children campaign launched by Chu merchants and alumni entrepreneurs in Wuhan on March 23, it has aroused the strong concern of medical staff and the public at the front line of the anti epidemic campaign. They have believed that Chu merchants and alumni entrepreneurs in Wuhan are brave enough to take on the responsibilities and solve the problems for medical staff at the front line during the critical period of the war.

At the promotion meeting, the heads of personnel departments of Taikang group, Zhuoer group, kyushutong group, contemporary group and other enterprises introduced the current recruitment situation, and said in succession that they would take out enough positions to provide employment services for the children of Hubei Medical Staff fighting in the front line of anti epidemic, so as to ensure that they can get employment and have a good career. They also said that at present, the front-line medical staff are busy with their work, and precise measures are needed for the recruitment information to reach the front-line medical staff accurately.

How to be a front-line medical staff? Can the child apply for the job after graduation next year? In response to the online questions of netizens and front-line medical staff, the relevant functional departments and the relevant principals of chushang Association explained one by one.

How to define the frontline medical staff? Novel coronavirus pneumonia, a citys first hospital staff, can be regarded as a front-line medical staff, and can be supported by the action of paying tribute to the angels in white, protecting their childrens employment, and getting high-quality jobs.

Jian Hong, Secretary General of chushang Federation, said that the children of front-line medical staff as fresh graduates are limited after all. After coordination, the participating enterprises will appropriately expand their employment conditions, pay homage to angel in white and protect their childrens employment will last for three years. The recruitment target is not limited to the children of front-line medical staff, but to the whole family of front-line medical staff. In addition, considering the actual situation of medical staff, appropriate overseas internships or jobs should be provided.

Sun Zhijun, Vice Minister of the municipal Party Committee Organization Department, said that the next official account will strengthen tracking services, unify platforms, standardize and standardize the recruitment of online channels, and publish mobile phone information of Chu merchants and alumni enterprises, such as Wuhan recruitment talent network, Wuhan talent WeChat public number, and continue to optimize online experience, do off-site operation, mobile phone office, and do the job immediately. First sign and then review, and implement the signing rate and the benefits for front-line medical staff.

It is reported that the recruitment session of pay homage to angel in white and guarantee the employment of children on zhaopin.com was officially launched on August 28. At the same time, the Organization Department of Wuhan municipal Party committee (municipal recruitment Bureau) has set up a column of pay homage to angel in white and protect childrens employment on Wuhan talent service network (http://www.whzc.gov.cn/), released information such as post supply and recruitment announcement, and accepted the application and registration of children of medical staff.

Up to now, 81 enterprises, including 3 world top 500 enterprises and 5 China top 500 enterprises, have participated in the operation, providing 15050 jobs for front-line medical staff. These jobs involve workplaces all over the country and overseas countries. At present, children of front-line medical staff are actively registered.