South Korea has more than 250 countries and regions to control the confirmed cases

 South Korea has more than 250 countries and regions to control the confirmed cases

Information chart (Yonhap)

Forenoon, 28 February, novel coronavirus pneumonia reported 28 days ago, according to the Korean foreign ministry, 6 at the same time as the day of that day, the number of countries and regions that adopted the new crown pneumonia epidemic against South Korea took 50.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was also reported by the Ministry of disease management of South Korea. 27 new cases were confirmed from 16 to 28 on 9, and 256 new cases confirmed by New Zealand. 2022 cases were diagnosed, and 13 people died.

Up to now, 25 countries and regions around the world have taken comprehensive or partial measures against South Korea, an increase of one country, the Comoros, from 11:30 p.m. the previous night, Yonhap said.

In addition, 25 countries and regions increased quarantine efforts for entry from South Korea, adding Croatia, Iceland, Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Croatia has conducted 6-10 hours quarantine for foreigners who have visited South Korea within 14 days, and Iceland requires the entry of South Koreans to be quarantined.

256 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in South Korea, 2022 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed in 2022 new cases in South Korea, 27 new cases of new crown pneumonia confirmed in South Korea from 16 hours to 28 days, 9 hours local time, the Ministry of disease control said.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects Indias suspension of landing in Japan and Korea

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the latest news from Indias Immigration Department website. In view of the current situation of new crown pneumonia in Japan and South Korea, the India government has decided to cancel the entry visa policy for Japanese and Korean tourists from February 27th.

The first 117 cases of confirmed cases in South Korea, Japan and China, 115 of them from Daegu

Forenoon, novel coronavirus pneumonia, reported on February 27th that the central Korean epidemic prevention strategy was reported on the same day. According to the same report, as of 27 p.m. local time, 4 hours later, South Korea had added 171 cases of new crown pneumonia in half a day (9 a.m. compared with that day), and 1766 cases were confirmed.