Japanese group Tokyo incident was held as usual and was criticized by netizens

 Japanese group Tokyo incident was held as usual and was criticized by netizens

Ji Minglin, the lead singer of Tokyo incident

Overseas network, February 28, local time, 27, the Japanese music group Tokyo incident announced that the public performances in Tokyo on 29 and March 1st of this month were held as usual. The move sparked heated discussion on the Japanese Internet, with netizens attacking the organizers for irresponsibility.

According to Asahi Shimbun, Japan, the operator of the Tokyo incident, a music group including singer Minami kinkin, said on March 27 that the Tokyo public performance, which will be held in the hall a of Tokyo International Forum on March 29 and March 1, will be held as usual, and those unable to attend can choose to refund their tickets. It is reported that hall a can hold about 5000 visitors

According to the report, the Tokyo incident group originally planned to hold 13 public performances in six Japanese cities from April 29 to April 9. The operator said that at present, it only decided to hold the Tokyo public performance as usual, and the subsequent performances will be arranged according to the situation.

The move sparked a heated discussion on the Japanese Internet. Some netizens criticized the organizers for being irresponsible, not really taking into account the health of fans and staff, and not considering their own social impact.

Some netizens also said that some fans would go to the site even if they were not feeling well. Its impossible to imagine the risk of cross infection in the venue of 5000 people.

In addition, on the 26th of local time, Japanese music group perfume announced the cancellation of the performance 90 minutes before the opening of Tokyo giant egg public performance; Music Group excel also canceled the Osaka public performance on the 26th; Tokyo Disneyland announced the temporary suspension of business from the 29th to March 15 on the 28th.