Local Chinese in Iran: the number of air tickets returned to China tripled

 Local Chinese in Iran: the number of air tickets returned to China tripled

According to Tasnim news agency, 27, Iranian vice president of women and family affairs Masumi ibtkar has been diagnosed with the new coronavirus. Forenoon, novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms were reported by Ebtekar, and the results were positive on the morning of 27 local time, according to Iranian media. At present, I have been isolated at home.

As of July 27, 245 cases of new coronavirus infection were confirmed in Iran, 26 of them died and 25 were cured and discharged. In addition, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Afghanistan and Pakistan all have imported cases related to Iran.

Diagrammatic map of confirmed cases in Middle East countries (up to 26 days) according to the Financial Times

The worry is that if Irans epidemic continues to spread to neighboring countries, the fragile health systems of countries in the Middle East will not be able to cope with the outbreak. At present, many countries have stopped flights to and from Iran, and Irans neighboring countries have taken restrictive measures for traffic.

In Iran, the outbreak has spread from the city of Qom, the epicenter of the outbreak, to 19 provinces across the country, but Iranian President Mahmoud Rouhani said Wednesday that the government will not block the city. So how does Iran deal with the epidemic now? What is the situation in Iran? The Red Star News reporter interviewed Liu Wu, a Chinese resident in Tehran, Iran.

Local Chinese: try not to go out. Some people have bought tickets to return home

Liu Wu told red star that his Iranian friends and clients call every day to care about themselves and tell him not to go out. Some of his Iranian friends also took Protective Measures seriously and tried not to go out. If they wanted to go out, they would wear masks, disposable gloves and hats and buy disinfectant at home.

But he said that only a small number of Iranians do a good job of prevention so seriously, and most of them should go out, and they will not wear masks in places where there are many people.

There are still many people in the streets of Iran without masks. According to BBC News

Liu Wu told red star that the local people in Iran have a very poor sense of protection, which is totally ignored. At the beginning of the confirmed case, the government began to remind everyone to wear masks, try not to go out, and issued a leaflet to tell everyone how to prevent, but even now, the local people are still the same thing, do what you should, there are people who dont wear masks everywhere on the road.

Liu Wu received the new coronavirus epidemic prevention leaflet. Picture provided by interviewee

Liu Wu said that local life and work in Tehran did not seem to be affected by the new crown virus, local government agencies and enterprises almost all operate normally, and shopping centers and roadside shops are almost closed. At present, many enterprises have not taken measures. The employees go to work normally. The office next door is the same. Everyone does not wear masks.

But the local Chinese in Iran are already on the alert, he said: we Chinese dont want to go out, theres no need to be sure we wont go out. If we have to go out, we are very cautious. Disposable gloves and masks are necessary.

Liu Wu said that many Chinese in Iran are already buying air tickets to go home. But because the direct flights between Iran and China stopped at the beginning of this month, Dubai and Oman have also suspended flights to Iran in recent days. At present, if they want to return to China, they can only fly to Bangkok and Russia.

The price of air tickets has risen sharply. The price of air tickets of Russian Airlines was about 2400 yuan three days ago. Now it has risen to more than 8000 yuan, which is not necessarily available. He told red star. A lot of my friends have bought tickets and are ready to go back to China. Today, several people have flown to Thailand and transferred back to China.

However, Liu Wu has no intention of returning to China at present. There are still some things that have not been dealt with, and there is no way to return to China for the time being. There are also some Chinese people like me who cant do much. We can only protect ourselves as much as possible, do a good job of protection and try not to contact people outside. He said. If theres nothing to deal with, Ill buy a ticket to go back to China, but if theres something to do here, it doesnt matter if I do a good job of protection.

How to deal with the epidemic in Iran: not blocking towns, only isolating individuals

According to BBC news, Iranian President Mahmoud Rouhani said at a cabinet meeting on Wednesday: we do not interrupt the blockade of any town. We will only isolate individuals, anyone with early symptoms must be isolated.

The city of Qom, the center of the outbreak in Iran, is a holy place for Islamic Shiites. After the outbreak, Iranian officials asked people not to go to Qom, but did not block the city or close the pilgrimage sites in the city.

Kum, a man disinfects a shrine. According to the Associated Press

In the streets of Iran, Iran people are queuing up in pharmacies to buy medical masks, disinfectant gels and sprays. The price of these products has increased 10 times, and there are signs that masks and disinfectants are sold out everywhere.

According to the order signed by Khatami, Irans defense industry organization must immediately start producing disinfectants that can inhibit the new coronavirus, the state news agency (IRNA) reported. Reported that Irans military factory has received orders to produce 20000 liters of disinfectant per day, and to provide the market and health institutions with the necessary masks. In addition, a new production line will be set up in the military factory to meet Irans demand for disinfectant under the outbreak of the new crown epidemic.

25 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran were confirmed in 270 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 2 novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran province of China. 27 new cases of new crown pneumonia were identified in Ma Dalong Dalong Province, according to the latest report of Yitong local time on the evening of the evening of June, 2.

Who: now outside China is the biggest concern

Tan Desai, director general of who, said in Geneva that the biggest concern is now outside China. The global epidemic is at a critical moment. Viruses do not know borders and races, nor do they have to do with a countrys GDP or development level. Every country needs to be prepared.