Houston people line up to buy masks: a N95 costs $20

 Houston people line up to buy masks: a N95 costs $20

The picture shows the streets of the United States.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia (CDC) did not suggest that people use masks to prevent new crown pneumonia. However, the Houston street people in the US have already queued up to panic buying N95 masks on February 28.

In the past few days, people have been lining up to buy N95 masks in front of Holcombe medical equipment store in Houston, Texas, US, according to khou, a CBS affiliated television station.

The head of the store said that the demand for masks began to soar in January. We contact suppliers to provide masks so that we can sell them to customers and make them feel safe in such an environment.

At Holcombes medical device store, an N95 mask costs between $20 and $25, the report said. The head said the price rise was due to a shortage of masks.

Local health officials say novel coronavirus pneumonia is not yet reported in Houston until now, and those who have been tested positive in the United States have been isolated. At the same time, Houston Health officials believe that only health care workers, people who have symptoms and those who are ill need masks, and they will not spread the disease to others if they wear them.

Although some customers noticed the price hike, they decided to buy it and thought it was worth it. In response, the Texas attorney generals office said it was illegal to bid up prices only when the governor or president declared a state of disaster.