Hubei Department official refused medical treatment: Community Secretary cried 2 hours after the leader was shut down

 Hubei Department official refused medical treatment: Community Secretary cried 2 hours after the leader was shut down

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in February 24th by the Hubei Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection. The results showed that after the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia, the family members were not subject to centralized isolation, admission treatment and other measures. Chen Beiyang was punished by staying in the party for observation and was reduced to the retirement treatment for the first-class investigator.

I cant eat now. Just when you call, Ill tell you the whole thing. At 8:00 p.m. on February 13, Shuai Xia, the Secretary of chagang community in charge of Taoshan village, had just sent three members of Chen Beiyangs family to the isolation point, but they had not had dinner yet. After receiving a phone call from the reporter, she was in a mixed mood.

According to the information disclosed, Chen Beiyang retired as deputy director of the Department of justice of Hubei Province, in charge of the Office (prison emergency command center for reeducation through labor), planning and financial equipment department, organ service center and other departments.

In the face of this new coronavirus disaster, our family is also a victim. To tell you the truth, we also want to go to the hospital for treatment, but we havent been able to do so all the time, and we have also spent a very difficult and helpless time. An apology letter signed by Chen Beiyang introduced the process.

Three people in our family took CT scan around January 26, and they were suspected to be infected with the virus, so they came to the house in Taoshan village for isolation. During this period, we also carried out nucleic acid test. On February 3, the test result was positive. We reported this situation to Zhangjiawan community and other places for the first time, and asked for help to contact the hospital so that we could get treatment. During this period, in addition to taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, we also invited Dr. Li Yuehua to visit us for treatment through our friend relationship. This is the process of diagnosis and treatment of Chen Beiyang and his family.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed as a new coronavirus pneumonia in 3 people in the Chen Beiyang family in February 3rd. I was also informed that they had moved to the Peach Hill Village. Shuaixia introduces to the reporter of health times. At that time, when she heard the news, she was shocked, because on that day, Taoshan village community just posted the sign of non infected community.

After receiving the news, I immediately called Chen Beiyangs son and said that you are the confirmed patient. Please dont go out and tell me what you need. Shuaixia told reporters that they all agreed at that time. The next day, I reported to the street according to the regulations and applied for a bed, but the Zhangjiawan community where they lived before was also reported. After discussion, Zhangjiawan community reported.

Shuaixia told the health times that in the next week, her job is to make sure that they dont go out. She told the property management every day to disinfect their home, asked them what they need every day, and then bought and delivered them to their home.

Chagang community under the jurisdiction of Shuaixia is located in guoguohu street, Wuchang District, Wuhan City, which contains 24 communities and more than 7000 households. Shuaixia said helplessly, because Zhangjiawan community said that they are responsible for the newspaper, so I have been concerned about those seriously ill patients in my community during this period of time, not regarding them as the residents who need to be concerned most.

Until February 10, the bed has not been applied for down, Zhangjiawan community said that has been reported, but no results. Shuaixia told reporters.

On the evening of February 22, a reporter from the health times contacted Li Yuehua, the doctor mentioned in Chen Beiyangs apology letter.

Li Yuehua recalled that the first time he saw Chen Beiyang was at 5 p.m. on January 30, when he had a fever for 10 consecutive days. On the evening of January 29, Chen Beiyangs sons condition deteriorated sharply. They called 120 for help, ready to send their son in danger to the hospital for rescue. They ran three hospitals one after another and couldnt be admitted overnight.

My biggest feeling when I went to their house was that their whole family was very afraid of the disease. Li Yuehua introduced that every time they went there was not much communication between them, just some recovery. Even at home, he will wear a mask. He knows little about Chen Beiyang and is very cautious.

Mobilization isolation: we feel relieved, why are we in hospital?

Shuaixia told the health times that when she heard that they refused to be admitted to the hospital, she immediately verified the situation for Chen Beiyangs son. They also admitted that the reason was, we are OK.

You are a confirmed patient. If you want to get rid of isolation, you have to do nucleic acid test. Shuaixia stressed that the neighbors are panicking now. Dont go out now. After calling them, Shuaixia immediately called the police and asked them to go to Chen Beiyangs home tomorrow to persuade them to isolate.

At that time, if they didnt agree with me, I could only paste a seal at his door. If he wanted to buy something, I would tear the seal and send it to their home, Shuaixia told reporters

That day, the residents of Taoshan village began to panic, and all kinds of true and false information mixed with complaints about Shuaixia came one after another.

In the evening, Shuaixia simply clarified the facts in the residential area of Taoshan village and said, my mobile phone starts 24 hours, welcome to inquire. That night, Shuaixia had no sleep. The next morning before she went to work, she took the medicine to control her blood pressure. After that, the high pressure was still 160.

The next day after I went to work, I got a call from the district asking me to see the three of them off. Shuaixia introduced, but now the chenbeiyang family all feel better. They wanted to go to the hospital without a bed. Now they will have a second infection when they go to the hospital, so they dont want to.

On the afternoon of February 12, the leaders of our community, the police and Chen Beiyang unit went to their home together. They opened the door two hours later. Shuaixia told the health times that after they opened the door, they said, you didnt save me at that time, now you are cured, and you want me to be quarantined again, we dont accept it. Then they let everyone leave their home and never open again.

Shuaixia and others wait downstairs from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. in Chen Beiyangs building, but someone suggests that people from the epidemic prevention station should test them for nucleic acid.

They also agreed to the plan and promised to go to the hospital if they are positive, and to be isolated at home for 14 days if they are negative. Shuaixia introduced that at 9 p.m., the staff of the epidemic prevention station carried out nucleic acid detection on them. When leaving Chen Beiyangs home, in order to reassure the residents of the community, Shuai Xia put a seal on his door.

Finally convinced: two days in a row, a successful move in isolation point

At 1 p.m. on February 13, the nucleic acid test results of Chen Beiyangs family showed that they were all negative. Considering the thoughts of many residents, Shuai Xia insisted on persuading them to enter the isolation point. The persuasion lasted until 8 p.m.

You are now negative, but two times negative is counted, you can go to the isolation point first. Shuaixia told reporters that because Chen Beiyang and his family have repeatedly said that they only trust me, so I will listen to what I said.

Shuaixia introduced that after they drove Chen Beiyangs family to the designated isolation point, because there was no bedding in the isolation point, they helped Chen Beiyang to go home to get it. The air conditioner in the isolation point was not turned on, so Shuaixia and the leader went to lend them the electric heater.

After the interview at 10 oclock that night, Shuaixia sent a message to the reporter. She said, I just went to the isolation point to send them some clothes. When I left, Chen Beiyang said to me, you are the only good person here.

I said I dont want to be such a good person, as long as you can get the best treatment and care. Shuaixia replied, and charged them, you are now negative, but you still have to do another nucleic acid test, to be negative twice.

On February 16, Chen Beiyangs family carried out another nucleic acid test. His wifes nucleic acid test was positive again. According to the regulations of the isolation point, she has been sent to Central South Hospital of Wuhan University for treatment. On the afternoon of February 20, the person in charge of Chen Beiyangs street told the health times.

To release isolation and discharge from hospital, we must meet three standards at the same time, first of all, we must test twice for negative nucleic acid; in addition, chest CT shows basic absorption; at the same time, it must be accompanied by significant symptom relief. A medical worker told the health times that Chen Beiyangs wifes nucleic acid test results were negative once and positive once, probably because she did not improve completely and needed further hospital treatment.

This is the second time I cry in this period. The first time I heard someone died in another community on February 3. Shuaixia cried, because what I fear most is that I cant afford the life of so many residents.

The reporter saw from Shuaixias circle of friends that she was still as busy as ever, busy gathering volunteers, busy delivering materials to low-income families and families of front-line medical staff.

She wrote in her latest circle of friends, blame yourself for not being able to protect everyone from the wind and rain. You are the pillar of my progress. I only hope to see the rainbow after the wind and rain.