Why is the outbreak serious in Iran when the vice president is confirmed?

 Why is the outbreak serious in Iran when the vice president is confirmed?

The day before the diagnosis, the Vice Minister of health of Iran held a press conference. He kept covering his mouth, coughing and wiping sweat without wearing a mask (source: original)

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After Harrys diagnosis, the people present did not receive any notice of the need for isolation (source: video synthesis)

Since the first novel coronavirus pneumonia case was confirmed in Iran in February 19th, the epidemic in Iran is gradually worsening, with the number of confirmed deaths and deaths rising rapidly. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran on the evening of 27, 270 of whom died, 26 of whom were newly infected with new crown pneumonia.

According to Iranian media reports, 27 local time, Iranian women and vice president of family affairs Masumi ibtkar confirmed infection with the new coronavirus. In addition, many government officials in Iran have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.

With the rapid increase of the number of confirmed cases, the high mortality rate and the trend of continuous outward spread, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Iran has worried the world.

Why is the mortality so high?

The level of hardware and medical staff in Iranian hospitals is very high, many doctors have overseas study background, and the resources of public hospitals and private hospitals are rich, and the medical level is among the best in Middle East countries.

In this case, where is the cause of high mortality?

Apadana hospital, Tehran

According to media speculation, it is likely that some patients have been diagnosed with serious illness, but have not been admitted before. In addition, the lack of testing equipment in Iran is likely to lead to the underestimation of previously confirmed case data. This can also be seen from the export case data of Iran to surrounding areas.

Lebanon, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Iraq and other six countries in the Middle East have the first cases of Irans travel history, while Canada and China have imported cases from Iran.

Michael Ryan, executive director of the World Health Organization (who) emergency project, said the Iranian government is likely to have noticed only very serious cases.

At present, all of Irans seven neighboring countries, except Azerbaijan and Afghanistan, have closed their land borders, and some countries have suspended traffic with Iran.

Irans new coronavirus begins in Qom

As can be seen from the current cases published in Iran, the vast majority have a history of Qom exposure. With a population of more than 1 million, Qom is the seventh largest city in Iran. At the same time, Qom is also a famous tourist attraction in Iran due to its long history and beautiful mosque.

Hazrat emasumeh Mosque

The Iranian Ministry of health has previously confirmed that one case of death in Qom was a businessman who had traveled to China by indirect flight. But who is Irans patient zero is still uncertain.

Irans new coronavirus began in Qom, but is likely to be present in all cities, MOH rez, a health ministry official, said.

At present, schools in 14 provinces including Qom and Tehran (31 provinces in Iran) have been closed for a week, and public places such as cinemas and theatres have been suspended.

Buses in Tehran have been disinfected, and posters have been posted on the streets calling for sanitation measures such as frequent hand washing and not shaking hands with others. The Iranian government has also designated at least 230 hospitals to treat infectious diseases.

Staff disinfect buses (source: state news agency of Iran)

Lack of experience in epidemic prevention

Not enough attention has been paid to the epidemic situation

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed on 25 July by Vice Minister of health of Iran.

On the scene of the governments press conference the day before yesterday, Harry stood beside government spokesman Rabbi Yi, wiping his sweat and coughing from time to time. Even if it looks very uncomfortable, Harry is still not wearing a mask. After being diagnosed, Harry shot a video to cheer people up.

From the video on the day of the conference, it can be seen that the venue is not large, with about 50 people and few people wearing masks.

After Harrys diagnosis, the people present did not receive any notice of the need for isolation, while Rabbi, standing next to him, continued to attend important government meetings.

On the 26th, Harry Qi said in a connection with Iranian TV station that Rabis nucleic acid test was negative, and the new coronavirus was not so terrible, calling on the public not to panic.

The mood of the people is also at two extremes.

On the one hand, due to the high mortality rate and the tension of some people, masks and disinfectants in various pharmacies in Tehran have been sold out for a long time. On the other hand, there are not many people wearing masks in the streets of Tehran.

Streets of Tehran, capital of Iran (source: state news agency of Iran)

In recent years, the impact of SARS, H1N1 and mers on Iran has been very limited.

The lack of experience in epidemic prevention and control, coupled with the fact that the people have not experienced the suffering of infectious diseases, makes the whole country lack of attention in dealing with the epidemic.

US sanctions

Make the prevention and control of the Iranian epidemic worse

In 2018, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Iran nuclear agreement and imposed unprecedented extreme sanctions on Iran. The drug shortage in Iran is very serious, including testing kits.

A spokesman for Irans Ministry of Health said that Iran can produce 97% of the medicines it needs, but some medicines for rare and special diseases need to be imported. The US sanctions have undoubtedly affected Irans pharmaceutical capabilities.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia website published an article in February 24th, saying that the sanctions mechanism in the United States has seriously affected the ability of Iran people to get medical supplies for life saving, and is likely to prevent Iran from effectively coping with the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

Screenshot of Newsweek

Under the outbreak, the U.S. government did not provide humanitarian assistance to the tense Iran. Instead, Secretary of state Peng Peio said on the 23rd that the United States would decide in the next few months whether to propose the UN to resume a series of international sanctions against Iran.

According to an Iranian official quoted by Newsweek, some important figures in the U.S. government regard blocking the entry of food and drugs into Iran as a chip of extreme pressure, which is a criminal act against Iran.

In front of the epidemic, regardless of race, religion, nationality, access to normal medical services is everyones basic right.

It is not the first time that the United States has politicized the epidemic in disregard of the global public interest.

The grace of dripping water should be reported to each other

China has not forgotten that at the critical moment of the fight against the epidemic, the Iranian government took the lead in publicly supporting China. Foreign minister Zarifs saying in social media, no clothes, no clothes with children made Chinese people moved.

On the evening of February 18, a special light show was also staged at the landmark Freedom Tower in Tehran, Iran. The Chinese, Persian and English words come on in Wuhan, come on in China were projected on the freedom tower, and the flags of China and Iran were successively spread at the top of the tower.

A drop of water should be rewarded with a gushing spring. Now, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Iran is grim. The Chinese Embassy and Chinese enterprises in Iran donated 250000 masks and 5000 kits to the Iranian Ministry of health for the first time. Come on Iran! recorded by Ambassador Chang Hua to Iran and Iranian health ministry officials Video, swiping on Iranian social media.

When in crisis, helping others is helping yourself.

We look forward to an early improvement in the Iranian epidemic.

Lets come on together!

25 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran were confirmed in 270 cases.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 2 novel coronavirus pneumonia in Iran province of China. 27 new cases of new crown pneumonia were identified in Ma Dalong Dalong Province, according to the latest report of Yitong local time on the evening of the evening of June, 2.

The first death of a new crown in football

The novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia is spreading worldwide. This week, Irans five member female soccer player, IRAM Sheikh, died of new crown pneumonia, and she became the first death case of the worlds first new crown pneumonia.

Local Chinese in Iran: the number of air tickets returned to China tripled

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia has spread worldwide. In the Middle East, Iran has become a disaster hit area, and the number of deaths is the most in addition to China, and the mortality rate is far greater than any other country.