Dust settled! Jia Jiaya, the AI big bull, left Tencent Youtu to establish scheming technology

 Dust settled! Jia Jiaya, the AI big bull, left Tencent Youtu to establish scheming technology

When asked why it was named think technology, Jia said, we need to think about the current technology means and plan the future development of the industry. The service industry is the core of the name. Not only smart, but also more, which is the expectation and requirement of the industry.

The impact of the current epidemic situation on the economy, society and production will make us more urgent and motivated for the creation of strategic technology.

Jia Jiaya explained to Lei Fengs AI science and technology review the original intention of the creation of scheming science and technology, the more infrastructure, the part related to the national social productivity, the more we need our comprehensive science and technology ability to comprehensively solve the problem of lack of human resources and shallow intelligence in economic production. To realize comprehensive systematization, intellectualization and automation is the solution of scheming and aiming. The goal of the enterprise is to get rid of the data limitation of single algorithm field and create the ai2.0 era with systematic architecture.

We see a lot of industries that dont have access to the right and easy AI systems. For example, in todays power industry, reducing energy consumption is a huge ultimate goal. But there are few AI oriented experts in the core part of the generator who can understand the specific needs of the industry, let alone provide customized high-quality solutions. AI sinking will definitely bring new breakout points.

When asked about Tencents start-up after more than two years of work, Jia said:

We are trying to push the application of AI technology to a new height when we set up scheming technology this time. I would like to thank Tencent for its corporate culture and its tolerance for technological development. In more than two years of Tencent, Tencent has provided a huge opportunity and space for me to practice the ideal of serving the industry with technology that I have always thought of, and also let me see the energy and huge potential of technology in the process of industrial intelligent upgrading and business service evolution.

I still remember that the technicians of my team just came in like to make a single breakthrough with technical highlights. In the development of the whole team, Tencent has inspired us with technology productization. Instead of sticking to a single technology highlight, focusing on meeting the needs of users has become the core idea of our whole team, and also provides me with a lot of experience and ideas to take a new step.

Its a tough decision to leave Tencent. Im very grateful to Tencents senior leaders for their understanding and suggestions. I also really dont want to give up such an excellent fighting team as Youtu and the career that we have developed hand in hand with our team partners. Wish the team keep the advantage and become stronger and stronger. Wish Tencent better and better!

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