Huaweis first 5g equipment factory in Europe is located in France and supplied to Europe

 Huaweis first 5g equipment factory in Europe is located in France and supplied to Europe

The project is expected to generate an annual output of 1 billion euros and create 500 direct jobs.

The new manufacturing plant will also set up a special exhibition center. The production, software loading and testing of wireless base stations will be transparent, and will also be open to operators, governments and relevant institutions. This is Huaweis actual action to actively respond to European digital sovereignty.

Huawei said that the wireless equipment produced by the factory will mainly be supplied to European regions, realizing the overall coverage of the end-to-end industrial chain, such as R & D, sales, procurement, production, logistics, service, talent training, etc., and promoting the local upstream and downstream industrial chains in Europe. At the same time, the factory will also apply Huaweis advanced high-end manufacturing technology in Europe, extend to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, enhance the technical competitiveness of the European industry, and promote the toughness of the local supply chain and infrastructure.

Huawei said that as a global company, Huawei adheres to the global allocation of resources, builds its capabilities in the place where strategic resources gather, and provides customers with high-quality products. France is one of the worlds high-end manufacturing centers, with mature industrial infrastructure, superior geographical location and high labor quality. Huawei hopes to integrate this capability into Huaweis overall value chain in Europe and improve the timeliness and reliability of customer delivery in Europe.

Huawei said it has worked in Europe for 20 years, with more than 12000 employees and nearly 170000 jobs created directly and indirectly. In the future, Huawei will continue to implement in Europe, for Europe, open cooperation and continue to make contributions to Europe.