Must see! When you are ill, dont be afraid to see a doctor safely

 Must see! When you are ill, dont be afraid to see a doctor safely

Some people are worried that going to the hospital will become close contacts? In response, Peking Union Medical College Hospital novel coronavirus infection public protection question and answer put forward that at present, there are special passages for fever patients, and there are special isolation areas for suspected or confirmed patients. Therefore, the opportunity to visit patients in hospitals is not significantly higher than that in other public places where other people are densely populated.

However, in special period, how to identify whether it is necessary to go to hospital? How to do self-protection for special groups of people, so as to achieve safe medical treatment?

1u3001 Common non febrile patients

For ordinary non febrile patients, doctors suggest giving priority to online consultation. At present, there are more than 20 Internet diagnosis and treatment consultation platforms in action. Internet diagnosis and treatment platforms, including gooddoctor online, Pingan gooddoctor, Ding Xiangyuan, Chunyu, micro medicine and so on, have launched online free diagnosis, health science education, psychological consultation and other services.

For patients with stable and regular chronic diseases, try to reduce the number of visits to the hospital and use online consultation. At present, many hospitals can prescribe drugs for three months at most for patients who need long-term medication, such as hypertension, diabetes and chronic liver disease. If the patient is an elderly person, the family can also hold their ID card, medical insurance card and other documents to prescribe medicine.

If you need to go to the hospital, try to know the situation of the medical institution to be visited by network or telephone in advance, make appointment and corresponding preparation, be familiar with the location of the hospital department and the corresponding treatment process, and reduce the treatment time as much as possible. On the way to the hospital, private car or Internet car shall be selected as far as possible to avoid public transportation. Patients and accompanying family members shall wear masks throughout the whole process.

2u3001 Emergency patients

In the alternate seasons of winter and spring, the temperature difference is large, and people with diabetes or coronary heart disease are easy to induce myocardial infarction, which is life-threatening. For this kind of patients with basic lesions, if they suddenly appear panic, dizziness, chest distress, etc., which belongs to sudden medical emergencies, they must go to hospital immediately.

In addition, if there is sudden abdominal pain, swelling and hard, diarrhea and other surgical emergencies, do not fight hard by yourself, it is easy to have severe pancreatitis or intestinal perforation, which will seriously endanger life, so you must see a doctor immediately.

3u3001 People with mild fever or respiratory symptoms

Four. Children

Wang Quan, director of emergency department and chief physician of Beijing Childrens Hospital, pointed out that children, especially young children, often have obvious disease changes in a very short period of time. If they are born at home blindly, they may delay their illness and even lead to adverse consequences.

Doctors suggest that children of any age should be treated in time as long as they have fever for more than three days. In addition, due to various reasons, children have acute limb dysfunction, change of consciousness, or obvious bleeding caused by trauma, which should be treated in time.

If the childs symptoms and signs are obviously different from those in the past, especially when the child has a weak mental reaction, frequent vomiting, a significant increase in the number of stools or pus bloody stools, a decrease in milk intake or even refusal to milk, a decrease in urine output, fever accompanied by a new rash, etc., or has abdominal pain or lumps in a fixed position, which is irritated, crying and difficult to pacify, Wheezing, groaning, rapid breathing, even dyspnea, poor complexion, disturbance of consciousness, convulsion, etc., should be treated in time.

5u3001 Mental disorders

In the novel coronavirus pneumonia, severe mental disorders are inevitably affected by the epidemic. For patients with serious mental disorders at home, we need more strict management and treatment and community care.

In response, the health and Health Commission issued a notice requiring the comprehensive management team of mental health at all places to take the initiative to understand the drug demand of patients, assist to take the drugs by mail from mental health medical institutions, or by the grass-roots medical and health institutions, the comprehensive management team to take the drugs, send the drugs to the door and other ways to help patients to continue the drug treatment.

For patients with obvious mental symptoms, emotional irritability, or behavioral impulse and other unstable conditions, the comprehensive management team can contact the superior mental health medical institutions, and provide telemedicine services for home-based patients by psychiatrists through telephone, Internet consultation and other ways. For patients who need emergency treatment, the comprehensive management team shall assist in sending them to mental health medical institutions for medical treatment.

For the medical institutions that treat the patients with severe mental disorders, if they do not have the ability of diagnosis and treatment of mental diseases, they shall promptly ask the psychiatrists to contact for consultation. The administrative department of health and health may designate mental health medical institutions within its jurisdiction to undertake the corresponding liaison consultation work.


During the epidemic, we must take basic preventive measures, pay attention to the rules of life and diet, wash hands frequently and wear masks. At the same time, if there is a physical condition, dont be too nervous, but dont hide from the doctor, first check the situation, make accurate judgment, and achieve safe medical treatment.