Brazil confirms the first novel coronavirus pneumonia case, Latin America multinational countries sounded epidemic prevention alarm

 Brazil confirms the first novel coronavirus pneumonia case, Latin America multinational countries sounded epidemic prevention alarm

Brazil continues to increase suspected cases

According to the statistics of the Ministry of health, as the number of the first confirmed case is large during the carnival, as of 17:00 local time on the 27th, 20 suspected cases of Brazils new coronavirus pneumonia increased from the previous day to 132, 85 of which are in Sao Paulo state, and 60 suspected cases have been excluded from Brazil before. In Sao Paulo, where the first confirmed case was found, Brazils health minister, Luis mandeta, held a press conference with the states governor, Joao Doria. Mandeta said that he did not rule out the possibility that the number of suspected cases would continue to increase. He called on the public to wash their hands and do a good job of protection. He could get information about the epidemic through the website of the Ministry of health, and should not make or credulate rumors. He reiterated that Brazil would not take measures to restrict entry at present and would follow the steps recommended by the World Health Organization to deal with the epidemic. The Ministry of health will invite bids to purchase protective equipment such as masks, and state hospitals and medical personnel are on standby.

u25b3 Luis mandeta, Minister of health of Brazil

Introduction of Brazils epidemic prevention measures with Sao Paulo governor Joao Doria

Colombia strengthens port quarantine

Brazil announced that the novel coronavirus pneumonia case in Latin America was confirmed. President Duke of Columbia said that the health department would be ordered to strengthen the inspection of entry ports to prevent the spread of the epidemic. The Ministry of health of Costa Rica will improve the level of prevention and control, and it is recommended that the staff in the business place wear masks, but not compulsory. A Colombian traveling in Spain was diagnosed with the virus and is being treated in Spain Tuesday.

u25b3 Bogota International Airport, Colombia

Argentina strictly controls flights from Italy

According to the Ministry of health of Argentina, from Tuesday, flights from Italy will be subject to more strict control, including landing in a separate remote position, all passengers need to sign a statement of health status before disembarking, and take a temperature measurement at random. At present, there are 12 direct flights from Italy to Argentina every week.

u25b3 Buenos Aires International Airport, the capital of Argentina

Peruvian port screening for suspected symptoms

Perus National Institutes of health, national level laboratories and other units are ready to deal with possible cases, the Ministry of Health announced. Perus major airports, wharves and land ports of entry will enter a state of alert, and those who have suspected symptoms will be screened in time.

u25b3 website of the Ministry of health of Peru

Uruguay strengthens entry control

The Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health said it would strengthen the entry control of the airport and port of Montevideo, focus on screening the personnel from the affected area, and send them directly to the designated hospital once symptoms are found.

u25b3 port of Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay

Venezuela starts emergency mechanism

Venezuelan health minister said Venezuela has launched emergency response mechanism, will equip some hospitals with corresponding materials, and strengthen the control of airports and ports of entry.

Who: a critical moment for regions outside China to become the biggest worry about the global epidemic

Tan Desai, director general of who, said in Geneva Tuesday that the biggest concern is now outside China, and the global epidemic is at a critical moment, suggesting that countries should act quickly. But the new coronavirus is not influenza. Chinas epidemic prevention experience shows that as long as the right measures are taken, the epidemic situation can be controlled.