Long line of stores and short inventory

 Long line of stores and short inventory

In Osakas Central District, there is a long line at the door before the drugstore opens

Overseas network 28 February novel coronavirus pneumonia infection in Japan has been climbing, the epidemic continues to expand, and domestic masks have been running short supply, causing concern.

According to Japans current affairs news agency, domestic mask suppliers have tripled their output, but still cant guarantee adequate supply of masks. Long lines have been standing at the door of drugstores all over the country since early morning. These people are called mask refugees by Japanese media, and they have many disputes when they rush to buy them.

In the early morning of the 27th, the drugstore in xinzhaiqiao store street, the largest shopping district in Osaka, had not yet opened, and a long line of more than 40 people had already lined up at the door. A Japanese employee who works in Kobe city came to line up to buy masks for his family before going to work. I cant buy it near my home, he said, worried. I dont know if I can do it here. Lets line up first.

There is a notice of mask out of stock in the drugstore

People in the mask industry all over Japan have voiced that the situation of masks (and at the beginning of the epidemic) has basically not changed and there is no guarantee of sufficient quantity. In the shop, in order to rush to buy masks and fight with others, the shop has to distribute number coupons to let customers buy them in order.

Japans chief cabinet secretary, Kan Yiwei, made it clear at a press conference on the 12th that in the future, more than 100 million masks (in the market) can be guaranteed every week, but the shortage of masks has not yet been alleviated.

Empty shelves

Japans Ministry of health, labor, economy and industry explained: domestic manufacturers have been working continuously for 24 hours, which has increased production by three times. But priority needs to be given to medical institutions, and it will be some time before there is sufficient supply in stores.

According to the Japan mask Industry Association, the inventory of major mask manufacturers was about 180000 in January, and by the beginning of February it was almost bottomed out. About 70% of the masks in circulation in Japan are imported from China and other countries. The local distribution network has ceased to operate, and the masks can hardly be bought. Although the import is slowly recovering, but the pollinosis season is coming, the demand is further increased, and the supply will be in short supply.

Every day there is a lot of pressure on us from the government residence, but it is still difficult to alleviate the supply shortage, complained Gao qiaoshenzai, special director of the mask Industry Association Because there are always people who want to resell many masks at one time, Gaoqiao appeals to ordinary consumers to buy only the amount they need.