Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed 10 days before the 23 year old Iran womens football World Cup.

 Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed 10 days before the 23 year old Iran womens football World Cup.

Elham sheykhi, a five player female soccer player from Iran.

The expansion of the novel coronavirus has also affected the players and journalists of the international football world.

According to a novel coronavirus, the Iran womens five member national team has died 23 years old, according to a 28 day report from Iran state news agency.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the dead woman named ElhamSheykhi, died in a hospital 140 kilometers away from Tehran. ElhamSheykhi was diagnosed with new crown pneumonia 10 days ago. At present, 270 cases have been confirmed in Iran, 26 of them died.

Kike mateu was interviewed by six Spanish broadcasters.

Novel coronavirus continues to spread in Spain on the European continent.

According to the latest news, the first confirmed case in Valencia is KikeMateu, a well-known local football journalist from Valencia. He went to Milan last week to report on Valencias Champions League knockout match, and then was diagnosed and hospitalized this week.

Later, he said in an interview: as patient No. 0 in Valencia, I am being quarantined in the hospital. No one expected the press conference to be the first to be infected. I am in a good condition and hope that the people around me can keep calm.

The best news is that I havent infected anyone else. The current feeling is like a cold, hoping to recover. Now I feel bored because of the isolation.

He also joked optimistically in an interview with Spanish TV six: the virus signed me.

Valencia club has entered a high level of tension and intends to cancel the pre match press conference. La Liga has also set up an internal emergency committee to consider possible open matches or postponements.

King udo.

In Italy, according to the reports of Tuttosport, Gazzetta dello Sport and other media, a player from Italian football team pianese was tested positive for the new crown virus a day ago, which is also the first case of European professional players infected with the new crown virus.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the 22-year-old from Italys pianese, who is also a former Juventus youth player, has been admitted after being tested positive in the new crown virus test paper, and pianese cancelled training today.

On February 22, Udo followed the team to the away match. On the day of the match, he didnt enter the field for training after suffering from flu and fever. After lunch with his teammates, he went back home and isolated himself. In the next few days, he had a high fever, which he didnt stop until he was finally diagnosed. It is reported that he may have been infected when he took the train to visit his parents in Emilia.

However, according to Tuttosport, the player is now in good condition with his fever abated. The team decided to cancel the training course for the sake of prudence and is waiting for instructions from the Italian Institute of health.

It is reported that his other teammates in pianese took part in the Italian football match with Juventus U23 the next day (February 23), and finally lost 0-1. At present, Udo teammates and Juventus U23 players do not have any physical discomfort.

However, due to the incubation period of the virus, Juventus U23 players are in the same training base with the first team. Sometimes when the first team is short of manpower (injury suspension, suspension), they will also find U23 players to accompany them. Therefore, the Juventus high-level also expressed concern about this matter to avoid affecting the first team.

In German football, the 1860 club in Munich has banned the handshake of its staff, including players, in order to prevent the possible infection of the epidemic. Manager gerna hopes that the handshake between the two teams before the match can also be stopped.

But the Bundesliga is still going on normally, but the health department is paying close attention to the development of the epidemic. It is not excluded that there will be no spectators in the following competitions. In addition, after the diagnosis of a couple in Heinsberg, the local low-level league match has been cancelled this weekend.

Why is the outbreak serious in Iran when the vice president is confirmed?

Iranian women and vice president of family affairs Masumi ibtkar were diagnosed with the new coronavirus Tuesday. In addition, many government officials in Iran have been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus.

The first death of a new crown in football

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, 23, was diagnosed by Sheikh, a member of the five member Iran national team, who died 10 days ago, according to Rokna reports from Iran media.