Anti epidemic materials for Air China to Frankfurt will be transported back from Europe

 Anti epidemic materials for Air China to Frankfurt will be transported back from Europe

In the early morning of that day, 32 passengers took Air China Airbus A330 to Frankfurt. This is Air Chinas second international route from Chengdu after resuming its Chengdu Singapore flight on February 7. According to statistics, in the first three flights, about 70% of the connecting passengers take flights from other places to Chengdu, mainly from East China and South China, showing the strong radiation attraction of Chengdu Frankfurt international direct flight.

The supporting role of air routes in the international freight market is also very obvious. In the preparation stage of resuming flight, southwest base of China Cargo Airlines, as the belly cabin marketing unit of the flight, actively contacted local foreign-funded electronic production enterprises to solve the bottleneck problem of air transport logistics between Chengdu and Europe. Meanwhile, it coordinated with bases in East China and South China to organize a large number of heavy goods from Shenzhen, Fuzhou, Ningbo, Qingdao and other places to transfer to Chengdu. The first flight in Frankfurt will deliver about 8 tons of made in Chengdu electronic products with 17 local cargoes and 9 tons of European cargoes via Chengdu, effectively meeting the logistics and transportation time limit demand of made in China international supply chain.

At the same time, taking advantage of the European aviation hub of Frankfurt Airport, the return flight will transport 5000 pieces of protective clothing purchased by West China Hospital in Switzerland, as well as 3500 pieces of masks and protective clothing donated by the peoples Hospital of Sichuan Province and organized by Munich, Germany, as well as all kinds of urgently needed anti epidemic materials collected in Frankfurt by land transportation from Italy, Belgium and other places.

Air China Chengdu Frankfurt resuming flight No. is ca431 / 432, which is put into Airbus A330-200 long-distance main aircraft by Southwest Branch of Air China, with two flights every Tuesday and Friday. The specific flight time is to take off from Shuangliu International Airport at 1:45 Beijing time, and arrive in Frankfurt at 5:40 local time on the same day; the return flight is to take off from Frankfurt at 13:45 local time, and arrive in Chengdu at 6:55 Beijing time on the next day. At the same time, it provides great convenience for passengers to connect in Chengdu hub.

It is reported that AVIC group, in combination with the market situation and in view of the demand of tourist sources in various cities returning to work, has focused on increasing the flight investment from the west of China to South China, East China and the north to West routes. As of February 26, AVIC group has increased and resumed 1435 flights, with an average of 130 flights per day. It has arranged 6 flights to resume production and work, carrying more than 530 passengers.