Abe asked Japans primary and secondary schools to suspend classes from March 2, Kyoto announced it would not listen

 Abe asked Japans primary and secondary schools to suspend classes from March 2, Kyoto announced it would not listen

In response to Prime Minister Shinzo Abes request to suspend primary and secondary schools nationwide from March 2, the education committees of Kyoto government, Shiga county and Jingdu City intensified their research on the response plan on the evening of March 27, the Kyoto News reported Thursday.

The Education Committee of Kyoto government convened an emergency meeting of cadres. At the meeting, it was decided that the mid-term selection of the entrance examination for senior high school, which is scheduled to be held on March 6, will continue on the premise that the epidemic situation in Kyoto government has not changed much. The graduation ceremony of three schools in Fuli middle school will be shortened.

Im surprised to be honest about Abes sudden statement, said yukzo Hashimoto, an educator at the Kyoto Education Committee. We will find the best solution based on the requirements of the government and considering the impact on students and school operation.

In addition, the Beijing metropolitan Education Commission and the members of the presidents meeting held consultations and decided to continue normal classes in all schools in the city on March 2. They are discussing the decision after March 3.

Every school should investigate the residence of each student, ensure their safety and confirm their family status, said Tian Zhengxiu, an official from the Beijing metropolitan Education Commission. It will take some time to deal with these problems.

Education Committee of Kyoto government

Zihe County Education Committee also held an emergency meeting to confirm that the graduation ceremony in March and the high school entrance examination will be carried out as planned. Aiming at the graduation ceremony of county high school, all schools are required to reduce the number of guests and students attending the ceremony and shorten the time of the ceremony.

We will seriously accept the requirements of the state, and we will put the safety of children first, and then make decisions, said Fu yongzhongke, the education director of Zihe County Education Commission