How fierce is the Italian epidemic when 250 cases of masks are confirmed to rise 100 times in price in one day?

 How fierce is the Italian epidemic when 250 cases of masks are confirmed to rise 100 times in price in one day?

An empty table and chair beside the road in Milan, Italy, on February 26. Photo source: Ma scolo, Xinhua News Agency

As the epidemic continues to spread, peoples emotions gradually fall into a state of panic. At this time, the price of masks and other protective equipment has skyrocketed.

650 confirmed cases in Italy

In novel coronavirus pneumonia, Borrelli, director of the Civil Defense Department of Italy, said in a regular epidemic bulletin on the evening of 27 local time that as of 18 oclock in the day (1 hours in Beijing time 28), the country confirmed 650 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, and 250 cases increased in 24 hours. 17 of them died and 45 were cured.

Borrelli pointed out that the latest three deaths were all from Lombardy, the region with the most severe epidemic. The dead were all over 80 years old, but the region also had the most cured patients, 40 in total.

February 21 is the time node of the outbreak in Italy. Only 3 cases were confirmed before, but the situation turned sharply in just a few days. There were more than 100 cases and 200 cases in a row. The situation is worrying.

The joint expert group led by who arrived in Italy on February 24 to assist the Italian government in the prevention and control of the epidemic.

Who said that since February 21, the number of confirmed cases reported in Italy has increased rapidly, indicating that the epidemic in northern Italy has formed a transmission chain and community-based transmission.

About 70% of the confirmed patients in Lombardy and Veneto regions in northern Italy are male and 30% are female. The majority of people who are affected by the virus are the elderly and those who have previously been in poor health.

Lombardy is the richest region in Italy. Its capital is Milan, the financial center of Italy. Its per capita GDP ranks first in Europe. Venetos capital is Venice. The two outbreaks have made the whole country tense. 11 towns in the north have taken measures to close the city and isolate it, affecting about 50000 people.

According to Xinhua, Milan Cathedral, Milans most famous landmark, has been partially closed. The ongoing Milan Fashion Week has also been affected. On February 23, Armani held a show without audience. Many companies, including the worlds third largest insurance company, Zhongli insurance, Armani, etc., require employees to work from home. An unsuccessful IBM employee told the New York Times that if Milan stops, all Italy will stop.

On February 26, people were in front of the partially closed Milan Cathedral. Photo source: Ma scolo, Xinhua News Agency

Venice has called an emergency halt to carnival celebrations. Mission impossible 7, which is being filmed in Venice, has just announced the suspension of Italian filming, and the crew will go to other shooting places. However, Tom Cruise himself has not been to Italy.

Carnival in Venice brings 2 billion euros of turnover to Venices hotel industry every year, accounting for 40% of our annual turnover. Its not the revenue of other related industries, its not so good in 2020, said the local Hotel Association

The price of masks is rising, and the inventory is in a hurry

According to the global times, as the number of confirmed cases in the news continues to rise, Italys various medical and life necessities have become in short supply. Many supermarkets in Milan have been robbed of alcohol and disinfectant, which can be used for sterilization. In some areas, even vegetables, meat, eggs and milk have been robbed.

But in the streets of the capital Rome, there are still few people wearing masks. A video media in Milan recently picked Italians on the street. Most of them said dont care, dont be afraid and dont wear masks. Its very sad.

According to the first financial report, a number of European people in Milan, Paris and Berlin revealed that there are indeed some differences between Europe and East Asia on the view of wearing masks to prevent infectious diseases. The problem is that I am not ill. Why should I wear a mask? The environment is safe and I am healthy. What is the meaning of wearing masks?

As the epidemic spread, the European Union health ministry, including Italy, also appealed to the public: people without disease do not need to wear masks, only patients wear masks. At a press conference on the 27th, Italian Minister of health seperanza also reiterated the reference.

However, as the disease gradually spread in Italy and throughout Europe, the attitude of European people towards masks has begun to change: people gradually realize that wearing masks is an effective prevention and control measure.

People wear masks to travel in Milan, Italy, on February 26. Photo source: Ma scolo, Xinhua News Agency

The Italian government has begun to investigate the skyrocketing price of products such as health masks and disinfectants, according to overseas Internet aid Reuters.

The online price of masks has grown from 10 cents to 10 euros (76.2 yuan), said Tiziana siciliano, Deputy Prosecutor of Milan. The price of a bottle of disinfectant with a volume of one liter last week was 7 euros, and yesterday it was 39 euros.

Who warning: now outside China is the biggest concern

Mr. tandesay said it would be a fatal mistake for any country to believe that it will not be affected by the new outbreak. The virus has no borders.

He also expressed concern about the increase of new crown cases outside China. Brazil, Georgia, Greece, northern Macedonia, Norway, Pakistan and Romania reported their first case of 2019 coronavirus disease in the past day, he said.

Tandesay said the outbreaks in Iran, Italy and South Korea are at a decisive moment and that the outbreaks in those three countries demonstrate the viruss capabilities.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is currently at risk in some 30-40 countries around the world, according to who assessment. Who has sent virus detection tools to 57 countries and trained health workers online.

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