Secrets of star fund: Jet Li, Yuchun Li and others have had trust crisis

 Secrets of star fund: Jet Li, Yuchun Li and others have had trust crisis

In the special period of war epidemic, star fund actively participates in public welfare action, which has become the focus of public attention.

The daily economic news reporter noted that in addition to the foundation, there are also public service spokesmen and special funds for stars to participate in the public welfare. At present, the participation of young stars is getting higher and higher. According to the statistics of the center network of the foundation, as of October 14, 2019, 19 Star special funds, including Yang Yang and tfboys, have been launched in China. What are their characteristics? What has changed in the past 20 years? Why are star funds in dispute? Where is the future of star fund?

In recent years, stars are more and more keen on public welfare activities. The picture shows Prince Yi, Gina Alice, Lu Jingshan, Guan Zhilin, Shu Qi, Yang Ying, Ni Ni, Lei Jiayin, etc. participating in the Star Charity Night activity of 2019bazaar on November 16, 2019. Photo source: visual China

Li Lianjie, Li Yuchun, Li Yapeng, etc

Trust crisis in many star funds

We should treat the reported incidents of Hanhong foundation dialectically. Article 20 of the measures for information disclosure of charitable organizations stipulates that individuals have the right to complain and report to the civil affairs department. According to the investigation results of the civil affairs department at present, although the overall operation of Hanhong foundation has been standardized since its establishment, there are still some investment matters that are not publicized in time, and they are publicized before they obtain the qualification of public fundraising The question of fundraising. Zhang Qihuai, a well-known lawyer, partner and director of Beijing Lanpeng law firm, told reporters.

As of February 26, Hanhong Charity Foundation has distributed 34 batches of materials to Wuhan and surrounding cities. Source: Hanhong Charity Foundation official wechat

The daily economic news reporter noted that every time social forces are needed to participate in the rescue, there are active figures of star fund, but accompanied by the doubt and controversy of star fund.

In 2010, the corn love fund was suspected of fraud by netizens. The incident subsided after Wang Rupeng, Secretary General of the Red Cross Foundation of China, clarified.

In 2012, Zhou Xiaoyun, an Internet source, questioned one foundation, believing that 20 million of Wenchuans charitable funds will be used by one foundation of Beijing Normal University in 2010, which was deliberately concealed in the work report. Since then, in 2014, because there was a big difference between the funds raised and the funds appropriated by one foundation in the Yaan earthquake, it was questioned that Jet Li embezzled 300 million yuan.

In January 2014, Zhou Xiaofu also targeted Yanran angel fund, saying that the cost of Yanran Angel Funds donation for treatment was nearly 20 times higher than that of similar public organizations, and that at least 70 million donations were missing. To this end, he applied to Chaoyang District Health Bureau and Chaoyang District Civil Affairs Bureau for opening the capital verification report of Beijing Yanran Angel childrens Hospital, the actual source of registered capital, and the acceptance of overseas capital report. In February 2014, Zhou Xiaofu once again disclosed that the donation of 55 million yuan from Yan Ran Angel Fund disappeared, and accused Li Yapeng of using Yan Ran angel fund to make a fraudulent donation of 1 million yuan and embezzle 55 million yuan. In addition, he also questioned that four of the eight designated hospitals of Yanran fund are private beauty and plastic surgery hospitals, and the Yanran hospital, which has invested 53.22 million yuan to build, has also become the private property of four natural persons such as Li Yapeng.

According to the official website, Yanran Angel Fund was founded on November 21, 2006, initiated by Li Yapeng and Wang Fei. It is a public welfare organization providing services and support for children with birth defects and families with cleft lip and palate. Photo source: screenshot of Yanran Angel Funds official website

Although Yan Ran Angel Fund was finally proved innocent, Li Yapeng once said publicly that Yan Ran Angel Fund had been audited six times by the audit department after being questioned for 18 months. The losses caused during this period have been irreparable.

The rise of post-90s star fund

Fan economy changes public welfare ecology

In recent years, more and more young stars such as tfboys, Yang Yang and Wu Xuanyi have also participated in various public welfare activities, and they are becoming an important force in Chinas public welfare undertakings.

In fact, the greatest value of Star Charity lies not in how much money they donate, but in how many people they influence to understand and participate in charity, in their positive advocacy of charity culture and volunteerism, as well as in their efforts to invest in charity activities and social innovation and make a demonstration for the world. Xu Yongguang, the founder of Chinas charity industry, thinks.

In February 2, 2020, during novel coronavirus pneumonia, Huang Xiaoming donated a dryer to Jiangxi aid Han medical team.

Generally speaking, the ways in which stars participate in public welfare include public welfare endorsement, charity donation, foundation and special fund. Among them, the foundation refers to a non-profit legal person established in accordance with the provisions of relevant regulations for the purpose of engaging in public welfare undertakings by using the property donated by natural persons, legal persons or other organizations. The special fund refers to the fund set up under the foundation for specific purposes.

According to the statistics of the center network of the foundation, as of October 14, 2019, there are about 19 special funds independently or jointly sponsored by stars in China, which are: the special fund of the angel of the court, the mutual aid program for children, the love fund of Huang Xiaoming for tomorrow, the special fund of poverty alleviation and health action - Sun Nan u00b7 reshape the future, the corn love fund of Li Yuchun, the sports charity fund of Yidong Huang Xiaomings Ankang childrens home special fund, Wang Yuans source public welfare special fund, Yang Yangs sunshine special fund, national love fund, Hui fund, Zhang jiebeis douxingkong love fund, V love leukemia special fund, Pu Cunxin love fund, Wu Xuanyi Yiyuan public welfare special fund, yisuqianxi love fund, Weihong high end education fund, Haipai Qingkou public welfare special fund One belt, one road ecological restoration Luo Yunxi fund special and Huan Blue Dream Fund.

Among the 19 Star special funds mentioned above, the earliest one can be traced back to 2001. It is the Pu Cunxin love public welfare fund established by Star Pu Cunxin in China Youth Development Foundation, which is mainly used to help poor AIDS families and childrens education in poor areas. One belt, one road, one that has special features, is not only a cross life sports and literary and art circles, but also a life rescue and assistance program for vulnerable groups, which helps children in disaster areas to improve their learning and living environment, and grow safely and healthily. Protection of endangered animals, etc.

When combing the above-mentioned Star special funds, the reporter found that the number in recent years showed an explosive trend. The establishment time of nine star special funds, including Yang Yang, tfboys and Wu Xuanyi, was after 2017, and the age distribution of stars was increasingly younger when the special funds were established. According to the data of the center network of the foundation, the average age of establishing a special fund for stars born in 1950-1960 is 44.6 years old; for stars born in 1970-1990, the average age of establishing a special fund is 33.4 years old; for stars born after 1990, the average age of establishing a special fund has been reduced to 21.2 years old.

In addition, the post-90s and post-00s choice of cooperative foundations has gradually shifted from government-run to private-owned; and they are more inclined to disclose special fund information on platforms with higher timeliness and interaction, such as microblog, in terms of publicity and distribution channels. For example, since the foundation opened the donation channel on December 1, 2017, every month, its fans donation details are published on its official microblog. According to statistics, by the end of 2019, the foundation had raised 4.7677 million yuan in 25 months.

Young stars in the performing arts circle pay more and more attention to charity, which can also be reflected in the annual China Charity celebrity list. It is reported that the list covers actors, singers, directors and so on. Up to now, it has been published six times in a row, with 115 people on the list, including 50 men accounting for 42.4%, and the rest are women and couples. The celebrities on the list show a trend of youth: the number of Post-70s is decreasing year by year, and the post-90s are rising strongly. In the latest 2018 list, the proportion of post-90s is as high as 37.1%, which is the same as that of Post-70s.

Photo source: Foundation Center Network

We should encourage stars to become public welfare funds in accordance with the law. After all, Star public welfare foundations with fans are easier to get donations, and can do public welfare projects with greater energy, benefiting more people who really need help. Chen Jun, director of Beijing Anbo (Chengdu) law firm, said at the time of accepting the reporter of the daily economic news (wechat: nbdnews). At the same time, he also stressed that (stars) must register in accordance with the charity law of the peoples Republic of China, carry out business activities, and obtain the qualification of public fundraising in accordance with the law before public fundraising.

In Zhang Qihuais view, stars, as public figures, use their influence and popularity to be enthusiastic about charity, which is good for the society, conducive to the allocation of resources and rapid response to public health emergencies.

On February 9, 2020, the negative pressure ambulance donated by Huang Xiaoming and his wife was delivered to Wuhan huoshenshan hospital 120. Photo source: provided by the interviewee

However, the problems of star funds are also exposed: these flat structures pose a great challenge to the integration and query of financial and other important information. At the same time, the projects of Star special fund have been homogenized seriously, and nearly nine Chengdus activities focus on medical treatment, education and disaster relief.

Avoiding trust crisis

The key is to be supervised

The huge number of fans of stars has virtually increased the number of people directly involved in public welfare. At the same time, fans also have a strong communication and resource integration power, which is conducive to the secondary communication of public welfare projects. But its not easy for stars to do well in foundations. They need a complete organizational structure and management team of non-profit companies.

As the focus of public attention, the public welfare action of stars is constantly under the supervision of public opinion. If the foundation has problems in information disclosure, organization and operation, the star and the foundation will fall into a crisis of trust. So, how can star fund avoid the pit of trust crisis?

On February 20, the Beijing Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau reported the results of the investigation that since its establishment, Hanhong foundation has generally operated in a standardized way, but it has also found that some investment matters are not disclosed in time, and there are public fundraising behaviors before it has obtained the qualification of public fundraising. Han Hong foundation expressed full agreement with the opinions of Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau. Photo source: Official wechat of Hanhong Charity Foundation

To this end, Zhang Qihuai believes that if star fund wants to raise money publicly, it should first obtain corresponding qualifications and carry out fund-raising activities in accordance with laws and regulations. Secondly, the star fund should ensure that the source of property is legal and that the special funds are used for their own purposes. The purpose of the raised funds should not be changed without authorization, and the charitable funds or materials should be used for specific public welfare projects in a timely manner..

As a foundation that absorbs love donations, it should strive to use the funds of the donors for its explicit charity projects, especially in the event of public health emergencies and other emergencies in society, timely and effectively give the materials to the people or units in need, so as to make love play its role to the maximum extent. Zhang Qihuai said.

However, in order not to be questioned, the most important thing is to actively fulfill the obligation of information disclosure and accept the supervision of all sectors of society. In novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Han Hong foundation has received much praise. One of the reasons is that Hanhong foundation regularly updates the progress of the project every day, with detailed description of the type, quantity, arrival, receiving unit, etc. Such openness and transparency can gain public trust. Some netizens even said: do public welfare, I only believe in Han Hong.

Image source: video screenshot

In addition, Zhang Qihuai also analyzes the trust crisis that star fund may encounter and how to avoid it from many angles.

As far as star individuals are concerned, it should be strictly forbidden to carry out connected transactions with the foundation. The foundation should be established for the purpose of engaging in public welfare activities, and stars, as public figures, should abide by the law, not to engage in other acts in the name of public welfare or let the foundation deviate from the track of public welfare..

From the social perspective, Zhang Qihuai believes that law enforcement departments should strengthen supervision and law enforcement, and complete the openness and transparency of the foundations finance as soon as possible. Zhang Qihuai said that the development of the Internet makes people get information faster and more convenient. We should make full use of the network platform, encourage network users to report the real names of the foundation in question, and investigate and deal with the individuals or foundations in violation of laws and regulations after verification.

At present, compared with foreign countries, the development of charity in China is not mature. Therefore, on the premise of giving full play to the leading role of the Red Cross, we should encourage the folk charitable foundation. The government should formulate more perfect preferential tax incentive policies as soon as possible, so that more people can join in the ranks of public welfare undertakings, especially encourage successful entrepreneurs, performance stars and other groups to set up non-public foundations. On the premise of releasing policy incentives to foundations, coordinate the proportion of different types of foundations and expand the ranks of private foundations.

However, Zhang Qihuai believes that as far as the industry itself is concerned, only by strengthening the self-discipline of the public welfare foundation industry and formulating and improving industry standards, can star foundation be guided to a more standardized path

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