Real estate sellers come to the world of live broadcasting: playing nunchaku and painting Dior 999

 Real estate sellers come to the world of live broadcasting: playing nunchaku and painting Dior 999

All platforms are also seizing the harvest of this wave of traffic. It took only 5 days from project initiation to online, and it is open to the whole industry for free.

When most people still hand in the blank papers, some people make arrangements ahead of time and make their performance the fourth in China and the first in Zhengzhou by virtue of live streaming.

Although still on the sidelines, the top 100 real estate companies are all involved. After all, in some projects, the online cost is only 1 / 10 of the offline cost, so there is no harm in water test.

However, as far as the current real estate live broadcast is concerned, the function of transaction link is still a big lack, and most of the live broadcast rooms are still led into wechat platform.

In the post epidemic era, where sales targets are not lowered, everything is just beginning.

Photo source: wechat screenshot of live sale information

Weiya is also selling live

On February 18, Taobao economic warm news first disclosed its live record of selling houses on the platform. Since February, more than 5000 real estate consultants from more than 500 real estate institutions across the country have been selling houses on Taobao live broadcasting platform cloud. Two million people are interested in cloud watching houses but do not buy them. At present, Beijing, Jiangsu and Shandong are the top three provinces that open Taobao live cloud selling houses.

Photo source: Taobao economic warm news on February 18

In fact, as early as December last year, the first host of Taobao, Weiya, had already tried to sell houses live.

The reporter of daily economic news searched this live video in station B, but what Weiya sold for the first time was only apartments in Jinan and Chengdu. According to her own introduction, it is the house of a big developer which is cheaper than the price of all developers and agents. At that time, the number of online viewers and fans has exceeded 10 million, which is a data that will amaze all developers and agent anchors. After all, in todays situation, online traffic has become the assessment indicator for some agents.

After counting the seeds of a strawberry, bake the whole camel at one time Wang Hong, who attracts peoples attention by making amazing moves, is one type, while Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi, who are gifted with different talents, are the other. The recent hot real estate anchor, then both.

Weiya live selling

Nunchakus play

The reporter of daily economic news watched several live broadcasts in the past few days, and was quite impressed by one of them: in order to activate the atmosphere, an agent played a nunchaku in the middle of the broadcast. At that time, there was a crowd of onlookers shouting: in the face of such sales, buyers should consider going to the sales department to safeguard their rights in the later period, and whether they will be beaten up.

Notice that the name of the online nunchaku anchor is Li Xiaolong on the left bank, and the project in his hand is Fuzhou left bank park, with an average price of 365 yuan / m2.

Photo source: Live screenshot of fangtianxia platform

From offline to online, in order to attract customers, its not easy to make a good-looking live broadcast traffic data for leaders to exchange, and its not easy for agents who incarnate as anchors. Compared with selling clothes, cosmetics and snacks, its obviously too difficult to sell a house with millions or even tens of millions of people. Its a busy hour or two, tens of thousands of people are watching, but none of them are interested in customers. Hand in the white paper is the normal way of selling houses live.

Zhao Ximeis first live broadcast almost overturned. For example, in the beginning, the camera location was not aimed at the person, chatting more about the development of the real estate market under the epidemic, so that the team leader and colleagues of the off camera live broadcast team directly left a message to remind her to talk more about the content of Vanke property services.

The focus of the crowd was also very interesting. Some said that Vanke dolls were good-looking, some asked the anchor about the red number, and some asked her to drink more water to moisten her voice. However, only 902 people watched Zhaos first live broadcast. Since then, the data has increased significantly, with a live broadcast labeled Vanke Real Estate Consultant teaches you to buy a good house, and the number of viewers reached 34087.

These just started agents are still exploring the most suitable live broadcast mode.

Jitter network red: live by tiktok, fourth in Zhengzhou, first in the country

In fact, before the industry has generally paid attention to live broadcasting, some brokers have begun to explore live selling, and some have grown into big v.

Liu Guangqiang is a real estate store in Zhengzhou in twenty-first Century. He has been broadcasting live in the shaking platform since April 2019, and now has tiktok 100 thousand fans.

At the beginning, I saw other peoples live tapes. I thought that since I can sell lipstick, why cant I sell my house? I started to try. He named his studio Qiang Ge Shuo Fang and started broadcasting for two hours at 9 p.m. every night.

Its too fast for everyone to ask questions. Ill just open my mouth. Liu Guangqiang could not help joking when facing the questions from the audience in the live broadcast room. During the outbreak, Liu Guangqiang clearly felt that the number of visitors to his studio had increased significantly.

After such a long live broadcast, my fans think Im credible and dare to tell the truth. Liu Guangqiang said, you cant just choose beautiful and pleasant words. People come to you with professional advice.

Liu Guangqiang has numerous real estate projects in Zhengzhou. Some fans let him recommend them. He can name dozens of names in one breath.

He has a clear positioning for his target customers: I only do Zhengzhou area. The people who come to see me live are those who have a clear intention to buy a house. Although my traffic is not particularly large, but the introduction of performance is particularly high. A lot of real estate anchors have a lot of traffic, but they say it all over the world, which really doesnt help their performance very much.

But in the beginning, Liu Guangqiangs studio was empty. Sometimes he would lie on the table and sleep. Later, some old audiences brought new audiences, and gradually became popular. Now if I dont have a live broadcast one day, my fans will even call me to ask. Many institutions in Zhengzhou will also invite me to give lectures on real estate investment.

The live studio has become Liu Guangqiangs most effective way to develop customers. During the live broadcast, Liu Guangqiang told fans to add his personal wechat or call him for consultation: I have a lot of properties here. As long as Liu Guangqiang goes with you, he will reduce another percentage point on the basis of all the discounts.

One night I recommended Zhengzhou eternal ideal world in the live broadcast room. The next day, some fans gave me a 5000 yuan intention money. I went to help him to the sales building to book a house, and then he flew from Xinjiang to Zhengzhou to buy a house.

Real estate companies: 999 of the hosts Dior and 1 / 10 of the offline cost

The reporter of daily economic news obtained the live report of a real estate enterprise.

At 8:00 p.m. on January 31, 108854 people watched the live broadcast of poly and guangchenyue project, 324 messages interacted, 36 people received 10000 yuan coupons backstage, 16 people added wechat of real estate consultant.

At 8:00 p.m. on February 1, 81333 people watched the live broadcast of poly Tianyu project, 384 messages interacted, 75 people received 10000 yuan coupons backstage, and 8 people added wechat of real estate consultant. Most importantly, on that day, the company closed a set of 188 square meters of flat floor through live broadcast, with a total amount of 2.84 million yuan.

The reporter learned that the marketing department had made a very detailed preparation for the live broadcast, and also marked everyones responsibilities and tasks, ranging from basic project information, live broadcast scripts, to the red number of the anchor mouth, funny stories, as well as experience reference samples for other developers such as country garden and golden land.

Photo source: live broadcast summary report of a head real estate enterprise

The description of the anchors makeup is very interesting, like the words of the Red Net: the earth color eye shadow make-up makes people feel comfortable, the eyeliner is not too strong, the mascara is light, no need for false eyelashes, and choose the red mouths which are suitable for you, such as Dior 999.

Take a look at the live broadcast materials required by the regional company of this real estate enterprise, and even specify the specific brand and price: rtako mobile phone live broadcast bracket self shooting with fill light floor type (four machines, price 128 yuan), Zhiyun soomth4 mobile phone stabilizer shake proof handheld cloud platform vlog shooting live cloud platform bracket (699 yuan).

In this special stage, we should continue to innovate new marketing means suitable for the present, multi-dimensional cooperation, strong promotion, and take the initiative to guarantee the achievement of performance in the first half of 2020.

This may be a big plan for all the real estate marketing departments.

So in some projects, the online cost is only 1 / 10 of the offline cost.

As the user of the platform, Longhu group also provided a group of data to reporters - seven projects on sale in Longhu, Jinan will have at least two live activities every day, with a single online population of 20000; the highest single viewing volume of Chengdu Longhu in the platform room world is about 30000.

Our sales office will have a live broadcast at 4:00 p.m. every day, half an hour at a time, a salesman of the Yajule project in Zhengzhou told reporters

According to tiktok, their main live platform is tiktok and jitter, and the jitter is free. He said that only a small part of his colleagues participated in the live broadcast. At present, he works at home and gets customers by phone. Now he only pays 70% of his basic salary.

Full access to the platform: from 0 to the product launch within 5 days, free of charge

According to the reporters observation, the housing world, Lok Ju, Phoenix, tiktok and other platforms are all on-line live programs, with a single project consultant in the form of the form.

Leju app download tips, todays headline open screen advertising, a bit of information live feature

Liu ran, vice president of Leju holdings, told the daily economic news: based on our experience and the live broadcast effect reflected in the epidemic, it is not impossible to sell houses online.

The top 100 real estate enterprises in China and projects that meet the pre-sale conditions have basically participated in the live broadcast. Phoenix real estate executive vice president Song Zeyuan told reporters.

Some platforms that didnt carry out the business before also quickly spread live selling in the near future.

It took about 5 days from the project initiation to the official launch.

A few days before New Years Eve, when the news of Wuhans closure came out, we predicted that all kinds of public scenes of offline traffic gathering would be impacted. For the real estate industry, first of all, it must be the sales office and model room, and the demand for online house selection and house watching must be concentrated.

In addition to launching an online house selection platform that allows real estate consultants and buyers to use it efficiently, we have rapidly upgraded our wind live products and customized an interactive live broadcast module for accurate house sales. Song Zeyuan said.

Live selling is a long-standing way in the industry.

Dong Shihang, vice president of fangtianxia, introduced to the reporter of daily economic news: fangtianxia launched live broadcast products in 2018, which were mainly for internal use at that time. In February 2019, fangtianxia officially launched live broadcast products to customers, and then upgraded products on a large scale every month.

For us, the live broadcast system is not a one-off project, but a product that is growing and evolving. At present, there are two modes of cooperation in real estate live broadcasting: enterprise live broadcasting and individual live broadcasting. Since 2020, more than 100000 real estate consultants in the new housing market have become the anchor of real estate world, covering more than 95% of real estate enterprises in the market, Dong said

Photo source: live broadcast interface of fangtianxia platform

According to Liu ran, Leju launched its live broadcasting system in 2017, and the epidemic pushed the live broadcasting platform to a new important position. Leju began to deploy network sales offices on the second day of the lunar new year, and launched three versions of products within 48 hours.

We also cooperate with Taobao live, which will bring us a lot of traffic. Liu ran said, many real estate consultants have no experience in live broadcasting. Our staff will work with them to design scripts, organize interactions, and plan different live themes.

During this period, Leju has about 300 live broadcasts every day, with more than 5000 real estate consultants and more than 100 cooperative real estate brands. At present, the live broadcast business of Leju is a value-added service included in the advertising fee of the real estate, and there is no additional charge.

Song Zeyuan said: as of February 19, there were 2201 online shows in Phoenix, of which 389 were live broadcast online in a single day on February 17; the total exposure was 68 million times (total viewing times), and nearly 17 million people watched online. At present, the real estate live broadcast system of Phoenix network is open to the whole industry for free.

He said: the source of live house purchase comes from a high degree of trust in the host

For most buyers, it will take some time to accept live broadcast.

When Li Sheng was contacted by the reporter of daily economic news, he had just watched a live broadcast of Changan Yunjin of Beijing Zhonghai Shougang.

Its a good way. Ive heard about this project before, but I always think its not practical to buy such a big thing through a live broadcast. I have to go to the scene to have a look. After watching the live broadcast, I had a more detailed understanding of the overall situation of the project and the sample room, and also added wechat with the real estate consultant. After the epidemic, I will go to the scene to have a look. Li Sheng told reporters.

Li Sheng, who worked in Beijing for five years, decided to buy a house at the end of last year, but an epidemic upset all his plans. Usually, I am busy with my work, so I can go to see the house on weekends. Before the epidemic, I went to the sales office to see three projects on site. Now it seems that the first half of this year will be good.

Im sure I wont make a deal in this way for a house with a size of several million yuan. Watching the live broadcast and learning about the project is similar to the situation of real estate consultant projects in normal times, Li said

But there are also some people, for live selling this form of recognition, all from the high trust of the host.

Shen Rui, from Xinyang, Henan Province, stayed in Xinjiang to work after graduation, but he hopes to return to Zhengzhou, the capital of Henan Province, for development.

I want to buy a small house for myself first. A friend from Zhengzhou recommended Liu Guangqiangs live studio to me, so I can understand the situation first. After listening to it several times, I found that he really knows Zhengzhou market. In the live interaction, everyones reaction to the real estate recommended by him is also very good. I feel that he is quite credible. Shen Rui told reporters.

According to Shen Rui, in a live broadcast, Liu Guangqiang recommended the commercial and residential project of Zhengzhou eternal ideal world, 30 square meters, with a unit price of more than 10000 yuan. He decided to buy it without hesitation for a long time.

The next day, I called Liu Guangqiang and asked him to order a set for me. At the same time, I transferred a deposit of 5000 yuan to him. He went back and forth to help me go through a lot of formalities, and I flew back to Zhengzhou from Xinjiang when I finally signed the contract. It can be said that without Liu Guangqiangs recommendation, I would not have made up my mind to buy it so quickly.

Offline Transformation: highly dependent on wechat import transaction

To make a deal online, sometimes luck is in the majority. According to the reporter, a Anhui Maanshan tiktok garden S9 Zijin manor project consultant in the live voice for 3 days, successfully sold a set of total price of about 750 thousand yuan of housing. The truth behind this is that this customer actually paid attention to this project in 2018, but there was no capital turnover at that time. During the Spring Festival, customers occasionally see the live broadcast and participate in the interaction, and finally achieve a deal.

The head of a project in Shekou, China Merchants, told the daily economic news: at present, we still regard online live broadcast as a means of storing customers. Im afraid that we need to go offline to make a deal. However, we are also improving the function of online payment intent payment.

The reporter noted that these online live broadcasts were finally introduced into wechat platforms. During the live broadcast, the anchors show their QR codes of individuals or project groups, which can quickly gather tens of hundreds of potential customers. Once in the group, we will see a number of behind the scenes anchor release information together, such as more detailed project pictures, prices, and the preferential measures that can be enjoyed by paying the deposit during the live broadcast, etc.

Longhu told reporters: at present, our online live broadcast is also to add customers wechat, or set up wechat group to reach a deal. At present, the live broadcast business has just begun in various places, and there is no training for sales personnel, nor has the assessment indicators been set in this regard.

The first phase of the project has been sold out, but we will broadcast it live and promote the project online. Its hard to say the direct conversion rate, Wang Xiaolan, a sales person of Longhu Yunzhu, the first Chengdu development company, told reporters

In the above live broadcast results report of real estate enterprises, the description of props preparation is as follows: Whiteboard, ktboard, iPad, house type map and other sales props. During the live broadcast process, preferential houses can be displayed, preferential house types can be displayed, and wechat can be used to obtain gifts. In addition, there is an important sentence: project name, host name and telephone (wechat / QR code) need to be exposed all the time in the background to increase the probability of customer scanning plus wechat.

Its just beginning

On the issue of live selling, the reporter of daily economic news interviewed marketing executives of several real estate enterprises, but most of them said that live selling is still a new thing, and it is too early to talk about its effect and influence.

As an expert in the real estate field, Yan Yuejin, research director of the think tank center of Yiju Research Institute, was invited by a real estate enterprise to participate in a live broadcast recently. He confessed to reporters: I feel that the developers who invited me didnt figure out how to do the live broadcast of real estate. Generally there are two parts, one is to introduce the real estate situation, the other is to analyze the current real estate industry. For my live broadcast effect, there is no traffic and business assessment for real estate enterprises.

Song Zeyuan, referring to his understanding of live real estate sales, said: the remarkable characteristics of real estate transactions are bulk, low frequency, localization and financialization. At the same time, the products have non-standard attributes, and the price, house type, orientation, floor, location and supporting facilities are different. All these determine the complexity of transaction cycle and transaction scenario, which is doomed to be impossible to be completed by a single means and tool.

Live selling is essentially an upgrade of online house watching and house selecting tools, but in a larger sense, the rapid popularization and promotion of live broadcasting tools in the context of the epidemic will stimulate and accelerate the overall upgrade of the real estate information service platform in a deeper level, and then put forward higher requirements for the application of the platform in various new technologies and functions.

For consumers, live content is established, and they may still not be able to get the information they really want to know in time, which may eventually lead to a double lose situation - consumers cannot get the information they want through live broadcast, enterprises cannot get customers or even transform through live broadcast, said Juli Xinfang. Our online sales office is committed to making up for these deficiencies.

Its not easy to be Weiya and lijiaqi in the real estate industry. Dong Shihang said, the marketing effect of participating in the live broadcast is related to several aspects, one is the anchor, the other is the product, the third is the quality of the live broadcast. The live broadcast is to market the project to the users watching the live broadcast through the anchor. In this process, whether the anchor circles the fans, whether the project has enough preferential and special price rooms to attract the buyers, whether the live broadcast content and the live broadcast rhythm are interspersed in an orderly manner, all of which are directly related to the effect Connect the hook.

Song Zeyuan believes that the challenges facing live selling are first of all product technology upgrading and iteration. Who can keep up with the changes of scene, users and communication channels when the 5g era comes, and quickly deploy applications in VR, precision big data, intelligent terminals, etc., may deserve the first chance. In addition, the combination and application of online tools, the optimization of closed-loop structure from online to offline to online, and the improvement of cost-effectiveness are all substantive issues that the whole industry cannot avoid. The superposition of capital, technology, human resources and channels will promote the real estate online information service platform to a new era.

Liu Ran also believes that there are many shortcomings in the live broadcast mode, from the unprofessional performance of the real estate consultant as the anchor, to the content, interaction and product experience, there is great room for improvement.

After all, real estate is a commodity, which needs to be displayed in many dimensions. Live broadcasting is very time consuming. How to make people willing to spend time to watch it is also a problem that has not been solved.

During the epidemic, live broadcasting must be a necessary and important way of building sales and communication. After the epidemic, the popularity will definitely decline, but it will prompt developers to rethink the new way of online communication.

Liu ran said that at present, the live broadcast of Leju is more a means and tool of a drainage link in its good house online shopping closed-loop, and will not see the transaction effect of the live broadcast independently.

Similarly, as a front-line salesperson, Wang Xiaolan is not optimistic about the use of live broadcast after the end of the epidemic: after all, real estate sales is a big deal, the current live broadcast is only an emergency measure, and it is estimated that everyone will return to the offline sales office after the end of the epidemic.

At present, the company has not lowered its sales target because of the epidemic, and the sales pressure after the epidemic is still great, said the head of the project

In the recent week, as of February 21, fantianxia has sold 625 Suites through live broadcast, with a transaction amount of 1.049 billion yuan, involving 76 brand real estate enterprises, with poly, rongchuang and country garden ranking the top three.

Reporters note: an epidemic accelerated all efforts of real estate developers before

E-commerce and mobile payment have changed our lives, and the emergence of live broadcast has brought new ways of entertainment and shopping. However, this trend that began to subvert everything a few years ago does not seem to set off waves in the real estate industry.

We seem to ignore the premise of both transactions - trust. It is said that Ma Yuns greatest contribution is to reconstruct social trust, while the pre-sale real estate also needs to give trust to the other party, and there is no reason why offline trust cannot be transplanted to the online.

Needless to say, there are still many unsatisfactory aspects in the current purchase experience, such as insufficient convenience, asymmetric information, and incomplete price transparency.

In this interview, the reporter saw the efforts of the whole industry, including front-line sales personnel, real estate enterprise managers, live broadcast platform builders, etc., who are all pushing forward this matter.

This live broadcast is only a small step. The real estate online road is still very long, and there are many problems to be solved. However, various measures taken by the industry in the face of the epidemic give us reason to believe that things will get better. After all, changes are taking place.

An epidemic accelerated all previous efforts.

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