View of the morning meeting of securities companies: Science and technology stocks can gradually absorb less if they are downsized and adjusted

 View of the morning meeting of securities companies: Science and technology stocks can gradually absorb less if they are downsized and adjusted

CITIC Securities pointed out that hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are expected to gradually generate high-purity hydrogen demand in the next 10 years. As a relatively low cost hydrogen production route that can produce large-scale hydrogen production, coal hydrogen production is expected to become the main supply of new hydrogen in the medium term. At present, there are no listed companies whose main business is coal to hydrogen, but with the expansion of demand in the future, it is expected that the industry leader of coal to hydrogen will appear. It is suggested to pay attention to the companies that are gradually laying out for coal to hydrogen production, mainly including Meijin energy, Huachang Chemical, Yangmei coal chemical, etc.

u2462 Huafu Securities: it is predicted that there is a high probability of further wide volatility in the short term, so it is recommended to continue to control positions and wait and see

Huafu Securities pointed out that on Thursday, the stock index rose slightly, and from the perspective of the market, the concept plate dominated by construction machinery, environmental protection and software services led the two cities, while the rest of the plate stocks rose and fell mutually, with obvious short-term plate style switching, active stock trading, and trading between the two cities continued to exceed trillion. From the perspective of technical analysis, the impact of the stock index rising and falling back indicates the pressure faced by the upper 3000 point integer gate. Due to the impact of large volume stagflation and the increase of long-term and short-term divergence, it is predicted that there is a high probability of continuing wide range shocks in the short term. It is suggested to continue to control positions and wait and see. With the global spread of pneumonia and increasing uncertainty, we will continue to return to fundamental investment and adhere to the principle of matching performance and valuation.

u2463 Northeast Securities: China will become the largest market of testing industry

Northeast Securities believes that with the mature development of the global testing market, China will become the largest market in the testing industry, and the Chinese market has the fertile ground to cultivate leading enterprises in the testing industry. In 2018, the market size of the global third-party testing industry may exceed 1.5 trillion yuan, a new record. With the global industrial transfer, the detection industry will have a relatively faster development in emerging economies, especially in China. The scale of Chinas testing market has increased from 49.9 billion yuan in 2008 to 281 billion yuan in 2018, with an annual compound growth rate of about 18.5%, which is far higher than the GDP growth rate. The growth of global economy and the increase of international trade activities are the direct driving force for the sustained growth of the third-party testing industry. Domestic reform continues to advance in depth, providing fertile ground for the growth of third-party testing institutions, and the next decade will still be the golden period for the development of testing industry. Continue to see more companies in the A-share tic industry, and focus on the recommendation of Huace testing, radio and television measurement and vehicle installation testing.

u2464 Zhongyuan Securities: pay close attention to investment opportunities in consumption and other industries in a short term

Zhongyuan Securities pointed out that with the gradual slowdown of overnight external market decline, investors panic has been fully released, the overall performance of the Asia Pacific market on Thursday was relatively stable, and the stock indexes of the two cities basically showed a small rebound on Thursday. The Shanghai index continued to consolidate around 3000 points throughout the day. Although the growth enterprise market rebounded, its strength has significantly weakened compared with the previous period. At present, the market divergence has begun to increase, and the electronic technology and new energy vehicle sector, which rose significantly in the early stage, show signs of high volume and stagflation. At the same time, food and beverage, wine making, engineering construction, environmental protection engineering and other sectors began to increase in turn, and the market hot spots showed signs of transfer. The Shanghai index is expected to expand its space once again after it needs to fully change hands near 3000. Investors continue to pay close attention to changes in policy, capital and external factors. It is expected that the short-term stock market of Shanghai stock index is more likely to fluctuate around 3000 points, and the short-term stock market of growth enterprise market is more likely to be slightly consolidated. It is suggested that investors should pay close attention to investment opportunities in consumption, environmental protection engineering, software services, aerospace and military industries in a short term, while the middle line suggests that investors should continue to pay attention to investment opportunities in some blue chips with undervalued blue chips.

u2465 Everbright Securities: Mid stream and high dividend sectors can be appropriately added in March

Everbright Securities pointed out that the GDP growth expectation implied by the Shanghai Composite Index valuation has been restored to 5.5%, which is basically reasonable, even slightly overestimated. Therefore, from the perspective of valuation, the general trend has basically completed a rational repair. At present, it has entered the trend extrapolation stage dominated by adaptive expectations, which proves that the balance of the two financing and the proportion of the two financing transactions in the transaction amount has reached a high level. How long can trend extrapolation last? We need to pay attention to four major risks: the risk that the data in the first quarter is not as expected; the risk of excessive loose expectation falsification; the risk of increased stagflation; the risk that the spread of the new crown epidemic abroad will lead to increased external shocks. In terms of industry allocation, small and medium-sized enterprises need to act on their own initiative and pay attention to the impact of epidemic inflection points, inflation and other factors on policy loosening. In March, they can appropriately add mid cycle and high dividend sectors.