Apple CEO: China has controlled the epidemic and remains optimistic about the return to normal

 Apple CEO: China has controlled the epidemic and remains optimistic about the return to normal

In China novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia, was launched in February 28th in Tim Cook, Alabama, on an event in Fox, Bermingham, which talked about the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on Apple business. If you look at the numbers, they go down every day. So I am optimistic that things will eventually return to normal.

In terms of suppliers, you know that iPhone suppliers come from all over the world. We have key parts from the United States, key parts from China, and many other regions. At present, we have reopened our factories in China. With the conditions met, they have been reopened and production is recovering. I think this is the third stage of going to normal. Cook said.

The verge, the US technology media, commented that cook was technically right and that the number of new cases in China was slowing down. But in the rest of the world, including South Korea, Italy and Iran, there are new outbreaks. As a result, the new coronavirus is still likely to have an impact on the global economy, and it is unclear how the spread of the virus will affect business, travel, public health and policy.

From 0:00 to 24:00 on February 27, 31 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government) and Xinjiang production and Construction Corps reported 327 new confirmed cases and 452 new suspected cases. Among them, there are only 9 newly confirmed cases outside Hubei.

TheVerge also pointed out novel coronavirus pneumonias response may be to ease investors confidence that the companys business is developing steadily. The recent stock price of apple and other technology companies is down due to the influence of the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Cook also said that the companys stock price is declining.

By the end of February 27 local time, the Dow Jones industrial average had dropped 1190.95 points, or 4.42%, to 25766.64; the NASDAQ index had dropped 414.30 points, or 4.61%, to 8566.48; the S & P 500 index had dropped 137.63 points, or 4.42%, to 2978.76. So far, U.S. stocks have closed down for six consecutive trading days.

Large US technology stocks fell, with apple down 6.54%, Amazon down 4.81%, Netflix down 1.99%, Google down 5.43%, Facebook down 3.78% and Microsoft down 7.05%.