Who consults with EU and Italy to call for European collective response

 Who consults with EU and Italy to call for European collective response

Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 478 of Europe (including Russia), and 14 people died in Europe, including Russia, according to data released by WHO regional office in Europe, as at 21 PM 26 hours in Central Europe. Among them, as many as 400 cases are located in Italy, and Germany, the second largest country in terms of the number of confirmed cases, has also confirmed 5 cases within 24 hours, a total of 21 cases.

The meeting was attended by Roberto Speranza, Minister of health of Italy, Stella kiriakidis, member of the European Commission for health and food safety, Hans Kluger, who regional director for Europe, and Andrea Amun, director of the European Commission for disease control.

Hans Kluger said that European communities are also affected by the epidemic, especially Italy. In recent days, the number of confirmed cases has increased dramatically. Some of the patients do not have a clear route of infection, such as going to China or having contact with confirmed persons. He said that this has brought great challenges to Italian officials, but he also pointed out that the Italian leadership has made difficult choices, that is, putting public health above economic prosperity, and these decisions are correct despite the difficulties.

Hans Kluger called on European countries to learn from Italys response measures as they fight the spread of the epidemic. He said Italys experience, although costly, is of great value to people in mastering strategies to deal with the epidemic. He stressed that novel coronavirus pneumonia burden is a burden shared by all countries. Countries must take collective response measures regardless of whether they are affected or not.

Stella kiriakidis first urged EU Member States to reassess their response plans to major infectious diseases and their overall medical capabilities, from diagnosis, testing to tracking contacts, and to report the assessment and implementation plans to the EU. She also welcomed the consensus reached by the ministers of health of the countries adjacent to Italy at their meeting in Rome a day ago on strengthening emergency coordination and information sharing.

Andrea Amun said that the CDC is continuously assessing the overall risk of the Italian epidemic to the EU and the EEA. Our current assessment is that we will probably see similar situations in Europe, but the specific situations will vary according to different countries.

With our team of experts in front of the outbreak, as well as working with who Europe and the Italian health sector, I have confidence in significantly increasing awareness of the virus and controlling its further spread. Andrea Amun said the cooperation will also help better support the EUs overall epidemic prevention work.

In response to the debate over the spread of the epidemic in other European countries, Roberto Speranza explicitly denied the option of suspending the Schengen Agreement on the same day. He stressed that all European countries agreed to open their borders. At present, closing the borders will only become an inappropriate and ineffective measure. (end)

Italy has 147 new cases and more than 20 countries have taken measures to restrict entry into Italy

147 novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were confirmed in Italy on the 26 day, according to data released by the Ministry of health. As of 0:00 on the 27th local time, 470 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia were confirmed in Italy, and 12 cases died. Neighboring Greece, northern Macedonia and other European countries on the 26th of the first confirmed cases, patients have recently been to Italy. At present, more than 20 countries have taken measures against Italy, such as restricting entry, prohibiting organizations from traveling, suspending flights, etc.

Foreign media: the number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased sharply or the treatment of patient 1 is improper

Italian Prime Minister konte admitted on the night of the 24th that a hospital in cordono did not follow the norms when dealing with patient 1, but he did not give specific instructions on how to violate the regulations.

If we refer to the prudent treatment plan in this case, the hospitals treatment is not completely appropriate, which undoubtedly leads to the continued spread of the virus. Said conte.

Cases are growing rapidly in Italy, and the former minister suggested copying China

The novel coronavirus pneumonia, Italys prime minister Conte himself acknowledged on 24 that the economic challenges brought by the new crown pneumonia epidemic will be very severe. The Italian government has decided to provide support to enterprises in Lombardy, suspend the collection of some corporate taxes and give appropriate compensation. Michele geracci, an economist from the Alliance Party and former Vice Minister of the Italian Ministry of economy, analyzed in a surging news interview that the economic cost of the northern region was very high.

Exposure of the track of Italian patient 1: running marathon affects more than 50000 people

Recently, the Italian media announced the movement track of the new crown patient 1 before isolation. The 38 year old man took part in marathons and other competitions in many cities and towns and had many meals with his friends before he developed symptoms. After its diagnosis, more than 50000 people in Lombardy were affected.