Locust disaster! 100000 ducks from Zhejiang will go to Pakistan to kill locusts

 Locust disaster! 100000 ducks from Zhejiang will go to Pakistan to kill locusts

Where locusts pass, nothing grows. After the locust disaster in East Africa, the scale of locust disaster on both sides of the Red Sea continued to expand, affecting Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Oman. In addition, affected by the strong monsoon, a large number of locust swarms arrived at both sides of the Gulf a week ago, visiting Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and the southwest coast of Iran.

Our neighbour Pakistan declared a state of emergency earlier this month due to locust infestation.

This is a picture of locust infestation in the okara area of Punjab province in eastern Pakistan on February 15. Shen Jizhong

According to Pakistans demand, the Chinese government has sent a locust disaster prevention team to Pakistan. Subsequently, 100000 duck troops will also go out to fight locusts on behalf of the state.

Yes, you are right. This duck army composed of GuoShao No.1 duck seedlings in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province is just a genius in the locust killing world. Twenty years ago, the duck army sent troops to Xinjiang to put an end to the locust disaster and make outstanding achievements.

Why ducks? Is the genius of locust extermination worthy of the name? Can Ningbo duck soldier apply for war? On February 26, Lu Lizhi, a researcher at Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, answered this question.

Fenghua duck asked to go to war on behalf of the motherland!

Why ducks?

Industrious Chinese people have accumulated many ways to fight against locust disasters in the past dynasties.

Lu Lizhi introduced that scientific control of locusts can be carried out by drugs or biological control. From the perspective of environmental protection, the benefits of biological control are more natural. The former has high killing cost and pesticide residues, while the latter not only has no environmental pollution, but also can repair the biological chain with one stroke.

Biological locust killing methods have also considered putting frogs and birds. They are both natural enemies of locusts, but they are scattered and brave in discipline. Frogs and birds can only kill locusts in designated areas. Once the locusts are transferred, they will not follow the battle. In this way, we need to re launch natural enemies in the affected areas. First, the cost increases, and second, some species may be limited by the environment and not suitable for the disaster area.

In contrast, the chicken duck corps is better at fighting, ducks like to live in groups, management is more convenient than chickens, vitality, foraging ability, cold resistance ability are also stronger, suitable for field survival.

At the same time, putting a duck is equivalent to killing the locust family. Lu Lizhi gives the data comparison: a chicken can eat 70 locusts a day, and a duck can eat more than 200. It has three times the combat power. And the duck eats locust completely is carpet type search, even locusts pupa will not let go

In addition, when the duck seedlings grow up, the meat is fresh and tender. After the locusts are retired, they can also become a delicacy on the table of local residents, bringing economic income.

No more competition, duck army won!

Shaoxing duck is a genius of locust killing

Shaoxing duck is delicious, tender and juicy. It has always been a good raw material for making old duck soup. And they are also the main force of locust eradication at present, they are just Wizards in the field of locust eradication, Lu said.

Among Shaoxing ducks, Ma duck is the first choice for killing locusts because of its large size and strong predatory ability.

The most brilliant achievement of Ma Ya is 2000. There were a large number of grasshoppers in Xinjiang at that time, and there were few ducks in Xinjiang, so all the duck soldiers at that time came from Zhejiang air transport. More than 10 deliveries in batches, totaling more than 100000.

The mighty Ma Ya army in Xinjiang did not show the tender eggs of the recruits. It was hoped that they would fly to the grasshoppers on the prairie and turn them into delicious meals. At the end of August that year, locusts were completely wiped out.

More interesting in the back. At that time, the Xinjiang Command Office of locust control and rodent control, the highest headquarters of locust eradication in Xinjiang, issued a letter of commendation: ducks had strong locust catching ability, large amount of prey, and strict military discipline. The most effective way to eliminate locusts and protect ecology was to send ducks to the grassland.

Ningbo duck soldiers apply for war

There has always been a tradition of duck breeding in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. For example, Yuyao has muscovy duck, Fenghua has water duck and Zhenhai has Qingke No.2. Can Ningbo duck soldiers apply to fight against locusts abroad?

Lu Lizhi said that Zhenhai Qingke No. 2 and Shaoxing duck belong to the same type of egg duck. At present, among the ducks, egg duck has the best killing effect and the strongest fighting ability. We also want to do a comparative study to see if there is any more powerful breed than the duck. If Ningbo duck wins, it will also be considered.

Lu Lizhi revealed that Pakistans locust control plan, the first batch of expected 100000 duck soldiers, Guo Shao No. 1 duck seedlings will be on behalf of the country to fight locusts, duck seedlings can be transported by air, within a day to Pakistan.

But before the duck soldiers went out, Lu determined that there were still more important tasks to be solved. He is going to work with experts at home and abroad to study and formulate the technical specifications for duck husbandry and locust control, so as to operate according to the standard specifications, duck killing locusts seems simple, but it is not.

Taking the locust killing in Pakistan as an example, Lu determined to work with other experts to estimate the time of locust disaster first, because ducks have the strongest ability to kill locusts after one and a half months of growth. After scientific estimation, we can reserve enough time to know when to send duck soldiers to Pakistan is the most appropriate, so as to achieve the best effect of locust killing.

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The second wave of locust disaster is coming?

Potentially devastating consequences for food security

The desert locust disaster in many countries has lasted for several months, and its scale continues to expand. In recent months, desert locusts have swept over more than 20 countries, from West Africa to East Africa and from West Asia to South Asia. The total area of locust disaster is more than 16 million square kilometers, of which the horn of Africa is the most serious. More than 20 million people in the countries of the horn of Africa have been caught in the food crisis.

Experts predict that desert locusts will breed widely in the migration path of East African countries, and their eggs may hatch between March and April. Without measures, the number of desert locusts could grow 500 fold by June and spread to 30 countries in Africa and Asia. The most important planting and harvesting season in East Africa will start between March and may. If there are new swarms of locusts, the second wave of locusts may have devastating consequences for food security.

Climate change and hurricanes cause locust disasters

U.N. Secretary General Guterres pointed out at the summit of the African Union, which ended this month, that climate change is an important factor in the locust disaster.

In addition, the hurricane is also one of the factors leading to the locust disaster. Analysts say hurricanes in the Indian Ocean have become more frequent in the past decade.

For the sake of the safety and harmony of human living environment, the action to deal with climate change is urgent.

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