The first phase of new energy indicators will send all car companies to fight ahead of time

 The first phase of new energy indicators will send all car companies to fight ahead of time

Nine years for new applicants

According to the notice on the total amount and allocation proportion of passenger cars in 2020 issued by Beijing passenger car Index Office, this year there are 100000 indicators of passenger cars, including 40000 common indicators and 60000 new energy indicators. Among them, the individual quota of ordinary passenger cars is 38200, and the individual quota of new energy passenger cars is 54200.

After examination, as of 24:00 on February 8, 2020, there are 3350538 effective codes (the total number of serial numbers is 17936743) and 27877 units for the individual applying for the indicator of ordinary passenger cars; there are 467360 effective codes and 5633 units for the individual applying for the indicator of new energy passenger cars.

It is understood that 9000 new energy individual index applicants have been added in this period. By the end of this period, the total number of new energy indicator applicants is close to 470000. As the total number of individual new energy passenger car indicator applications in this period is greater than the total number of indicator configuration, according to the circular on the waiting list configuration rules of new energy passenger car configuration indicators for demonstration application, after the completion of this period, the annual quota of new energy passenger car indicators for individuals and units has been allocated, which has been approved The valid application code after will continue to wait for configuration.

According to the annual quota of individual new energy passenger cars is 54200, and the number of individual index applicants is about 467000, new applicants may wait nine years to get the index.

Nine years after the initial application, the demand for new energy vehicles is growing. Yan Jinghui, an expert in automobile industry, said that new energy vehicles are more just needed, and with the improvement of product strength in recent years, consumers have gradually accepted new energy vehicles.

At the same time that the first phase of the new energy passenger car index this year has been allocated, the new energy vehicle enterprises affected by the decline of subsidies and other factors will regard this standard release as a window period of large-scale, and fight for the first time.

Beijing Business News reporter learned that on February 25, the Beijing brand of home battle released Beijing new energy index standard notice, which shows that the brand will provide users who order new energy models before March 31 with four times of deposit, home delivery, delayed repayment, free maintenance for life luxury gifts. At the same time, during the epidemic, in order to reduce customer pressure, Beijing brand launched a two-year interest free, three-month delayed repayment of car purchase financial scheme.

At the same time, in order to compete for new energy customers in Beijing, aiming at its pure electric vehicle type ezs, SAIC mingjue launched the activity of one index five times gift - mingjue new energy million benefits the capital city in Beijing, presenting electronic thermometer, 50 yuan to 5000 yuan car payment, 1000 yuan electric card, 0 down payment car purchase, 8 years / 150000 km super long warranty and other activities.

In addition to the traditional new energy enterprises, Xiaopeng automobile, one of the new forces of car building, launched the Beijing licensing, Xiaopeng gifts activity. According to Xiaopeng auto, before March 31 this year, users who buy Xiaopeng G3 models can enjoy multiple discounts such as 0-pressure purchase, 10 times deposit, 200 yuan test drive, 10000 yuan replacement, etc.

In addition, the reporter of Beijing business daily visited many 4S stores in Beijing and learned that not only the car companies introduced preferential policies, but also the dealers worked hard to promote sales. Customers with new energy indicators can buy 500 yuan shopping card at the store. A person in charge of a Dongfeng Qichen dealer said that Beijings new energy passenger cars were in the most competitive period before and after the standard was released, and preferential policies had been formulated in the store before the index was released.

The Beijing market has the role of national new energy vehicle promotion and demonstration, and the huge incremental potential has also become the focus of various vehicle enterprises. Yan Jinghui said that 60000 indicators of new energy passenger cars will not be digested in one or two months, and the competition between vehicle enterprises for orders will continue, with preferential policies for car purchase introduced in advance, in order to take the lead in the sales competition.

It is worth mentioning that under the influence of the epidemic situation, Beijing Municipal Office of passenger car index regulation and management said that the indicator holders whose indicator validity deadline is from January 24, 2020 to 60 days after the city cancels the response to major public health emergencies can complete the vehicle registration procedures within 120 days after the date of cancellation.

Incremental competition in the second half

In fact, the standard battle between car companies and dealers has something to do with the overall decline in sales of new energy vehicles.

Since July last year, the decline of subsidies has brought the sales volume of domestic new energy vehicle market out of the downward line. According to the data, the production and sales of new energy vehicles in January this year were 40 thousand and 44 thousand respectively, with a year-on-year decrease of 55.4% and 54.4% respectively. Among them, the production and sales of new energy passenger vehicles completed 35000 and 39000 respectively, down 56.3% and 54.5% year on year respectively.

The head of a dealer said frankly that as the market entered the adjustment period of subsidy decline, and affected by the sudden epidemic, the overall demand of new energy vehicles declined. From the beginning of the year to now, the store has been doing all aspects of publicity, hoping to attract more consumers to buy cars in the store.

In the face of competitive pressure, automobile enterprises are constantly adjusting market strategy and marketing planning while increasing the preferential and publicity efforts. The reporter of Beijing business daily noted that while Xiaopeng automobile launched the standard solution for Beijing, it also launched the upgrade of APP digital service function, which can realize the online process of Xiaopeng automobile G3 from the signing of the contract to the delivery process, and provide consumers with more convenient Internet + car purchase service. Im just delivering and licensing online and offline, others are handled online, which is very convenient. Xiao Peng, an owner of an online car experience, said.

Industry insiders said that at present, new energy vehicles are constantly innovating in the form of sales. This innovation is not only reflected in the preferential policies and subsidies, but also in the use of more flexible payment methods and after-sales guarantee to provide services for consumers. Automobile market enters the adjustment period, which is also the node of marketing transformation and upgrading of automobile enterprises.

Source: Beijing business daily Author: Qian Yu, Liu Xiaomeng editor in charge: Wang Xiaowu, NF