Peoples Daily: how does the United States perform in the fight against the epidemic in China?

 Peoples Daily: how does the United States perform in the fight against the epidemic in China?

Compared with the U.S. government, the performance of art industry and business, friendly groups, non-governmental organizations, etc. is much more positive. More than 100 member enterprises of the American Chamber of Commerce in China have provided financial and material assistance worth about 500 million yuan to China. According to the statistics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the total amount of American enterprises assistance to China ranks the first, and is far higher than other countries enterprises. Wyeth, Abbott, AO Smith, general electric, Amway, Budweiser, Nike and other U.S. enterprises have provided more than 10 million yuan in aid.

The medical sharing organization, a non-governmental aid organization in the United States, cooperated with Coca Cola foundation and United Parcel Service Company in the United States to donate 1.8 million masks and 80000 sets of protective clothing to China, which is also the largest single donation of medical protective materials provided by non-governmental organizations in the United States so far. The first batch of 200000 masks, 27500 pairs of medical gloves and 4000 sets of protective clothing donated by direct rescue, one of the top ten charitable relief organizations in the United States, have been directly delivered to Wuhan Union Medical College Hospital recently.

Chinas novel coronavirus pneumonia was announced by Bill Gate foundation, which was founded by the Gates foundation, which has provided us $100 million for us $5 million. The National Committee on U.S. - China relations, the U.S. - China Trade Commission and the George Bush foundation for U.S. - China relations actively raised medical supplies such as masks, which were chartered by FedEx to China free of charge. The Professional Basketball League of the United States also provided RMB 5 million in cash assistance to China.

Professor Lipkin, an infectious disease expert at Columbia University, who is known as a virus Hunter, came to China at the first time after the outbreak to study the virus together with academician Zhong Nanshan and other Chinese colleagues, and expressed his willingness to provide new diagnostic reagents free of charge. There are also many American friends, experts and scholars who take the initiative to provide China with new vaccines, potential medical drugs and other information. Many ordinary Americans expressed their deep sympathy and support to the Chinese Embassy and consulate in the United States. Louisiana Senator Cassidy proposed a resolution in Congress to support Chinas fight against the epidemic, calling on the United States to strengthen assistance and cooperation with China and stand with the people of China and other countries suffering from the epidemic.

The majority of overseas Chinese and overseas students in the United States also played an important role. According to the statistics of the Chinese Consulate General in New York, the relevant organizations and overseas Chinese academic circles in the area have donated nearly 40 million US dollars to China, including 7 million masks and 217000 sets of protective clothing. Nearly 20 batches of non-governmental donation materials with a total value of more than 30 tons and a total value of more than 3.6 million US dollars have been returned through the channels recommended by the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles. Many of the overseas Chinese did not leave their names after donating, and four young people left their signatures as Chinese children.

This outbreak is like a mirror, which shows us the friendship between the Chinese and American people once again, but at the same time, it also shows the faces of some American politicians who are afraid that the world will not be disordered. U.S. Secretary of state Peng Peio didnt think about how to help China fight the epidemic, but he was still trying to make slander and smear China everywhere and instigate the relationship between the Chinese people and the Communist Party of China. U.S. Commerce Secretary Ross even said that Chinas epidemic would speed up the return of jobs to the United States, which was inhuman. Stubborn Anti China Senator Corton blatantly spread the lie that the virus could come from Chinas biological warfare program. The Wall Street Journal published a humiliating article titled China is the real sick man of Asia , which openly promoted racial discrimination. Even in China

When the epidemic prevention and control work has achieved periodic results, Senator Rubio is still lying with his eyes open, pretending that the data released by China is not true and the epidemic has not been contained.

Chinese people have always attached great importance to love and righteousness, with distinct love and hate. We sincerely thank and remember the sincere friendship of all sectors of American society. Similarly, in 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit the United States hard, China sent chartered planes to deliver aid to help the United States cope with the disaster. We also dare to use our swords to discredit and pervert the strong anti Chinese forces in the United States. We must let them know that the dignity of the Chinese people must not be harmed and that Chinas bottom line must not be touched. Recently, Chinas foreign ministry announced the revocation of the papers of three journalists of the Wall Street Journal, which was a slap in the face.

The epidemic has no borders. The cooperation between China and the United States in the fight against the epidemic should be a new highlight of bilateral relations, not a friction point. Those who attempt to use the epidemic situation as a political article to engage in the new cold war and decoupling between China and the United States go against the will and historical trend of the two peoples. It seems that they are threatening, but in fact, they are weak and doomed to failure. While working together to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the Chinese and American people should jointly destroy the Sino US relations, advocate hostile hostility and provoke the confrontation between Chinese and American public opinion.

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