Russia suspended air flights with South Korea from March 1

 Russia suspended air flights with South Korea from March 1

Golikova said that Russias previously announced measures to limit the spread of the new coronavirus will be extended from March 1 to April 1. The specific documents will be submitted by each administrative unit to the Prime Minister for signature. She stressed that the restrictions also involved international activities.

In addition, Golikova said that due to the new coronavirus epidemic in Iran, Russia will suspend the issuance of visas to Iranian citizens, except for business visas and humanitarian visas.

On the same day, Anna popova, director of the consumer protection and public welfare Supervision Bureau of the Russian Federation, revealed that at present Russia has very close cooperation with who and China. Russia has tested a detection system that can be stored at 4 degrees above zero. This detection system has a good effect and its advantages have been recognized by China.

Russia will continue to provide political and material support for Chinas fight against the new coronavirus epidemic, Russian satellite news agency quoted Russian Deputy Foreign Minister riabukov as saying Tuesday.

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