The Champions League - ding ding shoots Ramos to win Real Madrids 1-2 home match, which is reversed by Manchester City

 The Champions League - ding ding shoots Ramos to win Real Madrids 1-2 home match, which is reversed by Manchester City

The 28th minute, b-mendi cross, maherez straight plug, debraune shot to hit the side. In the 29th minute, b-mendi got a yellow card for Modrics foul. In the next round, he will be suspended. In the 30th minute, f-mendis left cross, Benzemas header was thrown out by Edson, and vinesius missed the chance with a close catch. In the 33rd minute, Laporte was injured and left. The 37th minute, jesuse pass, Bernardo Silva shot was saved by kurtuwa. The 41st minute, Baldwin and Benzema collided and fell to the ground for treatment. In the second minute of stoppage time, DeBruine left corner kick, kurtuwa pounced on the ball, and jesuse shot. The ball hit Ramos foot and bounced towards the goal. Camaro on the line blocked the ball. At the end of the first half, Real Madrid drew 0-0 at home to Manchester City.

At the beginning of the second half, in the 48th minute, jingduoan counterattacked with the ball, and Baldwin got a yellow card for a tactical foul. In the 50th minute, Carmelo made a mistake in passing the ball in front of the court, debrunay broke through the half court and then passed the ball, maheres got the ball on the right side and then cut it in and shot, the ball slightly deviated from the far post. In the 53rd minute, Modric was booked for a foul on maheres. In the 55th minute, with the ball in the left side of the penalty area, walker had a slight push behind him, and he fell to the ground, but the referee indicated that there was no penalty. In the 56th minute, maheres shakes f-mendi in the forbidden area and shoots. Kurtuva saves the ball. In the fifty-seventh minute, F- Mendi left passes, after the forbidden area point s Isko header strength is too light obtains by Edson. In the 59th minute, Fernando shot from outside the penalty area.

In the 60th minute, Otamendis backcourt passing error was snatched by Modric, vinesius grabbed the cross before walker, and the defenceless Isko scored in the forbidden area, and Real Madrid led 1-0!

In the 64th minute, jesuse knocks back and debrones long-range shot is blocked. In the 66th minute, Edwin caught the ball in the cross of Baldwin. The 71st minute, Isko knocks back, Ramos in the restricted area shoots by Fernando Dinho to block the baseline. The 76th minute, f-mendi passes, bell shoots in the forbidden area left side to obtain by Edson.

The 82nd minute, sterling with the ball into the left side of the penalty area, cavalhar tackle foul, the referee blow penalty. In the 83rd minute, DeBruine scored from the penalty kick and city beat 2-1!

In the 86th minute, Casimiro made a wrong return and gersus took the ball to form a single shot chance. Ramos fouled outside the forbidden area, and the referee directly sent a red card to drop him down. In the 87th minute, maheres sent a free kick from the penalty area, and the low flat shot was caught by kurtuva. At the end of the game, Real Madrid lost 2-1 at home to Manchester City.

Real Madrid 433: 13-kurtuva / 2-kawahar, 5-varane, 4-ramos, 23-f-mendi / 10-modric (84basques), 14-casemiro, 15-barwade / 22-isko (84jovic), 9-benzema, 25-vinesius (75bell)

Citys 433-31-edson / 2-walker, 30-otamendi, 14-laporte (33 Fernando), 22-b-mendi / 8-jingduoan, 16 rodry, 17 debrunay / 26 maheres, 9-gersus, 20 Bernardo Silva (73 Sterling)

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