Wengu written on the day of ten years of entrepreneurship

 Wengu written on the day of ten years of entrepreneurship

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Ten years ago today, on February 26, 2008, I registered a company in Chaoyang District, Beijing, and started my business trip. No matter what I have experienced in the past ten years, I have a good reason to celebrate today. That is, the company has survived for ten years. For a company, living means everything.

It is said that the 10-year survival rate of Chinese start-ups is 2%, but we can hardly read the story of why the other 98% failed to survive. It has always been like this. The media are helping the winners to enlarge their success and give them enough stage and light. But you have to be successful before everyone has the chance to hear the story of your failure at the beginning or later. Including me, I have been dreaming of the state, but also many years later, I can finally slowly say what I have suffered. However, for ten years, the state of fantasy never came.

People have their own life cycle, so does companies. A long life is not necessarily a good life, not necessarily a valuable life, the company is also. In the past decade, survival forced me to always try to define and find out what is good and value, and then find ways to shape good and value. This is actually my main work. In the process of entrepreneurship, the business has been transformed, but this discovery and shaping has evolved into my biggest personal hobby, including all my motives for writing and publishing. I also realized that my writing and publishing may have brought more influence on people around the world than running a company. Now, the companys culture and products are inseparable from my words, and inseparable from the recognition of problems behind the words and the methods of solving problems.

For a person who takes discovery and shaping as his hobby, entrepreneurship is definitely a good choice. This choice lies in making the experience extremely rich and the pain particularly distinct. The pain is just the most important part of the research sample. Because pain makes people so close to the truth, when the truth appears, the discovery is completed, and the creation has its origin. There are also actors and painters in similar occupations, all of which have a very low winning rate. Long term adherence requires a strong belief, which comes from the true love of this professional experience. Otherwise, ten years is really cruel and long.

In the next few years, the early users began to help me realize the existence of value, which made me realize that I had already become a company with natural corporate social responsibility. The hobby of discovery and shaping has expanded from me to the team, and then from the product to every users mind. Ten years back, back to February 26, 2008, this value should be something that I never imagined when I went to register a design consulting company; but today I have been recalling this value, which may have been the desire of my heart at that time, just waiting for time to let it germinate.

Today in the 10th year, I realize that this journey of true love will always be rich and painful, so I will not wait for the calm time to slowly tell about my suffering. But today, I can stop for a day to write down the discovery and shaping, cognition and advice of this decade.

If I could go back to 2008 and see the young Wang Xiao standing on the starting point of entrepreneurship, I would give these words to her; I imagined that I would come here ten years later. She stared at me, resolute and beautiful, silent, but I knew that I would be her, and I would still survive ten years later.

Written on the day of ten years of entrepreneurship

The following is a review of entrepreneurship and life. You can replace all the words entrepreneurship with life to read:

u25cf what direction to take depends first on what you will, what you have, and then on the opportunities of the times. The times always have opportunities. The opportunities of the times test the greed and fear of human beings, and they will always rush when they are hot. An antelope in the African prairie first attracts lions, large numbers of hyenas and vultures, then attracts parasites, and finally the bones are handed over to the earth, all of which are on the food chain. So what species are you on the African prairie? How does your species get food? Are you a carnivore, or are you not carnivorous at all? You need to know who you are, what your fundamentals are, and where you are in the food chain before you can match the opportunity and judge whether it belongs to you.

u25cf you have value, and there is a way to condense the value in the product, which is the basic condition for determining the direction of entrepreneurship and your ability to start a business. But this value cant be what you think it is. It has to be determined by demand. What the market cant verify cant be counted. Of course, there are big and small demands. Its OK to start a business by targeting the market of 100 billion yuan, but they all have to start from a small micro enterprise. You can also start a business when the demand is small. As long as there is a way to find users, there are many good businesses in the niche market.

u25cf dont worry about the self-esteem problem in the survival period. Even if the user thinks you are a salesman or a salesman who bends down to do small business for five Dou meters, you should also keep an eye on the goal of bagging for safety and successfully complete the small business. It doesnt matter which cattle school you have studied in or which powerful organization you have worked in. You need to recognize the current situation. In fact, you are now a small business and salesman. Its time to start your journey of a thousand miles. Its not too late to be aggrieved and disobeyed, to secretly remember in your heart and become a force of self motivation.

u25cf even if your ideal is really to change the world, dont write it directly on the business plan, especially the product introduction. After all, its more important for people to be reliable in their lifetime. First, think about how much you have changed in recent years, and then think about how many classmates and colleagues have changed from small to large. If you dont, its good to try yourself and the people next to you first, so that you can influence a little bit from now on. Millions of people are changing the world by little evolution and evolution.

u25cf entrepreneurs have no sense of superiority. Entrepreneurship is not a boastful way of life. Most of them report happiness without worrying. Whoever suffers will know. Entrepreneurship is a big escape game, a small probability event, with 5-year survival rate of 7%, 10-year survival rate of 2%, and IPO ratio of 0.00002%. In front of all kinds of deceptive rendering, we should think and judge independently. Before entering, we should consider 10 nights, take a deep breath for 100 times, and then decide whether to become a small probability person with iron heart.

u25cf it is necessary to do some personality type and risk preference tests to indicate that you have the personality advantage of participating in the mass murder. Born with good biological rhythm, good stomach, good sleep and strong body are all rare physiological advantages, which can make you dull and kill many opponents. Good at communication, strong appeal, great tenacity and so on are also particularly good performance in entrepreneurship. Its better to have a trace of indescribable evil personality charm. All of the above are necessary and sufficient conditions. No one could have said clearly that they are close to metaphysics.

u00b7You need to train your sense of responsibility and leadership, especially in adversity. You also need to train yourself to be decisive in making choices and to eliminate procrastination and evasion in your personality. If you are the fastest growing person in the company, increase your chances of survival. In order to make the right choice, you should continue to think and learn. You should also be ready to pay for mistakes and take full responsibility for failures.

History does not argue who is right, but only shows who is left. So is entrepreneurship. You will find that this is a result oriented world. You will also find that you compete with plagiarists and big hoodlums. Their performance has grown again because they are not shameful. You also hear that shameful is not wolf like. In short, no matter what your three view structure is, entrepreneurship can make you doubt life. But your values will become stronger through these purges, and tribulations will shape you into a more shaped person, and deeply aware of your own principles.

u25cf emotions must be managed rather than indulged. A sense of futile desperation will recur, no matter how many sleepless nights youve had, stomach cramps and blood urination. No one cares except your family. Instead of being moved by himself, watching Churchills movie and crying, I wonder why it didnt usher in the light after the dark time. Id better prepare for the worst result as soon as possible. One way I manage my emotions is to add a monologue no? to my inner statement of a bad emotion Because this is my choice, this is entrepreneurship, otherwise?

u25cf when emotional problems accumulate to a certain extent, it is necessary to seek the help of doctors. For the first time since I started my business, it was Mao Kans death, which shocked me a lot. Not only because it was my friend who left, but also because he projected part of me, the exhausted self in the middle of the night. Another way for me to adjust my mood is, no matter how much I put into it, I practice drawing away regularly at an appropriate time to tell myself that this is a life game. When facing the adult life and entering the mode, I choose to press the button of hard mode. But I have to keep my will to think about how much I decide to play, whether I have the right to decide when not to play, and whether it is possible to quit and switch to easy mode. The last option is to delete. But living means everything.

u25cf there is no balance between work and life. No matter whether you start a business or not, it doesnt exist. Within 24 hours of a day, there will always be priorities within you, and you will definitely rank them. The most important thing in a unit time is only one thing. Your choice determines the length of time distribution and the degree of investment. The superposition of these will show the results. If you are a person with a strong sense of purpose and execution ability, the results of life and work will even look better than those of other people who only focus on one execution, but this is still the result of choice.

Since we have taken a very small number of roads, we need not care about most of the evaluations, nor do we need to explain to the unrelated people. We need not feel guilty about taking care of families because we have seen several official account numbers. Find the flow time that can coexist with the family efficiently, but outsource the housework, make the housework professional and functional, set the standard like the management team, check and accept regularly, in exchange for precious time. Originally, there were no entrepreneurs in the traditional image of society. People living on the edge of life and death every day should not worry about trifles.

u25cf always review the priority of love and remember that the person you love most is always yourself. Its because I love myself that I want to live the only one to the fullest and expand the depth, breadth and density of experience. Its because Im such a person, which is an important reason for choosing to start a business. The priority of love is family. Remember that you choose all the joys and sorrows in this road. You should bear all the responsibilities and consequences. When you encounter difficulties in starting a business, dont point your emotions and complaints to your family. They were also helpless. They didnt plan to kill the parents, partners and children of the participants.

u25cf entrepreneurship and persistence can never be separated. If you want to make some achievements in entrepreneurship, the time dimension of persistence must be calculated from three years to 30 years. For such a long time, it must not be carried down simply by biting teeth and beating chicken blood. It must be a little true love, at least enjoying the process of creating value. Having love and making money is the haven mode of entrepreneurship, having love and not making money is the hard mode, and not loving and not making money is the persistence mode. Its really the hell mode. The hell pattern is very close to depression. Things that dont love or make money are not worth sticking to.

u25cf the initial intention of starting a business can be various, but if the initial intention is only money, there must be subsequent weakness, because after all, money is not the meaning and mission itself. Those entrepreneurs who are willing to explore the truth and solve problems will become braver and braver. Those entrepreneurs who get user value feedback will automatically fill their mission. Even if you earn money, you have to look for whats behind it. It will be happier.

u25cf resist the temptation to start a business. Entrepreneurship is a huge delayed satisfaction. We should strive to resist the current satisfaction that deviates from the goal. If time goes back, the opportunity cost that I want to explore most in ten years is to know how different the early speed and direction will be in that time window if I didnt be editor in chief of fashion Cosmo for 14 months in 2014-2015. At that time, I used the method of dying to watch the width of life experience, and thought that the editor in chief was a unique experience, worth experiencing, but in fact, vanity and curiosity also participated in the choice. This is the biggest cost of Entrepreneurship: opportunity cost, because there is no if in the world.

u25cf entrepreneurship must be in the demand of to. All of tovc are speculators. Their slogan is close to money. They chase after the ups and downs. Listening to the wind is the rain. They dream of doing everything and running. They are always looking for the next vote. The enterprise is to make money. Generations of merchants know that this is the only true meaning. Financing is the icing on the cake, the expansion of business, and the trial and error of food and grass. But life is only a moment, and the life is ultimately made by the enterprise itself. In the final analysis, this life is given by itself. People and companies have to be self-sufficient.

u25cf to live is to keep the cash flow positive all the time, which is the basic responsibility of the companys operators. Make up the financial basis, focus on the cash flow statement, live within your means, control costs, and make the most pessimistic forecast at least one year in advance. Most entrepreneurs are future optimists, which refers to strategy, but tactically, especially in cash flow management, we must be realistic pessimists and build roofs when the sun is shining.

u25cf a positive cash flow is the ability to sustain blood production and a steady stream of income for their own survival. From the first day, well be frantically looking for customers. Your seed user group is your VIP, your companys parents who tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the product, suggest you improve the direction, help you spread word-of-mouth, buy your imperfect product, and have patience to wait for your iteration. Always remember them and thank them. In the early cultural and creative business, we call these customers lifetime customers and promise to send them new products every year as early as possible.

u25cf good start-ups = high growth companies. From the first day, you should frantically look for your main business, make this business a cash cow business, and make your products a black horse in the category, which can be remembered by people. Cash cows main business will become the first source of self-confidence for a start-up company, which can tear a gap in the industry and take root deeply. With a sound main business, you can make new financial planning and have the courage to try other possibilities. Money is your courage.

u25cf the business that has not been demonstrated in the trial is risk business, and risk boundary shall be established for it. No matter what you try, dont forget to keep your main business rooted to stabilize your position in the Jianghu. Its not necessary to mention allin at any time when you find a company that is mainly engaged in business, because you finally strive to reach the second stage, and you dont need to fight back and forth, and you dont need the wind and the water. The healthiest mentality in combat is to advance, attack, retreat and defend, to preserve strength and to have room for maneuver.

u25cf while looking for the main business and popular products, we should have a very strong awareness of intellectual property protection, learn the intellectual property protection law as soon as possible, establish a legal awareness, avoid legal risks, register domain names and trademarks for your products, and actively file for the information industry. Brand is the highest form of the business world, representing the reputation and quality assurance, and also the brand of values and culture in the users mind. We should regulate the font, font size, color and visual use methods for our brand as early as possible, so that your brand and products can present a unified and stable texture in the Internet and everywhere. Its always true that texture is more expensive.

u25cf the company shall always adopt the group strategy mechanism and creative priority mechanism when holding the product meeting, and believe in the aesthetic and intuition of the team. The early experience is that in the meeting, the team thinks that the products that are pleasantly surprised and expected will probably be pleasantly surprised and expected by users. Dont allow yourself to be confused for the sake of quantity, dont allow yourself to be indifferent to others, always believe and wait for the next surprise idea to explode in the conference room, cherish this feeling, infatuate with this feeling.

u25cf love your own products, products you dont love, and users cant love them at all. Users will definitely feel your efforts. And you really use painstaking products, you will also really love in the design and shaping. Since the birth of cultural innovation 7 years ago, up to now, my team and I cant help but touch the new products cover and inner page, hold them on our chest or even kiss, and continue to meet our new children. This feeling is the same as the excitement and happiness of finishing a painting when I was a child. Only in this way can we care about the feedback from users. When we see that users express and love it, and because it improves our lives, we will feel gratified and happy again and again.

The capital market is a double-edged sword, a red dance shoe that cant stop. When you need to make a choice between small and beautiful and big, it is a good thing. You will ask yourself once again about your heart, desire and imagination. You will open the list of last wishes and examine the meaning of this life. I chose the motivation and significance of financing is strongly related. What I want is not long-term comfort, but to explore the limitations of this life. This choice, like any major turning point in life, needs to be made by oneself.

u25cf if you are the founder, then the method of doing things, the strategy of thinking, the definition of what is right, what is good, what to do, what not to do, these most basic things are given by you, which is the original culture and values of the enterprise. A strong general has no weak soldiers. If it is a cultural company, the founder must complete the initial philosophy of self consistency, stable views, clear logic, and the team has a cognitive basis, which is the basis for work.

u25cf if you are a founder who has completed the philosophy of self consistency and is the spiritual leader of the company, and your company has established the basic values and basic principles of doing things, then the foundation of the company is much stronger than countless companies whose values are in disorder. In other words, your starting point is the same as that of the greatest company in the world! Great companies start with powerful spiritual leaders and their systems of thinking. What you need to do is to improve the self consistency and upgrade the system, and then find your team one by one in the crowd.

People are everything, including the founders and the team. If you cant do it, you cant do it. If you break down, you cant do it. Even if you have a good mechanism and a good product. Team admittance and screening mechanism should be very careful. You should know that it is people who make the most of the trouble, and even more people who bring devastating impact. All founders have to go through the pain of choosing the wrong person. A good team is to play football next time, each with unique skills, point to a victory, one running in a different direction, all in disintegration. No matter in life or work, choose people to shine their eyes, choose mistakes and stop loss early. Say this sentence three times, ten times, and one hundred times.

u25cf of course, you are lonely. Everyone is lonely. Entrepreneurship will make loneliness more specific. But loneliness is not an excuse for not spending time reaching consensus. Do your best to unify your thoughts and communicate honestly, no matter how small or large your team is. Always tell everyone the background information, the basis of the plan, and the most scientific operation mode before the team action; always allow everyone to argue and ask questions before the action, and lead everyone back to improve the action after the action, so that the cognition and behavior of the organization will continue to evolve.

u25cf new people will not be naturally familiar with your culture, but have the potential to understand it. You have to design a mechanism, whether its training, organizational learning or coaching for new players, but you have to be prepared for inheritance, so that the next team can understand the rhythm and signal. When you start a business for a long time and the sample size increases, you can design a test mechanism for the cultural adaptability of new people. Value recognition is always the first threshold, and real recognition will be reflected in the work principles.

u25cf the biggest value of a cultural company is culture, which requires the founders self-confidence in culture. This self-confidence is reflected in the insistence on the cultural concentration and the requirements of the standard, which can achieve 9 points, not to do 8 points, not to tolerate and indulge to 7 points, because indulgence and indulgence is the beginning of dilution and misinterpretation, and then reflected in the product, then to reach the user, and continue to decline to less than 6 points, which is the failure phase of entrepreneurship. In me, there is a lesson of blood. (8000 words in blood)

When I was 19, I liked the play waiting for Godot. In the play, Godot is a mirage, never appeared, and people are waiting for him for a long time. It seems that Godot will come, but he never comes. Godot is too late to come. He is waiting for him. If entrepreneurship is a big dream, it will be like this.

When I was 29, I liked the novel border town. In the story, Cui Cui met the beautiful man, but she also wanted to see him again, so she waited. Maybe he will never come back, maybe he will come back tomorrow. I hope that my entrepreneurship is one by one discovery, shaping and achievement, is a beautiful reproduction and amplification, I hope it will be like this.

What I reviewed above is Entrepreneurship and life. In fact, you can replace all the words entrepreneurship with life and read it again. Its very difficult to start a business, but its also a simple and broad thing. You rely on your own strength to settle down and provide your value to others according to the demand of the price, that is, to start a business. You go on the road you choose and bear the consequences of your choice, which is no different from the essence of starting a business.

Be an honest and frank person, also be an honest and frank company, discover and shape themselves, and help users find and shape the goals they want. Discovery and shaping itself is the value as early as possible, which is also the demand of the market. This is the essence of the companys development from scratch in the past ten years, which makes countless people change the world by little evolution and evolution.

Believe in the power of small accumulation, continuous change and time, because time is visible. Do what you want to do, and become the person you want to be. No matter how many times you have been confused and self doubted, you will still walk on the most determined road in your heart. Now, we have used the survival and growth of the company for ten years to verify that the slogan as early as possible can be seen.

This article is dedicated to everyone who has supported and helped me in the past ten years.

Take the time to create a positive life