The theme song of Liu Rushi in the new world is on line, and Li Chun sings with passion

 The theme song of Liu Rushi in the new world is on line, and Li Chun sings with passion

Li Chuns dedication to love shows Liu Rushis devotion to love

The song looking forward to seeing each other was composed by Cui Bo and Xia Houyang, and composed and produced by Cui Bo. Li Chun, who plays the role of Liu Rushi, devoted himself to singing. The TV series new world narrates the changes of the times in the 22 days of Beiping city on the eve of the founding of the peoples Republic of China in 1949. Liu RUSI, played by Li Chun, is called Liu Ye. She is a proud and strong woman in her whole life. There is nothing she cant understand in quanbeiping, but she is trapped by love. From the perspective of Liu Rushi, the song tells Liu Rushi how proud she is in her life, but how sad she is about her life. In addition to his superb acting skills, Li Chun also has a clear voice, singing out Liu Rushis persistence and reluctant to give up his feelings word by word. In that era of no good ending, he is looking forward to meeting each other. The song MV is on line at the same time today. In the MV, not only Liu Rushis extreme sadomasochistic plot in the TV play new world is edited, but also Li Chuns side shot of deep love singing is added. Lets review Liu Ye in new world again with the MV!

In response to the call of the state, during the epidemic period of the national war, the recording of songs also created a new cloud recording mode. The remote recording where producers and singers do not meet is a new era of song recording. In the way of remote recording, the artist only needs to turn on the computer, and the producer controls the computer remotely to complete the recording. In the process of recording, how to transfer the music in the singer software to the producers earphone synchronously has become the most difficult problem. Producer trebo tested it for a few days, and after many attempts to use different web links, he found a way to do it. Due to the instability of the website connection, the recording day also experienced numerous re links. Finally, through the close cooperation between singers and producers, we overcame many difficulties to complete the recording, which led to the birth of such a perfect work.

Source: editor in charge of Netease Music: Yang Mingyu nv5736