Wuhan criminal release confirmed personnel arrived in Beijing property: family has already opened a good exit note

 Wuhan criminal release confirmed personnel arrived in Beijing property: family has already opened a good exit note

The community neighborhood committee has carried out closed management on xinyijiayuan community. Please dont worry too much, let alone panic. Keep the house ventilated, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, wear masks when going out, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, and actively take the responsibility of personal prevention and control.

The case quickly attracted widespread attention. From Wuhan to Beijing, you can drive for more than ten hours and more than 1000 kilometers, passing through Hubei Province, Henan Province, Hebei Province and other provinces and cities along the way. When we saw this bulletin, we all had a common doubt. How did Ms. Huang come out of Wuhan at the moment when Wuhan was under strict control? How did Ms. Huangs family successfully enter Wuhan and pick her up?

Official notice: arrive in Beijing in the early morning of the 22nd

The novel coronavirus pneumonia case in Xinyi District was released on the evening of February 26th, Beijing City Center for Disease Control and prevention.

A novel coronavirus pneumonia case reported in Dongcheng District, Beijing, was reported in February 24, 2020. The case was reported from Wuhan to Beijing and had symptoms of fever before it came to Beijing. Specific situation: Ms. Huang started intermittent fever for 5 days on February 18, accompanied by pharyngeal discomfort. At that time, she lived in Wuhan. At 2:00 a.m. on February 22, Ms. Huang drove to Beijing from her family members in Beijing and checked into building 7, xinyijiayuan community, Dongcheng District, where her family members live after a temperature screening. The family members reported the situation to the community and obeyed the unified arrangement. Ms. Huang was sent to the centralized isolation point as a Wuhan resident at 20:10 on February 22 for isolation observation. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in February 24th as a fever case in February 23rd at 19:00, and was transferred to the Dongcheng District fever hospital of Pu Ren Hospital. After comprehensive study and judgment, the close contacts of the lady after entering Beijing are her three family members, and there are no other close contacts.

According to the second article of the fourth part of the code for the management of infectious disease information reporting in China, the case ownership shall be subject to the address at the time of onset. The case was not located in Beijing at the time of onset, so it is not a case in our city.

Property reply: the family has opened the exit note before going out

According to the briefing from the Beijing CDC, Ms. Huang arrived in Beijing at 2 a.m. on February 22. And Ms. Huang began to have fever on February 18. How did she successfully go home through the temperature screening in Beijing?

Health Times reporter called Xinyi home property on the night of February 26th to inquire about the relevant situation. The staff on duty said that the family members drove the exit note before going out. The lady and family members did come back at 2 oclock in the morning. At that time, the staff of the property also measured the body temperature. The temperature of the people on the car was normal, and the license plate and the ID card of the people on the car were in Beijing No exception found. Its also the situation that we learned after seeing the notice of CDC and receiving the notice of neighborhood committee.

The staff said that after the incident, the property owners and the staff of the epidemic prevention department disinfected the community, including the location where the vehicles were parked. During the epidemic, the community will be strictly disinfected 2 to 3 times a day. As for the specific situation of this lady, they are not clear. They need to call the community for inquiry.

A reporter from the health times called the community immediately and the phone was not answered for the time being.

This event makes people have a question about Wuhan Fengcheng: How did Ms. Huang come out?

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