Whether Disneys replacement of leader can continue its predecessors glory

 Whether Disneys replacement of leader can continue its predecessors glory

According to the associated press, Mr. egger has been Disneys chief executive since 2005 and has been pursuing an expansion strategy since taking office. In 2006, Disney spent $7.4 billion to buy Pixar Animation. Pixar won the best animated feature film Oscar for four consecutive years in four animated films released from 2007 to 2010, and continued to write the brilliant achievements of the story of the sea and the story of Superman. Pixar was officially launched in 1995. Nearly $11 billion of its $14 billion box office worldwide came from Disneys acquisition. In 2009, Disney acquired Marvel with 4.24 billion yuan, and Avenger League 4: the final battle became the box office champion of film history with 2.798 billion dollars of global box office 10 years later. According to statistics, the global box office of Marvel films has reached 22 billion US dollars so far, nearly five times the amount purchased in that year.

In addition to the box office success, under the leadership of egger, Disney has become a benchmark in super British films and animation films. From iron man to couplet 4, Marvel Universe has become a generation of classics in the hearts of many fans after ten years of layout. And continues to attract the audiences attention through the IP derivative drama, and the expanding Marvel Universe makes the opponent DC Universe in a weak position for a long time.

Eggers last move in his term, to promote the launch of streaming media service Disney +, reaped 29 million users in less than three months. Further tap the potential of the hands of IP, but also for the company in the streaming media war to win the initiative. Disney is in a good position in Hollywood with gold medal IP such as marvel, Pixar Animation and star wars, as well as the high-quality resources of 21st century fox.

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