Central office and state office: comprehensively strengthen the work of safety in production of hazardous chemicals

 Central office and state office: comprehensively strengthen the work of safety in production of hazardous chemicals

1u3001 General requirements

Guided by Xi Jinpings socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, we carried out the spirit of the nineteen and nineteen sessions of the second, third and fourth plenary session of the party in China, and focused on promoting the overall layout of the five in one and coordinating the four overall strategic layout, adhering to the overall national security concept, and following the requirements of high quality development, focusing on the prevention and control of systemic security risks. Improve and implement safety production responsibility and management system, establish safety hazard investigation and safety prevention and control system, strengthen source management, comprehensive management and precise management, focus on solving basic, source and bottleneck problems, accelerate the modernization of safety production management system and management capacity of hazardous chemicals, comprehensively improve safety development level, and promote sustainable safety production situation We will improve stability and create a safe and stable environment for economic and social development.

2u3001 Strengthen safety risk control

uff081uff09 Conduct in-depth safety risk investigation. In accordance with the guidelines for the investigation and governance of safety risks in the Chemical Industry Park (Trial Implementation) and the guidelines for the investigation and governance of safety risks and hidden dangers in hazardous chemical enterprises and other relevant systems and specifications, comprehensively carry out the investigation and governance of safety risks and hidden dangers. Strictly implement the responsibilities of local Party committee and government leaders, and combine the actual situation to refine the screening standards, organize and implement accurate safety risk screening assessment for hazardous chemical enterprises, chemical industry parks or chemical industry concentration areas (hereinafter referred to as chemical industry parks), establish and improve the safety risk data base and information management system by classification, and distinguish the four safety risks of red, orange, yellow and blue, highlighting the first According to the principle of one policy for one enterprise and one policy for one park, the most strict control and rectification shall be carried out for the second level major hazard sources and toxic, harmful, inflammable and explosive chemical enterprises. Formulate implementation plan and organize in-depth three-year improvement actions for safety of hazardous chemicals.

uff082uff09 We will promote industrial restructuring. We will improve and promote the implementation of policies and measures for the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry. Strictly implement the guidance catalogue of national industrial structure adjustment, timely revise and publish the catalogue of obsolete backward safety technology, process and equipment, formulate and revise the catalogue of prohibition and limitation control of hazardous chemicals in combination with the actual situation in each region, and in combination with deepening the supply side structural reform, legally eliminate the production capacity that does not meet the national standards and industry standards for safe production, so as to effectively prevent and control risks. Adhere to the national one game of chess, strictly prohibit the outdated production capacity to settle down in other places, run factories and enter the park, and investigate the responsibility of those who approve the construction in violation of regulations and those who receive the construction in accordance with laws and regulations.

uff083uff09 Strict standards and specifications. Formulate the construction standards, recognition conditions and management measures for the chemical industry park. Integrate the safety production standards of chemical industry, petrochemical industry and chemical pharmacy, solve the problem of inconsistent standards, and establish and improve the safety production standard system of hazardous chemicals. Improve the engineering design, construction and acceptance standards of chemical industry and hazardous chemicals. Improve the design, manufacturing and maintenance standards of chemical industry and production facilities involving hazardous chemicals. Accelerate the formulation of technical specifications such as chemical process safety management guidelines and fine chemical reaction safety risk assessment standards. We will encourage advanced chemical enterprises to set up enterprise standards that are stricter than national or industrial standards in comparison with international and foreign advanced standards.

3u3001 Strengthen the safety management of the whole chain

uff084uff09 Strict security access. All regions should insist on doing something or not, determine the development orientation of the chemical industry, and establish a coordination and communication mechanism for the preparation of the chemical industry development plan with the participation of development and reform, industry and information technology, natural resources, ecological environment, housing and urban-rural construction, emergency management and other departments. The provincial government shall organize the safety risk assessment, demonstration, improvement and implementation of control measures for the new chemical industry park. For the construction project of hazardous chemicals involving two key and one major (key regulated hazardous chemical process, key regulated hazardous chemicals and major hazardous sources of hazardous chemicals), the relevant departments of the municipal governments above the level of districts shall jointly establish the safety risk prevention and control mechanism. In the construction of high-tech Industrial Development Zone, economic and Technological Development Zone or independent chemical industrial park with Chemical Industrial Park, relevant departments shall improve the implementation of safety prevention and control measures according to the completeness of upstream and downstream industrial chain, talent base and management ability and other factors. We will improve and strictly implement the relevant regulations on chemical identification, evaluation and registration, scientifically and accurately identify and evaluate the physical hazards and toxicity of chemicals, and prohibit production without implementing risk prevention and control measures.

uff085uff09 Strengthen the safety control of key links. The existing chemical industry park shall be comprehensively evaluated and qualified. Carry out safety review on newly developed chemical process. By the end of 2020, the equipment rate of automatic control system of chemical plant or storage and transportation facilities involving two key points and one major and the online monitoring and monitoring rate of major hazard sources will reach 100%. Strengthen the connection between the national oil and gas pipeline development plan and other special plans such as land space, transportation, etc. Urge enterprises to vigorously promote the integrity management of oil and gas transmission pipeline, accelerate the improvement of the geographic information system of oil and gas transmission pipeline, and strengthen the management and control of high consequence areas of oil and gas transmission pipeline. Strictly implement the legal inspection system of oil and gas pipelines, and improve the legal inspection coverage of oil and gas pipelines. Strengthen the safety management of parking lot involving hazardous chemicals and incorporate it into the information supervision platform. Strengthen the safety supervision of the whole chain of transportation of dangerous goods such as consignment, transportation, loading and unloading, vehicle operation, etc. Improve the design standard of storage equipment such as hazardous chemicals storage tank. Study and establish a compulsory monitoring system for atmospheric dangerous goods storage tanks. Strictly control the traffic of dangerous goods transport vehicles in super large highway bridges, super long highway tunnels and drinking water sources. Strengthen the safety management of port, airport, railway station and other supporting storage places for dangerous goods. Strengthen the use safety management of hazardous chemicals in relevant enterprises, hospitals, schools, scientific research institutions and other units.

uff086uff09 Strengthen the supervision of hazardous wastes such as waste hazardous chemicals. Comprehensively carry out the screening of hazardous wastes (hereinafter referred to as hazardous wastes) such as waste hazardous chemicals, identify and identify the solid wastes with unknown properties, and focus on rectifying the possible problems of illegal stacking, random dumping and private landfill of hazardous wastes in chemical parks, chemical enterprises and hazardous chemical units, so as to ensure the safety of storage, transportation and disposal of hazardous wastes. Accelerate the establishment of safety technical standards for hazardous waste storage. Establish and improve the joint sheet system of hazardous waste from generation to disposal. Establish a department linkage, regional cooperation, consultation and supervision system for major cases, form a supervision system covering the whole process of hazardous waste generation, collection, storage, transfer, transportation, utilization, disposal, etc., and increase efforts to crack down on intentional concealment, release, discharge or illegal disposal of hazardous waste. We will speed up the research and development of technical equipment for the comprehensive disposal of hazardous wastes, rationally plan the distribution of disposal enterprises, speed up the construction of disposal facilities, and eliminate bottlenecks in disposal capacity. Urge enterprises to organize safety risk assessment demonstration and hidden danger investigation and treatment for key environmental protection facilities and projects.

uff087uff09 Strengthen the rule of law measures. Actively study and modify the relevant provisions of the criminal law, and strictly investigate the responsibility. We will promote the development of laws on the safety of hazardous chemicals and the transportation of dangerous goods, revise the law on work safety and the regulations on work safety licenses, and strengthen the rule of law. Strictly implement the law enforcement publicity system, the whole process record system of law enforcement and the legal review system of major law enforcement decisions, refine the discretionary standards of administrative penalties for work safety, and strengthen the precise and strict law enforcement. Implement the reward system for employees, their families and the public to report the hidden dangers of production safety, and strictly investigate and deal with the reported cases according to law.

uff088uff09 Increase the constraint of dishonesty. The main person in charge (legal representative) of the production and storage enterprise of hazardous chemicals must conscientiously fulfill their responsibilities and make safety commitments; if they are subject to criminal punishment or dismissal for failing to perform their responsibilities of safety production, they shall be banned from entering the enterprise according to the law; the enterprise management and technical team must have the corresponding ability to perform their duties, so as to ensure that the responsibilities are in place and the work is in place, and the investigation and treatment of potential safety hazards are inadequate If the risk prevention and control measures are not implemented, the relevant responsible persons shall be investigated according to laws and regulations. Units and main responsible persons who evade and confront the supervision of work safety and environmental protection by concealing, deceiving or obstructing, command against rules and regulations, work against rules and regulations, change the process flow against rules, destroy the monitoring and monitoring facilities, entrain, falsely report, conceal and conceal dangerous goods and other subjective and intentional behaviors that seriously endanger the safety of peoples lives and properties In accordance with the law and regulations, it should be included in the credit records, strengthened the punishment for breach of credit, and strictly supervised.

5u3001 Strengthen basic support guarantee

uff0810uff09 Improve the level of science and technology and information technology. We will strengthen support for research on the safety of hazardous chemicals, strengthen the construction of national science and technology innovation platforms related to the safety of hazardous chemicals, and conduct basic and forward-looking research. Research and establish the whole life cycle information supervision system of hazardous chemicals, comprehensively use electronic labels, big data, artificial intelligence and other high and new technologies to carry out the whole process information management and monitoring of production, storage, transportation, use, operation, waste disposal and other links, so as to realize the traceability of hazardous chemicals sources, the traceability of their directions, the controllable state, and the realization of enterprises, supervision departments, law enforcement Interconnection between departments and emergency rescue departments. Integrate the administrative punishment information of work safety into the supervision and law enforcement information system, realize information sharing, and replace the filing at all levels. Strengthen the research and development of technologies and equipment such as intrinsic safety of chemical hazardous process, safety assurance of large storage tanks, integrated risk prevention and control of safety and environmental protection in chemical industry park. Promote the construction of intelligent platform for safety production in chemical industry park, and realize real-time risk monitoring and early warning for enterprises, key places, major hazard sources and infrastructure in the park. We will accelerate the establishment of a remote monitoring and control system that connects the emergency management department with the chemical industry park and hazardous chemical enterprises within the jurisdiction.

uff0812uff09 Standardize the cooperation mechanism of technical services. We will accelerate the cultivation of a number of leading enterprises in technical services with strong professional capabilities and good social reputation, introduce market mechanisms, and provide management and technical services for enterprises involving hazardous chemicals. Establish technical service standards for experts, and carry out precise guidance and assistance by classification. Safety production liability insurance covers all hazardous chemical enterprises. In case of false reports and certificates issued by intermediary organizations such as safety assessment, testing and inspection and the preparation unit of environmental assessment documents, their relevant qualifications or qualifications shall be revoked according to laws and regulations; if a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law.

6u3001 Strengthen the ability of safety supervision

uff0814uff09 Improve the regulatory system and mechanism. The major risks of dangerous chemicals involving terrorism, explosion and drugs shall be included in the scope of national safety control, the supervision system shall be improved and the key supervision shall be strengthened. We will further adjust and improve the supervision and management system for the safe production of hazardous chemicals. In accordance with the principles of industry management must manage safety, business management must manage safety, production and operation must manage safety and whoever is in charge shall be responsible, the safety supervision responsibility of all links of hazardous chemicals of relevant departments shall be strictly implemented, and the safety supervision of the whole subject, the whole variety and the whole chain shall be implemented. The emergency management department is responsible for the work safety supervision of hazardous chemicals and the comprehensive work of the work safety supervision of hazardous chemicals; according to the regulations on the safety management of hazardous chemicals, the emergency management, transportation, public security, railway, civil aviation, ecological environment and other departments are respectively responsible for the safety supervision of the production, storage, use, operation, transportation, disposal and other links of hazardous chemicals In case the relevant safety supervision responsibilities are not clear, the emergency management department shall take the responsibility of comprehensive supervision and management of hazardous chemicals safety. The ecological environment department shall supervise and manage the collection, storage and disposal of hazardous wastes according to law. Emergency management department, ecological environment department and other relevant departments shall establish supervision and cooperation and joint law enforcement mechanism, closely coordinate and cooperate, realize timely, sufficient and effective sharing of information, form working force, and jointly do a good job in the safety supervision of hazardous chemicals. We will improve the working mechanism of the work safety committee of the State Council, promptly study and solve outstanding problems in the safety of hazardous chemicals, and strengthen the supervision, inspection and assessment of the performance of duties of relevant units.

uff0815uff09 Improve the law enforcement system. Establish and improve the law enforcement system of work safety at the provincial, municipal and county levels. In principle, the provincial emergency management department does not set up law enforcement teams, and the internal organization shall bear the responsibility of safety production supervision and law enforcement. The municipal and county emergency management departments generally implement the bureau team integration system. Key counties (cities, districts and flags) of hazardous chemicals, port areas with large storage of hazardous chemicals, and development zones with various types of development zones, especially those with chemical parks, should strengthen the supervision responsibility of hazardous chemicals production safety, implement the responsibility of detailed supervision and law enforcement, and fully allocate and strengthen professional law enforcement forces. The details shall be studied and determined by the local Party committee and government and approved according to the procedures.

uff0816uff09 Improve regulatory effectiveness. The personnel of hazardous chemicals supervision and law enforcement shall be strictly entered into the customs, the qualification standards shall be further clarified, the examination and assessment shall be strictly carried out, the professional quality shall be highlighted, and the excellent personnel shall be selected and employed; the number of law enforcement personnel who can be selected and employed through the civil servant appointment system shall not be less than 75% of the on-the-job personnel with the relevant professional education and practical experience in work safety by the end of 2022. Improve the training system for supervision and law enforcement personnel. The induction training shall be no less than 3 months and the annual re training shall be no less than 2 weeks. The key counties (cities, districts and banners) of hazardous chemicals shall be supervised and law enforcement personnel to carry out post training in large state-owned chemical enterprises. Deepen the reform of release management service, strengthen and standardize the supervision during and after the event. On the basis of full coverage supervision of enterprises involving hazardous chemicals, implement dynamic and strict supervision by classification, and use two random and one open for key spot check and surprise inspection. We will crack down on illegal construction, production and operation. The provincial, municipal and county emergency management departments shall determine a law enforcement subject for the same enterprise to avoid repeated law enforcement by multiple levels and multiple heads. Strengthen law enforcement supervision, not only strictly enforce the law, but also avoid simplification, one size fits all. We should vigorously implement the mode of Internet plus regulation and law enforcement + experts to detect potential risks and prevent early warning. According to the needs of work, all regions recruit law enforcement assistance personnel for the society and improve the relevant management system.

All relevant departments in all regions should strengthen organizational leadership, conscientiously implement the responsibility system of safety production with the same responsibility of the party and the government, one post with two responsibilities, joint management and responsibility recovery for dereliction of duty, integrate all conditions and make the best efforts to accelerate the implementation of various measures for the safety production of hazardous chemicals, and report the important situation to the Party Central Committee and the State Council in a timely manner.