Wuhan prisons released prisoners were confirmed February 22, and they were taken back to Beijing by their families

 Wuhan prisons released prisoners were confirmed February 22, and they were taken back to Beijing by their families

A novel coronavirus infection confirmed in 3 unit (non Beijing confirmed case) was found in unit 3, building 7, Xinyi residential area, according to the hints issued by the community. Ms. h came to Beijing from Wuhan on February 22 and stayed in unit 3, building 7. Ms. h had fever symptoms in Wuhan on the 18th, so she was quarantined and checked on the day she arrived in Beijing, and the District CDC and other departments carried out a comprehensive and professional killing of her residence and public areas in the building.

A person familiar with the matter told the first financial reporter that the man was a prisoner released from prison and had been confirmed in Wuhan. Since this person is from Beijing, after the release of the sentence, Beijing family members will drive to Wuhan to pick him up.

According to official data, as of February 23, there are 323 confirmed cases of criminals in Hubei prison system, including 279 in Wuhan womens prison, 43 in Shayang Hanjin prison, less than one in the provincial juvenile prison, and 10 suspected cases.

On the 23rd, two family members were picked up by relevant departments

City novel coronavirus pneumonia has been implemented since January 23rd. The citys public transport, subway, ferry and long-distance passenger transportation were suspended. The airport and train stations were temporarily closed from the Han passage and were resolutely prevented from spreading to other areas.

At the time of Wuhans strict implementation of the city closure policy, the relevant departments have not yet responded to why the confirmed case can return to Beijing on its own. In addition, as the confirmed case is released after serving a sentence, whether it can leave Wuhan when the city is closed, the relevant departments have not issued specific policies at present.

Other people familiar with the case disclosed to reporters the process of the case being found:

At about 2:00 a.m. on February 22, the family drove into the community, and there were two people in the car, one of whom was from Wuhan. Around noon on the 22nd, the community received the list of key concerns and was informed of this matter, and arranged for a special person to go to his door for sealing. After 8 p.m., they were picked up by the disease control department.

On the evening of the 23rd, the other two families were taken away as close contacts by the relevant departments.

Xinyijiayuan community neighborhood committee said that it has carried out closed management of xinyijiayuan community. Please dont worry too much, let alone panic. Keep ventilation at home, pay attention to personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, wear masks when going out, actively cooperate with the epidemic prevention and control work, and actively take responsibility for personal prevention and control.

Xinyijiayuan community neighborhood committee also reminded that people coming (returning) to Beijing from Hubei Province in the near future should contact the community neighborhood committee immediately to register relevant information and leave contact information.

Show judicial responsibility! Wuhan court guarantees the return of released prisoners

Due to the traffic control of epidemic prevention and control, they can neither return home by themselves, nor can their families come to meet them. Meanwhile, all the major hotels in the area are expropriated or closed down, so they cannot be resettled in the area. During the special period of war epidemic, in order to avoid possible health risks, the Hongshan District Court decided to arrange police cars to escort three released prisoners home overnight.

Case of Wuhan coming to Beijing in Dongcheng, Beijing

228 grade two or three hospitals in Beijing have realized 100% appointment of non emergency department

In February 26th, thirty-second novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work press conference was held in Beijing. Gao Xiaojun, spokesman of Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health, said that on February 25, 228 secondary and tertiary hospitals in Beijing implemented non emergency comprehensive appointment, which increased from 81% to 100%.