Who experts praised Chinas rapid response to the epidemic: the world needs to learn

 Who experts praised Chinas rapid response to the epidemic: the world needs to learn

Overseas China Network China China, novel coronavirus pneumonia, February, 26 February, a Canadian medical expert who participated in the China WHO new crown pneumonia joint research team praised Chinas positive response to the epidemic after the end of its visit to China.

According to Canadian CTV News, Dr. Bruce Aylward, who epidemiologist and foreign leader of the joint expert team, delivered a speech in Geneva on February 25, introducing the relevant information of the visit. The team, composed of 13 international experts and 12 Chinese citizens, went to Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan and Wuhan, the central city of the outbreak, respectively, to assess Chinas measures to protect the infected and prevent further spread of the virus. After a week of visits to hundreds of health care workers, government officials, volunteers and residents across the country, elwald said his team determined that China had succeeded in reducing the number of new cases through a robust approach.

Aylward said at a news conference that the efforts of Chinese medical workers and relevant institutions have changed the process of the outbreak. Tens of thousands of Chinese have avoided the novel coronavirus pneumonia due to this positive reaction.

We talked to hundreds of people in hotels, trains and airplanes who are ordinary people outside the medical system, and its very important that everyone has this sense of responsibility, he recalled. When we communicate with our colleagues in Wuhan, he said that this is a natural responsibility of them to protect the world.

Elwald said that the world should recognize the contribution made by the people of Wuhan, and the world owes them. When the epidemic is over, I hope he has the opportunity to thank the people of Wuhan again on behalf of the world.

Elwald added: I think at this moment, the world should understand what China is doing. When every day every country is hesitating about what to do and what not to do, the spread of the virus will not stop, we need to act quickly. At this point, the rest of the world is simply unprepared for outbreaks that could occur in its own country. The world needs to learn from Chinas experience. China has done this on a large scale, they know what they are doing and they are keen to help around the world.