How is China doing against the epidemic? Listen to who experts

 How is China doing against the epidemic? Listen to who experts

As the foreign leader of the research team, elwald admitted at the meeting that he had been as ambivalent about non drug interventions as anyone else. And Chinas approach is, since there is no medicine or vaccine, we can use whatever we have, adjust, adapt and save lives according to our needs.

These objective and pertinent evaluations come from the in-depth investigation on the front line of epidemic prevention and control. In 9 days, the WHO expert group composed of 12 international people, together with Chinese counterparts, conducted on-site visits to Beijing, Guangdong, Sichuan, Hubei and other places.

How is China doing against the epidemic? The conclusion based on the first-line investigation is obviously authoritative and credible.

The novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious public health emergency that has been spread fastest, the most widely spread and the most difficult to control and control since the founding of new China.

For China, this is a crisis and a big test. And China is handing over this:

Xi Jinping, the supreme leader of China, personally conducted the deployment and held the highest decision level meeting to determine the general requirements and general objectives of the epidemic prevention and control. Chinas State Council established a joint defense joint control mechanism. These provide strong leadership to win the prevention and control of epidemic.

From the decisive and temporary closure of Wuhans external channels, to the unified action of all regions and the construction of epidemic prevention and control network covering urban and rural grass-roots units; from the rapid establishment of a batch of centralized hospitals in Wuhan, to the dispatch of more than 330 medical teams and 40000 medical personnel from all regions and the military for emergency support; from the organization of medical material production enterprises to the rapid resumption of production, to the priority to ensure the supply of all kinds of materials in the epidemic area, China Society In the face of the epidemic, the meeting showed amazing speed, scale and efficiency of China.

The latest data shows that on the 24th, the number of newly confirmed cases outside Hubei Province in mainland China dropped to single digits. China has lowered the level of emergency response to public health emergencies in many places. As Chinas top leaders emphasized in a videophone conference for about 170000 people recently, practice has proved that the central governments judgment on the epidemic situation is accurate, all work arrangements are timely, and the measures taken are powerful and effective, once again demonstrating the remarkable advantages of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialist system with Chinese characteristics.

Indeed, for the international community, China has achieved remarkable results in epidemic prevention and control in more than one month, providing fresh samples for the analysis of social systems and governance effectiveness.

Chinas new measures against novel coronavirus are unheard of in capitalist countries, wrote Sarah Flanders, a US political writer. The fundamental nature of Chinese socialism determines that in crisis or emergency, the welfare of the people takes precedence over capitalist profits.

Robert Lawrence Kuhn, President of the United States Kuhn foundation, believes that there is no precedent in the history of global health for the Chinese government to demonstrate its organizational mobilization capacity, which is difficult for other countries to achieve. Chinas timely containment of the epidemic is mainly due to the centralized and unified leadership of the Communist Party of China.

At a press conference on the 24th, elwald praised Chinas leaders for their remarkable decision, the synergistic advantages of Chinas fight against the epidemic, and the collective will of the whole government and the whole society, calling it true unity.

It is precisely because Chinese society is highly united and gives full play to its institutional advantages that major disasters and epidemics in history often lead to social disorder and disorder, which did not happen in China.

Many foreign netizens commented: its unimaginable in foreign countries that water, electricity, warmth, communication, supplies and social order are in constant supply. This also shows the improvement of Chinas social governance ability from one side.

It was noted that Tan Desai, director general of who, announced Thursday that the peak of Chinas epidemic had passed and that it had not yet constituted a global pandemic. John natz, chairman of the international society for antiviral research and professor of Virology at the University of Leuven in Belgium, pointed out that a series of decisive and powerful measures taken by China have won precious time for the international community to effectively respond to the challenge of the epidemic.

As elwald suggested, the world needs Chinas experience to deal with the epidemic. At present, some measures proved effective by China are being adopted by other countries with epidemic situation. For example, the Italian government has announced that it will take closed management measures in 11 towns.

Because the novel coronavirus is a new pathogen, human understanding of it has a perfect process, and epidemic prevention and control can not be relaxed. But as tandesay said, the key message that should bring hope, courage and confidence to all countries is that the virus can be controlled.

As a country highly responsible for global public health, China will continue to give full play to its institutional advantages, fight against the epidemic, share prevention and control experience with all parties, strengthen cooperation in research and development of antiviral drugs and vaccines, and provide assistance within its capabilities.

With unity and cooperation and firm confidence, the world can get through this crisis as soon as possible. (International commentator)