Hubei provincial Party Secretary and brain trust staff face to face for the first time: please speak up

 Hubei provincial Party Secretary and brain trust staff face to face for the first time: please speak up

According to local media, the move is intended to solve outstanding problems in epidemic prevention and control work in our province in a timely manner.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia experts began to discuss with Hubei provincial experts on the new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention day after 25 days.

Speak up

In recent days, he should be brave to listen to the outside world for many times:

On the morning of February 22, Ying Yong invited 8 hospital presidents and medical experts to have a discussion, to find out the short board of problems, and to study and further strengthen medical treatment.

On the afternoon of February 24, we should listen to the opinions and suggestions of the representatives of Hubei Medical Team on strengthening epidemic prevention and control and medical treatment.

And yesterday, he had a talk with an expert think tank. This is the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic that the Secretary of Hubei provincial Party committee has had a special discussion with experts and think tanks.

At the scene, Ying Yong said, Hubei and Wuhan, as the top priority and decisive place for national epidemic prevention and control, need to listen to experts from all aspects and perspectives to win the resistance war.

He hoped that experts would give full play to the role of advisers of think tanks and contribute more insights, please speak up..

On February 1, academician Zhong Nanshan, Academician Wang Chen, Academician Li Lanjuan and their team rushed to Wuhan as assigned by the national health and Health Commission.

Academician Wang Chen, vice president of Chinese Academy of engineering, President of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, respiratory and critical illness expert, served as the leader of Beijing medical expert group during the SARS period.

Li Lanjuan, academician of infectious diseases (infectious diseases) in China, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of various hepatitis, infectious diseases and emerging infectious diseases. During the period of SARS, she put forward a series of prevention and control measures, which played a key role in Zhejiangs success in fighting SARS.

What suggestions have been made?

Some experts and I arrived in Wuhan on February 1. After investigation, we found that the most urgent task at present is to solve the problem of social transmission and spread of the virus. At present, the situation of familial clustering is very serious. In an interview with Xinhua News Agency on February 4, Wang Chen said:

It is of vital importance to quickly admit and treat all the diagnosed patients with mild illness, give them medical care, isolate them from their families and society, and avoid creating new sources of infection. Accordingly, we put forward suggestions and measures in this regard. The practice of fangcang hospital is of great significance to the current epidemic prevention and control.

On the scene of the Symposium on the 25th, we should bravely mention that we should strengthen the treatment function of isolation point and shelter hospital, strengthen medical intervention for light patients in advance, avoid becoming severe, strengthen one-to-one treatment for critical patients, and do everything possible to improve the cure rate and reduce the death rate.

Lets see Li Lanjuan again.

City novel coronavirus has been suspended from operation on January 23rd, 10 and Ezhou, Wuhan and other neighboring cities of Ezhou. It has temporarily suspended operation of urban public transport, subway, ferry and long-distance passenger transport, and temporarily closed the airport, train station and highway and other channels to prevent the spread of new coronavirus.

According to CCTV reporters, Li Lanjuan is one of the experts who put forward Wuhan implements personnel control.

At a press conference on February 25, Wang Gaohua, President of the peoples Hospital of Wuhan University, said:

I was particularly moved by the team of Academician Li Lanjuan from Zhejiang who worked for 24 consecutive days. Academician Li Lanjuan has taught for each medical team in person for many times, which has improved everyones understanding of medical treatment work.

An expert group of 20

Back to Hubeis comprehensive expert group. Zheng Zhijun learned that there were 20 members in the expert group, respectively from medical treatment, disease prevention and control, comprehensive analysis of epidemic situation, psychological crisis intervention, emergency management, urban safe operation, legal services and other fields.

Their main responsibilities are:

-Guide clinical diagnosis and treatment, difficult and critical cases clinical rescue

-Study and propose strategies and measures for disease prevention and control

-Guide the monitoring and evaluation of epidemic characteristics, strengthen the analysis and judgment of epidemic development trend and put forward targeted suggestions

-Guide the implementation of psychological crisis identification, intervention and rescue, reduce and guide the anxiety and panic of medical staff and the public

-Guide the public crisis response and conduct a prospective study on the aftermath work

-Providing legal advice, services and legal guarantee for epidemic prevention and control

According to the scene picture, in addition to Wang Chen and Li Lanjuan, there are eight experts who have made speeches successively, they are Xiang nijuan, Yang Weizhong, Liu Zhongchun, min Jun, Cao Yinong, Jinyang, Huke and Liu Jiafa.

Suggestions and suggestions

Many of the above-mentioned 8 people are well known.

For example, Xiang nijuan, a researcher at the emergency center of China CDC. According to media reports, she arrived in Wuhan on January 11, and the whole team has been doing epidemiological investigation.

On the evening of February 21, Bai Yansong had a conversation with Xiang nijuan.

At that time, in the face of the question of whether it will also go to prison for transfer, Xiang nijuan said: first of all, it is necessary to carry out case investigation, sort out the epidemiological relationship between cases, and find the transmission chain. For the epidemic situation in prison, we should pay more attention to the prevention and control in the future: standardize the management of the personnel in and out of the prison, minimize the introduction of infectious sources; do a good job in monitoring the abnormal personnel in the prison, timely isolate and treat the patients found; strengthen the ventilation and daily disinfection in the prison and so on.

Another example is Liu Zhongchun, director of the mental health center of the peoples Hospital of Wuhan University.

The person in charge of this project is Liu Zhongchun.

On the spot, he said, we should strengthen social psychological guidance, do a good job in psychological intervention for patients and medical staff, and build a good online psychological consultation hotline.

Hu Ke is an expert of Hubei medical treatment group and a professor of respiratory department of Hubei peoples hospital. He appeared at a press conference in Hubei Province.

In a press conference on the evening of January 27, Hooker said, compared with SARS in 2003, the hospitals treatment capacity has been greatly improved, and it has the ability to treat patients with severe respiratory failure. At present, many medical teams are dispatched from all over the country to support Hubei, and the whole situation will gradually improve.

According to Hubei Daily, the above experts made suggestions and suggestions on pushing forward the treatment gateway, strengthening medical training and optimizing diagnosis and treatment scheme, doing well in risk assessment of epidemic prevention and control of resumption of work and production in advance, accurately carrying out flow control and isolation, increasing social psychological intervention, ensuring urban safety and strengthening community governance, and carrying out epidemic prevention and control according to law.

After announcement 17 was declared invalid, Hubei Secretary rushed to the high-speed toll station

The novel coronavirus pneumonia control command issued the Announcement No. seventeenth at 11:33 on February 24th. But the announcement only lasted three hours. The media noted that in the morning of February 25, Ying Yong went to Wuhan again to inspect and supervise the management and control of the channel from Han to Hubei.

After discussion with 8 presidents and experts, Ying Yong issued an important notice in Wuhan

Novel coronavirus pneumonia, the forenoon of Hubei provincial Party committee secretary and the new leader of the Hubei epidemic prevention command headquarters, invited 8 directors and medical experts from the designated hospitals and shelter hospitals in Wuhan to discuss the problems and to further strengthen medical treatment in the morning of February 22nd.

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