Pa Pa Pa A shares even dodge the U.S. two guns! Market people think so

 Pa Pa Pa A shares even dodge the U.S. two guns! Market people think so

By the end of the day, the Dow was down 879.44 points, or 3.15%, to 27081.36; the Nasdaq was down 255.67 points, or 2.77%, to 8965.61; the S & P 500 was down 97.68 points, or 3.03%, to 3128.21. Britains FTSE 100 index fell 138.95 points, or 1.94%, to 7017.88; Frances CAC40 index fell 112.19 points, or 1.94%, to 5679.68; Germanys DAX index fell 244.75 points, or 1.88%, to 12790.49.

The spread of the novel coronavirus pneumonia in foreign countries increased again in the first half of the year. At present, the GDP of the five countries with the highest number of confirmed cases accounts for 26.4% of the global GDP, more than a quarter.

Net outflow of capital from Beishang in early trading: 3 billion yuan

In early trading, the net outflow of northbound capital exceeded 3 billion yuan, the fourth consecutive trading day.

Net purchase of over 100 million yuan shares by Beishang capital in the last three days

According to the longhubang data of the exchange, the second business department of Lhasa Tuanjie road and the second business department of Lhasa East Ring Road under Dongfang wealth are the most active business departments of market trading at present. Since the festival, in addition to special seats for institutions and special seats for Shenzhen Stock connect, the second business department of Tuanjie road of Dongfang wealth has bought and sold 9.659 billion yuan of a shares, ranking the first in all securities business departments. After the second business department of the East Ring Road of Dongfang wealth Lhasa bought and sold 8.237 billion yuan of a shares in total, ranking the fourth in all the business departments of securities companies, with a purchase volume of more than 4.5 billion yuan, ranking the second in the purchase volume of the business department.

In the past three trading days, there are 35 stocks with over 100 million yuan of capital in the north, of which nearly half are electronic and computer technology stocks.

Science and technology ETFs attract large amount of gold

Brokers: the concept of big technology is expected to be further deepened

Bohai Securities said that since this week, although the domestic epidemic has eased and various industries are returning to work in an orderly manner, the foreign epidemic has started to worsen, which has brought about large fluctuations in the market. However, at the end of last week, a number of policies were issued, which clearly pointed out that the construction of 5g independent networking should be accelerated, so the concept of big technology is expected to be further deepened. According to the 5g network construction cycle, the first to benefit is the network design sub industry; the second to implement the 5g equipment procurement, the first to benefit is the core equipment manufacturers; then after the 5g network construction is formed, the demand for the data center will break out, and the demand for servers, connectors, optical modules and machine rooms will increase greatly; finally, with the popularization of 5g terminals, online video, online education, arvr and other things Networking applications will be promoted on a large scale, so at present, it mainly focuses on the leading enterprises in the small molecule industry in the communication industry. Such companies will usher in the double increase of orders and valuation, and will also be the first release of future performance.

Guohai Securities said that the new coronary pneumonia has a strong infectivity and a wide range of transmission channels, leading consumers to minimize opportunities to go out and to places with dense population. In the later stage of the epidemic, leisure snacks are expected to recover first. From the perspective of consumption scenario, the consumption scenario of leisure snacks is mainly family, office and part of the journey. After the outbreak, most of the residents are homesteads. Even in the late stage of the epidemic, all units have returned to work one after another. However, because of the lingering fear in the hearts of the residents, there is still more time for homestead than before, and there is more leisure time to consume snacks. Under the epidemic situation, consumers pay more attention to food hygiene, which is conducive to the sales of brand enterprises and the further improvement of industry concentration. At present, various sales channels of leisure snacks are recovering, and express logistics and production supply are also recovering. Leisure snacks are expected to be the first to recover without any impact on demand. Huatai Securities pointed out that a shares are relatively resilient. If the overseas epidemic further ferments, or causes the global central bank to cut interest rates in advance, on the other hand, it is expected to speed up the domestic substitution of some Japanese and South Korean advantageous industries, and guide the counter cyclical regulation policy to increase. There are two main short-term or relative benefits: 1) LCD panel and storage IC benefiting from the accelerated capacity transfer of Japan and South Korea under the outbreak of the epidemic; 2) construction, building materials, steel, real estate, automobile, etc. benefiting from the domestic counter cyclical adjustment policy. Extended reading: Gem index fell 4.66% to close more than 1.31 trillion shares. As soon as it increased its position, it fell to the courage to doubt the bottom of life hedge fund? A share test again! Explanation of the hot spots of the institutions of the European and American stock market falling again